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Sometimes it takes the failure of a tool to understand its importance and value. If you are good with tools, you will know that. This is particularly true with tools like the circular saw that have a variety of uses.

The circular saw is one of those tools that experienced craftsmen cannot do without. That is because the circular saw is an essential tool with which you rip wood apart. The tool is so vital that you will hardly find another tool in your arsenal that can replace it.

Therefore, when the circular saw stops working, it is an emergency that requires quick attention. Otherwise, the whole cutting process will have to be stalled till you fix the machine.

While we understand your frustration, we recommend that you do not rush to look for a circular saw service to repair. Even though you might get an instant fix from the circular saw service, it comes at an expensive price.

Instead, we will provide you with some ways to fix your circular saw on your own in this article.

Possible Reasons Why Your Circular Saw Can Stop Working

Whenever any of your machines breaks down, the correct thing to do is to try and diagnose the problem. Usually, you start by eliminating the most common possibilities one after the other until you can spot the problem. So, if your circular saw suddenly stops working, you need to find the fault.

By trying to find the fault, you are trying to determine the type of malfunction. First, you need to know that your saw has two parts; the mechanical and the electrical part.

Therefore, if the circular saw has an issue, it has to be in either of these parts. For instance, a smoking circular saw that stops working is likely having an electrical issue. If on the other hand it has makes a strange noise before it stops, it might be a mechanical problem.

Although this is not always definitive, it gives you an idea of where to look. The following are some possible issues that may be making your machine stop work.

Power Failure

Sometimes, the fact that your saw continues to stop working might not be a big problem. You might be surprised to find out the problem is a small one.

First, plug in the power cable of the machine to see if everything is working well. Ideally, you should check from the power outlet to see that nothing is shaking.

After that, carefully trace the cable of the machine to be sure that there are no broken connections. If you find a broken wire, you can simply disconnect from the power source and join the cable.

However, if after doing all these, the saw won’t come on, then move to the next possible problem.  


Before you start to disassemble the machine, the next thing to check is the brushes. Most circular saws have screws that you have to unscrew to reach the brushes. These brushes are carbon elements that constantly brushing against the collector.

The problem with these brushes is that as they move, they tend to wear and tear and they might eventually stop moving if they cannot reach the collector. So to avoid unnecessary problems, you should examine the brushes first as the issue might be there.

More so, the carbon brushes are usually connected to the stator terminals. If the contact is lost in that area, the machine will not work.

If you have checked these parts and the machine still won’t work, it’s time to open up the machine for an even deeper problem.  


Another reason why your circular saw keeps stopping might be the switch. For most circular saws, the switch is always around the handle. Without twisting the saw, you should be able to divide the switch into two parts.

However, this is not as easy as it sounds because, in most models, the switch does not stay alone. But then, you should be able to reach the button even if it gives you a little issue.

Once you have found the switch, try to reach it with a tester’s probe to see if it’s working. If you are sure it is not working, then you have found the problem.

All you need to do is to change the switch. The only issue now is, to replace the switch, you have to pull the saw apart, piece by piece.

To diss assemble the saw, go through the following steps:

  • First, remove the disc and the protection.
  • You will find four bolts under the disc, unscrew all four of them.
  • Now you should be holding the engine and the reducer. Now disconnect the reducer from the engine.

Engine Issues

If after checking the switch, you are sure everything is fine, it’s time to probe a little further. Sometimes, your circular saw suddenly stops rotating or rotates with jerks before coming to a complete halt, the engine might be the problem. You will have to disassemble the engine and check the bearings inside it.

There are two sets of bearings in every circular saw. You will find the first set of bearings in the engine casing while the second set is usually found in the rotor. You will be lucky if the problem is from the first set of bearings because they are easy to repair. The good news also is that it is easy to see if they are the issue.

Unfortunately, if the bearing in the engine rotor is spoilt, you will have to take the entire engine for repair. The reason for this is because, except you are an expert technician, you can not remove the bearing in the engine motor.

More so, you need some special device to remove it otherwise you will damage the rotor. So, if the problem is in the bearings in the rotor, you need to see a repair service.

The good news is, all you need to take with you is the rotor. More so, the repair process is usually fast and affordable

Gear Malfunction

If you have a problem with the gear in your circular saw, it might not also work. Usually, the most common cause is when the gear cogs wear out.

To fix this, you will have to replace the gear completely. Also, ensure that you check the rotor’s slits in the process to see that they are not damaged.


Hopefully, all the above should help you solve all of the reasons why your circular saw stops working. However, if you are still experiencing issues, it might be time for you to see a specialist to have the issue fixed.

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