What Kind of Cordless Drill do You Need for Home Use

What Kind of Cordless Drill do You Need for Home Use? | Drill for Women and Home DIYs

DIY fanatics and professionals are looking for a powerful tool to rely on. There is no doubt that drills play significant roles in all the toolboxes at home. They are required to complete quite a several household tasks, thus ensuring that you have the right cordless drill for home use is essential. Weight, power, and mobility are focal points when choosing the best drill.

There is no doubt that cordless drills are the most potent tools at home. Crucial to buy the right one. Some essential factors should consider before purchasing a lightweight cordless drill is very vital. Our guide will lead you to the right tool.

Why Cordless Drill

Drill | Power Tools | Vital Hand ToolsCordless drill ensures convenience. Use it anywhere, unlike the corded drill that requires a nearby source of electricity. Most people are into a corded drill because they are powerful. Larger and more powerful drills are also able to handle all the tasks at home.

Which Size is Best?

The size depends on what you plan to use the drill. Keep in mind that the size of a cordless drill depends on its voltage, such as 18V, 12V, and 14V. Higher voltage drills are more powerful and come with additional features. They are bigger and heavier than lower voltage drills.

Understanding Brushless Technology

This is the latest technology in cordless drills. It creates less friction and heat when drilling, thus ensuring less wear and tear. This aspect also ensures more exceptional durability. It is more efficient and powerful than brushed drills. They offer more torque as well as runtime.

Power of the Battery and Charger

A good drill should have two batteries. Swap it over when one runs out of power and keeps working. Check the battery amp-hour (Ah) number. Keep in mind that larger batteries are more massive. No matter how good or expensive your lightweight drill is, it is inferior without a good battery. Better batteries ensure better performance. The following aspects affect the durability of your battery:

  • The temperature
  • The type of work about material drilled.
  • Continuous or intermittent drilling

It is worth mentioning that there are different types of batteries in the market, with the best being Nickel-cadmium and Lithium-Ion.

Power Tools for Women’s Hands

power drill for womenWeight is the major factor for women to use power tools. Ladies need a lightweight tool that they can easily carry around while handling household repairs. The numbers of holes you are planning to make are not significant. What is important is finding a lightweight machine that is more convenient.


Each woman planning to purchase a cordless drill must look into its dimensions. Do not just buy a heavy or a giant drill. Consider the available space as well as the possibilities of changing your kitchen set-up in the future. Ladies have small hands hence should buy a tool that suits their palms well.

Generating Speed

Consider the turning speed in RPM as well as the number of torques in inches. Did you know that most cordless drills have two-speed ranges between 300 to 400 RPM and a higher torque of about 1,200 to 1,500 RPM?

Power Source

A higher torque in a drill is equaled to a higher battery voltage. A lighter-weight driller suitable for any woman is ideal for installing cabinet hardware as well as attaching drywall. These drills have a lower voltage; hence they are lighter. 12-volt is perfect for DIY tasks.


Choose the right chuck size. A ½ inch is a standard option in terms of size that offers flexibility in terms of performance. It enables you to drill small holes in the woods and drill large holes in concentrate surfaces.

Choose a keyless chuck, so you do not have to use a key every time you use your drill.


There is no doubt that most women out there are looking forward to a fancy-lady tool. There are more exciting and attractive designs out there just for you.


The power rating of your lightweight cordless drill lays its volts. A powerful drill has a higher voltage. The volts vary from 2-24 volts. Recommended volts for a lightweight drill for household repair are 14 volts.


There is no doubt that grip is a paramount aspect to consider in every drill. Buy a cordless drill that ensures a comfortable grip following the fact that you will use it for hours. In the recent past, due to advanced technology, the designs offer an ergonomic grip. Choose rubberized grips for a better user experience. Choose a lighter and compact rill if you have shoulder, elbow, or arm problems.

Other Features for Cordless Lightweight Drill Kit

A good drill includes the following:

  • Accessories such as spare batteries, charger, cases, and drill and driver bit sets.
  • A brushless motor is an added advantage for the lightweight cordless drills as it enhances the runtime as generates more power. It also ensures durability and less maintenance. Brushless drills are lighter and quieter than brushed drills, thus suitable for any woman.
  • A built-in light is highly recommended as it makes work easier while working in places with low light.
  • In terms of power capability, power output is a paramount consideration. Units-watts-out (UWO) number is the output measurement, as this combines the speed and the torque.
  • An adjustable side handles lets you work with ease.

Additional Information/FAQs

What is the best cordless drill for home use?

Many cordless drills will suit your household tasks. Do your research and choose according to your size of work, availability of energy as well as the size of your palm.

How do I choose a cordless drill?

You must consider aspects when buying a cordless drill, such as the chuck, clutch, size, speed, flexibility, and durability.

What voltage drill should I buy?

A higher voltage insinuates a heavier and powerful machine.

Which is better for home DIY use, a standard or cordless electric drill?
It all depends on your needs, but I would recommend a cordless electric drill because of its convenience and efficiency.

Finally, Choosing the cordless drill for home use as well as your household needs can be quite challenging. We have assembled all the facts and information that can guide you to the right choice. Thanks for reading our guide!

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