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Surface and Task-wise Sander Variants

A sander is mainly for smoothening any surface with the help of abrasion by using sandpapers. While doing any DIY projects, surface preparation through sanding is necessary. Some people sand the surfaces manually with sandpaper and by using their hands. Utilizing a sander tool for the process will help complete the work within a blink of an eye. 

But it is not possible to sand all the surfaces with just one type of sander. There are various types of sanders available for use on different surfaces. Seeing many variants of sanders, getting confused about what kind of sander do I need is customary. 

The Types of Sanders

By attaching the correct sandpaper grit with the right sander, the sanding process becomes more manageable. Besides, stock removing and surface smoothening tasks also reach perfection. Before that, choosing the right sander is much essential regarding your work. Some common sanders types will be pretty helpful for your DIY projects or other smoothening tasks. 

The most popular sanders types are:

Depending on your task variety, you can use any of these to eliminate the stocks and smoothen the surface.  

What Kind of Sander Do I Need?

From furniture to hardwood floors, you need a different sander for smoothening every surface. Even for cars, cabinets, and drywalls, various sanders are required. In every sector of polishing and smoothening, specialist sanders are highly necessary. Now, let’s see which sander you should use in which situation:

The Most Suitable Sanders for the Furniture

For the finishing touch to the furniture, a sander is a must-use tool. But you may fell into deep thoughts about what kind of sander do I need for furniture. Now let’s see which sanders you can use:

Belt Sander

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The belt sanders are perfect if you are doing heavy-duty sanding on your furniture. This sturdy sanding machine is quite large than the other sanders. In this machine, the belt is pretty long and can cover a large area at a time. This electric sander needs to connect with electricity before starting. 

All the stocks will be eliminated, and the wooden surface will become smooth. It is the perfect machine for professional furniture sanding. Because of the long belt for sandpapers, it is the ideal sanding machine for heavy operations.

Orbital Sander

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When you deal with medium-duty like lightly painted or varnished surfaces, the orbital sanders are perfect. You can easily trim a rough piece of timber to eliminate the stocks and smoothen the surface with it.

The preferable sanders for hardwood floors

If you doubt what kind of sander do I need for hardwood floors, then go through the discussion below:

Drum Floor Sander

This drum floor sander is one kind of belt sander that is perfect for hardwood floors. It can eliminate bad spots, high spots, stains, and paint drips from the wooden floor of your house. This drum floor sander can also remove the deeply embedded stains.

Operating this sanding tool is not complex, but lifting is a bit tough for one person.

Orbital Vibrating Floor Sander

After eliminating the spots, the wooden floor requires smoothening. The orbital vibrating floor sander is just the perfect sanding tool for the situation. The sandpaper doesn’t rotate but vibrates in tight circles in this tool. Using this sanding tool on your hardwood floor is easy because of its lighter body and simple operating system.

Edge Floor Sander

Your floor edges may contain stains and other rough parts. The edge floor sander is a small and hand-held tool and can reach the toughest corner of your hardwood floor. With the sandpaper rotation, the sander eliminates the stains, spots, and paint drops and catches them in a dust bag.

The best Sanders for car

Before painting your car, what kind of sander do I need for a car, is an obvious one to pop up. The sanders you can use are:

Random Orbital Sander

The sander which rotates the sandpaper in an orbital motion is known as the random orbital sander. It also spins the pad around a spindle to eliminate the older paint from the car body. Because of this, the sandpaper grit travels to eliminate the swirl patterns.

Dual Action Sander

The dual-action sander is another sanding tool known for higher stock removal capability. At first, the sandpaper rotates to eliminate the older paint, and the pad travels to wipe the dirt. This hand-held sanding machine is the perfect one to use for your car.

You may also search for the answer of “what kind of sander do I need to remove paint.With the two sanders above, it is highly possible to eliminate the older paint from your car body and house walls.

The best sanders for Cabinet

The perfect sanders for smoothening the cabinets are:

Orbit Sander

The orbit sander is the most suitable one for smoothening the wooden cabinets and cabinet joints. When you use the sanding tool, it will ensure smoothening the cabinet door without leaving cross-grain scratches. As the sandpaper grit rotation generates up to 10000 rpm, it eliminates bad spots, high spots, and stains.

Finishing Sander

The finishing sander is the proper one for smoothening the wooden cabinet. It is easier to control and leaves not a single stain, spot, and drips. This lighter hand-held sander keeps the process simple along with higher efficiency. While dealing with “what kind of sander do I need to refinish cabinets, this sanding tool can be your solution.

What kind of sanders do I need for a deck that can refinish the deck and makes it smooth?

Belt Sander, If you are dealing with a large deck area, the belt sander is the best one to use. With proper balance and belt-sandpaper mechanism, this sanding tool will make your deck pretty smooth.

Random Orbit Sander

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The random orbit sander offers dual sanding with round pads and another layer of movement. It uses both the circular and orbital motion for smoothening and refinishing the wooden deck.

What kind of sander do I need for drywall that will reach every corner of the wall?

Electric Drywall Disc Sander, The electric drywall disc sander is the most suitable sander to deal with the drywalls. This disc sander features a telescopic handle and a vacuum hose. It is easy to deal with the drywall because of its articulating round sanding disc head.

What kind of sander do I need to refinish metal chairs and tables?

Palm Sander, For removing the rust from the metal objects and refinishing them, the palm sanders are perfect. Use the 80- to 100-grit sandpaper at the front, and the sander will rotate at great speed to eliminate rust. Thus, by using a palm sander, it is easier to refinish metal chairs and tables.

What kind of sander do I need to refinish the dresser?

The belt sander and the palm sander will be the best options to refinish a dresser. These heavy-pressure-taking capable sanders can deal with dressers effectively. You can also use the orbital sander or a finishing sander for your dresser.

Which sander will be the best for knife making?

It will be best to use either the palm sander or the belt sander to make a knife. These two sanders are highly capable of dealing with metals. For finishing the knife, these sanders will serve the best by eliminating the uneven spots.

Final Thoughts

A single sander can’t perform all the sanding tasks on various surfaces. But some are capable of dealing with multiple surfaces along with different objects. These heavy-pressure-taking capable sanders can even deal with metal objects. Some are for medium task completion, and some are for the last finishing. These various sanders collections can make you confused about what kind of sander do I need. Selecting the right one for the correct situation requires getting those sanders to know better. All the sanders are the best in their section of work. So, choose them wisely as per your need.