what can you do with a drill press

Drill Press Using Tricks and What Can You Do with a Drill Press?

The drill press is a parked power tool for boring accurate holes on the metal and wooden surfaces. This motorized drilling tool is one kind of bench-top machine, unlike the handled drills. It is a heavy machine that can deal with tough and sturdy surfaces and drill precise holes easily.

You might know about the handled drill machines and even have used them. So, the question is obvious to come to your mind about what can you do with a drill press. The drilling works, which are out of the league for any handled drills, are easily accomplished using a drill press.

The Usage of a Drill Press

There are many usages for a drill press all over the world. You can do a variety of types of woodwork with this heavy pressure-taking drilling device. The tasks for what can you use a drill press for are:

  • Easily usable in the Countersinks
  • Capability to perform the high-speed borings
  • You can use it for the counterbores as well
  • It can handle the tapping works
  • Highly capable in slash drilling operations
  • Pretty handy for horizontal dusting
  • Heavy pressure-taking capability in combined countersink drilling

Things You Can Do with a Drill Press

There are a bunch of works that you can do, from boring holes in the metal to different woodworks with a drill press. All these depend on how do you use a drill press as the situation and places demand. The tasks you can complete with this tool are:

Screwing and Unscrewing works

The drill press is a versatile drilling machine as you can screw the bolts with it. This technique is pretty effective considering the firmness of the bolt joints. It is even possible to unscrew those bolts using the same drill press.

The machine speed should be the lowest and use an adapter to perform these tasks. Find a needle first that suits your bolts, and use the drill press for screwing. Using the drill press will save your time as well.

Spindles Sanding

If you wonder how to use a drill press for woodworking, don’t worry at all, as you can do spindles sanding with it. Find a barrel sander first that will help to sand the wooden spindles. The drill press that you will use must need to have attachment capability.

Then attach the barrel sander that suits with the chuck of the drill press. This attaching work will take no time at all. Take the spindle and start sanding with the barrel sander of the drill press. Depending on the wood and spindle type, vary the drill press’s pace as required while sanding.


Don’t fall into hesitations about what to do with a drill press or what to use a drill press for. The opportunity is there to do doweling with this drill press machine. Doweling is the process of strengthening the joint between two wooden particles. In this process, a common stick connects two wooden parts through the holes in both of them.

The holes in both the wooden parts need to be precise and in the right place. Drilling those holes in the wood is just the perfect job for any drill press machine. After drilling, put the sticks in those holes to establish the joints.

Can You Use a Drill Press As a Mortiser?

Yes, it is possible to use a drill press as a mortiser. This device is capable of doing both mortise cutting and mortise adjustment.

Mortise Cutting and Adjustment

The mortise is usually a square or rectangular hole in the wood for jointing purposes. It is the mortise’s job, but you can use the drill press when you don’t have any mortiser. After dealing with mortising, sharpen the edges with a chisel.

You will use the drill press as a mortiser as you make the square or rectangular holes with it. Adjusting the mortise is also possible with this drilling device.

How to Use a Drill Press for Metal

Using a drill press for metal is almost the same as you use it in woods. The needle must be strong enough, and the drilling speed should be high. While boring on the metal, keep the wooden-bored part under it for perfection. Then, use the press drill to boring a perfect hole on the metal surface.

After knowing about all these working sectors, the question about “Can you mill with a drill press?” can pop up. Yes, you can do that, and while doing this, extra cautiousness is highly required.

What Can You Not Do With a Drill Press:

Some things you should avoid while using a drill press machine. The safety rules for a drill press machine are:

  • Never put extra pressure or force on the drill press
  • Wearing loose clothes or ties is strictly forbidden while using this machine
  • The drill press must contain an emergency stop button for safety
  • Lubricate the press drill before the start of drilling
  • Wear the certified hand gloves and goggles before drilling with this device


What can you make with a drill press?

You can make things like holes on metal or wooden surfaces with a drill press. It is also possible to build and adjust the mortise with this drilling device. Dowels are the things that you can prepare with the help of it as well. Counterboring is another task you can perform with a drill press.

What are the principal usages of a drill press?

There are varieties of things that can be performed with this machine. This drilling machine can do horizontal dusting, slash drilling operations, and spindle sanding as well. It is also capable of performing the tasks like combined countersink drilling, high-speed boring, and reaming.

Final Words

What do you use a drill press for will always depend on the task requirements and the way you want it to perform. It is a heavy pressure-taking drilling machine that can bore holes both in wood and metal. The question “What can you do with a drill press?” is a routine one for any user, and the answer is pretty straightforward.

From horizontal dusting to high-speed boring and counterboring are easily accomplishable with this drilling device. It is also capable of mortise cutting, spindle sanding, countersink drilling, screwing, and unscrewing. This versatile heavy drilling machine offers you a bunch of tasks-performing capabilities.