what is a dado blade used for

What is a Dado Blade Used For and Which Do You Need?

Dado blade is one kind of blade used in table saw, circular saw, or radial arm saw for cutting grooves in the wood. Most of the interlocking pieces or grooves are often accomplished using a dado blade. You can bring the components like door panels, drawers, shelves, bottom, etc. 

You can groove much efficiently if you use a dado blade. But you should know well what is a dado blade used for before ordering it. You will learn about the usage of a dado blade in this article briefly. So, read and follow the description well. 

What They Are Used for?

What is a Dado Blade Used For and Which Do You Need? 1

You can cut grooves in other materials using dado blades. Mainly, it is used for making joints in woods, which means you can connect two pieces of wood-cutting grooves on each. Dado blades make this job more manageable. It is used thoroughly to make cabinets, shelves, dividers, drawers, etc. 

Dado blades contain more teeth than main chipper blades. A standard table saw has an outer edge on the stack’s side. If you don’t change the blades, it will help you much for the operation. One raw is in outside, and you have to turn the other side to inner. The main blade comes with few teeth. You can easily adjust the number of edges to use in the middle. It affects the cutting width. You can activate the tool to start cutting when everything is ready.

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Which Kind of Dado Blade Do You Need?

It’s crucial to find out what type of dado blade do you need. Dado blades are sold separately for use with table saws. But you should keep in mind that all the tables’ saws are not compatible with this. That’s why; you should check the saw specification when you are buying a dado blade

You will find 8-inch diameters for most dado outer blades. And they come with the following chippers:

1. 1/8-inch-thick chippers

2. 1/16-inch chipper

3. 3/32-inch chipper

1/8-inch chipper

What is a Dado Blade Used For and Which Do You Need? 2

1/16-inch chipper

What is a Dado Blade Used For and Which Do You Need? 3

3/32-inch chipper

What is a Dado Blade Used For and Which Do You Need? 4

The thickness of the outer blades is 1/8 inches. You can easily set up the table saw by increasing or decreasing the viscosity. As a result, you can easily cut grooves for your desired work if you have 8-inches or 10 inches diameter. It would help if you did not use these for a fussy cut. These blades are made for cutting grooves.

You will see some smaller blades of 6-inches and 7-inches diameter. From these varieties, you should choose the appropriate one for your work. 

Why are Dado Blades Illegal?

Though dado blades can reduce your stress working with woods, it’s not legal in some countries like UK, Denmark, etc. You may ask, “Why are dado blades illegal in these countries?

A large number of people chopped their fingers and hands while working with dado blades. And repair of that organs was not very much successful. As a result, the EU directives declared the usage of the dado blade as illegal.

Are Dado Blades Dangerous?

Blades always come sharp. As it’s easy to get harmed by a sharp blade, so you may ask “Are dado blades dangerous?” Like other blades, dado blades are also sharp and can be dangerous. It could be dangerous for you if you don’t know the process of handling the tool. For example, never use a dado blade to work with a small wood piece. It will be very much dangerous.

It would help if you understood the philosophy behind the dado blade. It has been designed for slashing anything that comes in the way. That’s why; it’s essential to learn the usage of a dado blade to use it properly and get rid of any danger. 

What is the Purpose of Using Dado Blades?

Dado is a sharp blade that can make your grooving work easier. It can be cut into different dimensions. You can cut across or perpendicular. This tool is mostly used for affix shelves, cabinetry bodies, etc.

Is it Illegal to Use Dado Blades?

You will find many countries where using dado blades are legal. But, it’s illegal to use this tool in the European Union. Because many people chopped off their fingers badly while using dado blades. And those were tough to repair.

Can I Put 2 blades on a Single Circular Saw?

Yes, you can. But make sure that the teeth sets are located alternatively one another and are not bent.

Dado blade is a helpful tool for table saws. You can easily cut grooves to join the corners of wood pieces to make drawers, shelves, panels, etc. It will decrease your stress and boost your working speed. But using this tool is prohibited in European Union as it could be dangerous and can harm. That’s why you should know well what is a dado blade used for

If you are planning to buy a dado blade, you need to know its usage well. Here, we discussed some factors about dado blades. We hope you will enjoy your woodworking with dado blades without harming your body following this article.