What to Use Instead of Allen Wrench – 10 Alternatives

The Allen wrench is efficient in separating something or putting it back together. But what will happen if you can’t find one at your home when you need to take apart a bed? What to use instead of Allen wrench in this case?

Sometimes, a small-sized flat-headed screwdriver can be beneficial. Put the end in the socket; thus, the 2 corners of the screwdriver will perform as leverage in the hole to turn it.

10 alternatives can be used instead of the Allen wrench.

Let’s figure them out.

What to do If You Don’t Have an Allen Wrench

An Allen wrench comes with L-shape and has a hexagonal key shape, and that is why it is known as a hex key.

Here is a list of the best Allen wrench substitutes to help you with detailed information.

Hex Wrench of Hex Key Wrench

Basically, there is a minor difference between hex wrench and Allen wrench. Moreover, they perform the following the same way. But you need to use a hex wrench when the working screw is a hex bolt or hex screw. Even though they look alike.

Some hex wrenches feature ball-type edges, and an Allen wrench can also have a similar end with particular hex screws.

A set of hex wrenches are referred to as hex keys. Also, a bunch of Allen wrenches is referred to as Allen keys. Whether you need to take apart metal, plastic, or wood or put them together, both tools will deliver the same result.

Torx Key

Torx keys are a handy tool specially engineered for tightening or loosening Torx fasteners. They are suitable for most electric tools like air blowers, electric wrenches, etc. The handle of the Torx key delivers extra leverage that tightens or loosens screw effortlessly.

They are mainly used as an alternative to Allen wrench in the automotive and construction industry.

Torque Wrench

What to use instead of an Allen wrench? Well, grab a torque wrench and get the job done. This stool is specialized in controlling and applying specific torque to a fastener that includes a nut or bolt.

It is an essential tool for removing or installing the tire. Also, you can use it in industry repair jobs. The most important thing is; it ensures safety when working with it.

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Any Handheld Tools Around Your Home

We all have a few handheld tools in our home that can be used instead of the Allen wrench. Although you can use them to a certain degree, they will help you effectively complete the take apart or put together things.

So, what things can you use? Look for items that have 2 contrasting flat angles, like a set of flat-tipped tweezers or nail clippers. These items provide efficient performance with small Allen bolts or nuts.

Kitchen Knife

Head to your kitchen when you can’t afford an Allen wrench and get the flat-tipped kitchen knife. This kitchen utensil is made of durable materials, which means you can create enough torque without breaking them.

However, before working with a kitchen knife, you need to consider the hex key’s depth of the hole and the gauge inside it.

Flat Head Screwdriver

A flat head screwdriver will be a handful solution when you cannot find an Allen wrench at your home. Put the Allen screw’s end in the socket. Use it to act to create leverage in the hole to rotate it. Remember, the wider the bolt or nut’s socket, the wider the screwdriver you will need to use.

Here the main purpose is to wedge the screwdriver to the bolt hex for generating torque to remove it.

Combination Wrench or Open-ended Wrench

Use a combination wrench if you don’t have an Allen wrench in your hand. The 2 ends of Combination wrenches are differently designed. One end is a socket-style wrench, while the other end comes with one open end.

On the other hand, both ends are open in open-ended wrenches.

Ratchet Wrench

A ratchet wrench is a type of tool compatible with several detachable sockets. This tool effectively tightens or loosens nuts or bolts of different sizes.

You will surely get an efficient outcome If your ratchet wrench fits a hexagonal socket you are working with.

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Impact Wrench

Do you own an air impact wrench or drill type wrench? Grab that one and use it in the place of an Allen wrench.

You should work with this type of wrench as long as its end fits with the hex screw that you are working with.

Air Impact Wrench

Crowfoot Wrench

The design of this wrench type is similar to an open-ended wrench. Both ends are open, and the width is the same also. However, if the hex socket is large enough, this wrench will deliver the best result.

How to remove Allen bolt without Allen key?

Without the right screwdriver, working with Allen head screws is quite difficult because their head has a six-sided hole in the center.

Follow the below steps to remove the Allen bolt without the Allen key. 

Step 01: Grab a standard screwdriver. Make sure that the tool fits securely between the screws 2 points. Also, no wiggle room is allowed. Start turning the Allen head screw using the screwdriver to ensure a perfect fit. Avoid forcing if the fit is imperfect. 

Step 02: Next, you need to work with a hacksaw and a small toothed blade. Put the blade on the saw. Carefully cut to the edge of the saw. Don’t cut deeply or mar the surface of the screw. Make sure the cut matches the thickness of the screw. 

Step 03: Now, get a regular screwdriver that fits the grooves that you make. Carefully turn the screw because the head of the screw is not as strong as it was before cutting.

In Final words, the Allen wrench is a handy tool for dealing with repair works or installation too frequently. However, if you don’t have one in your hand and are thinking about what to use instead of the Allen wrench, the above alternatives will help you in this regard for sure.