what is a right angle drill used for

What is a Right Angle Drill?

In geometry, when two straight lines meet at a common point, and they form an exact 90-degree angle is called a right angle. The symbol L is the best representation of the right angle.Right Angle

A right-angle drill is one kind of drill that headset at a 90-degree with the grip. Due to which it can easily reach tight spaces, and it is mostly used in plumbing, electrical, repairing, and construction works for drilling perfectly in tight walls. Also so many benefits of working with right angle drill, which we will share in this guide

Top 6 Benefits of Working with Right Angle Drill?

With a regular drill, getting into the tight spots is challenging. The corded right-angle drill can be a lifesaver at this point. A right-angle drill has many benefits and will be a worthy tool for your toolkit. Below are the most common advantages of using Right Angle Drill:

1. Working in Compact Space

A right-angle drill’s primary responsibility is to allow you to accomplish the drilling or fastening task of compact spaces. Generally, standard or conventional drills are unable to reach tight corners. At this point, a right-angle drill comes in handy.

Due to the right angle drills 90° angled head or multiple pivoting options, you can use them as per your required position. Plumbers widely use right-angle drills in installing or renovating a bathroom.

2. Comfort

Most professionals and beginners use the right angle drills because of the comfort and precision offered by them.

Right angle drills are easy to control, and thus handling tricky tasks becomes much more comfortable. And they can easily be operated with both hands.

3. Ergonomics

A right-angle drill ergonomic relies on 3 factors:

  • The weight,
  • The grip, and
  • The handle’s design.

Most of the angle drills have a soft grip to let you work on a more extensive project. Right angles are available with different handle types: Barrel grips, sidewinders, and D-handles. D-handles provide the highest comfortability but generating more leverage is difficult with them. In comparison, sidewinder handles are an upgraded version of D-handles. They have a barrel grip and a trigger at the tool base.

Barrel grips are widely used in the drill because they can generate the required leverage and suit working in tight spaces. But they have a drawback. They are least comfortable to handle when working for an extended period.

4. Versatile

Versatility depends on the right angle drills model. If you select a model that has a removable head and the chuck used as a standard drill, then you will have a great piece of tool in your toolbox.

These types of tools are expensive, but you will be more flexible in your workspace with them. For sure, these will be an invaluable addition to your toolbox.

5. Torque

One of the most useful benefits of right-angle drills is their torque features. Almost all the right angle drills models come with three different speeds, which allow you to use different angles at different torque speeds, where you will get a better drilling experience than regular drills.

Also, because of the different speeds, you do not always have to operate the motor at the same speed; that’s why there is no chance of the motor overheating and burning, and you get long-lasting performance.

6. Extensions

Though you can use extensions in most regular drill models, you will not get the desired performance like the right angle drills because right angle drills are an outstanding choice for narrow spots. If you want to reach more hard-to-reach spots, you can run the long extensions up to 30 inches, which helps almost any type of advanced drilling work project.

Right Angle Drill Uses

Women working with right angle drillI think you already little bit understand what is a right angle drill used for. One of the most common reasons for using it is that you can use it for dual purposes if you want. In other words, if you want, you can use it as a regular drill; as well as you can use it in a more advanced way.

Right angle drill is specially designed for such small projects, including woodworking, construction, house drilling, remodeling. However, if you want, you can use it in medium projects as you need. Let’s see something about the use of the right-angle drills.

Small Projects

The right-angle drills are primarily designed to work in small projects, where a large amount of power is not required. Its 90-degree angle head also helps you complete the drilling work in detail in small areas.

Its use process is much simpler than other advanced drills, so anyone at the beginning level can handle it easily.

Hard to Reach Spaces

Regular drill and drill bits can perform well in much higher sturdy construction tasks but cannot easily reach tight spaces inside the cabin, attic, corner. As a result, the right angle drill is used to work smoothly in those spaces.

Also, using the extensions with it makes that easier to drill holes in narrower spots, and the length of the attached extension is long enough to be fitting for working anywhere.


Right angle drill has many benefits, which are already made it one of the most popular picks. The best aspect is its comfortable grip handle which makes it much easier to control while using. It also comes with a compact size, which helps it to be stored in any small space after use, as well as easily carry to anywhere.

It also comes with a durable case so that it can be stored carefully after use, which keeps it safe from harmful impacts and helps to increase its longevity. Overall, its strong built quality and accessible features have made it a lot easier to use, as well as its budget-friendly price is almost affordable for anyone.