torque wrench vs conventional breaker bar

Breaker Bar vs Torque Wrench – Which one is Worth Buying?

Breaker bar and torque wrenches are 2 different life saving tools. How? Proper tightening or lessening ensures safety when dealing with any mechanism.

However, you may think of doing a bolting or unbolting task using a simple wrench, but you will need additional effort to do the task effectively.

In terms of functionality, both tools are the same. Characteristically, they are different. Also, a beginner and professionals get confused, thinking which tool serves the best service.

I created this comparison of breaker bar vs torque wrench to remove all confusions.

Let’s start right in.

What is a Breaker Bar?

Torque Wrench vs Conventional Breaker Bar - Which Tool to Choose? 1

A breaker bar fundamental is so straightforward. It is an efficient tool to lose tight fasteners, and it is efficient in doing the unbolting task. It is because of the items’ extraordinarily long length.

Power bar is the other name of the breaker bar. Sufficient torque and force get produced because of its long non-ratcheting bar.

Key Features:

  • High torque and force
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to clean
  • Rotates in any direction

What is a Torque Wrench?

Torque Wrench vs Conventional Breaker Bar - Which Tool to Choose? 2Torque Wrench vs Conventional Breaker Bar - Which Tool to Choose? 3

Every vehicle comes with unique torque specifications, and a torque wrench is specialized in delivering specific torque to fasten nuts or bolts. It is a standard tool used in automotive and industrial maintenance & repair industries.

A torque wrench is an ideal tool where tightness is mandatory.

They come with different types: click type, digital, slip torque wrenches, etc. While tightening nuts or bolts with a torque wrench, carefulness is necessary. Over tightening also need to be avoided.

Key Features:

  • Provides specific torque
  • Easy to handle
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive

Comparison Chart – Torque Wrench vs Conventional Breaker Bar

Have a glance at the below chart of the difference between breaker bar and a torque wrench.

FeatureBreaker BarTorque Wrench
VarietyAll breaker bars are the same.Available in a wide range of classes.
LongevityLonger-lastingLong lifespan
EfficiencyEfficient yet less than a torque wrenchMuch Efficient
Quicker FixQuickly accomplishes tasksTime-consumer
Smarter PickNo advanced mechanisms  Offers precise service  
Tightening and LooseningSuitable for loosening  Ideal for tightening  

Torque Wrench vs Breaker Bar – What are the Differences?

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In this section, I shared the differences in details. Read to learn more about the differences.


A variety of torque wrenches are available in the market. The types are beam styles, digital, click wrenches, and slip torque wrenches. With a wide range of classes, you can pick a torque wrench according to your project requirement.

On the other hand, breaker bars are not available in a vast range. You can’t buy from different options, and your project is less likely to increase results.


The lifespan of both tools is long. They are made of durable materials such as steel, aluminum or any other sturdy metals. It is necessary because delivering high torque is their special characteristic, and they regularly deal with stress. So, in terms of longevity, both have similarities.

Keep in mind, to get long term service, proper care and maintenance is a must. Store them in a box after wrapping with a nice leather tool pouch.


As stated earlier, torque wrenches provide specific torque which means they come with a torque measuring mechanism. When providing the right amount of torque is the requirement of your project, buy a torque wrench.

While breaker bars don’t have torque measuring mechanisms, over-tightening can happen, and it can damage your machine. So, avoid buying breaker bars if you are focusing on providing the right amount of torque.

Quicker Fix

Sometimes, you may need to do quick fastening or unfastening—also, professionals required to provide continuous service. If you are that type of person, it is advisable to buy a breaker bar. In order to get the best outcome, make sure impact extension with a socket is available with your breaker bar.

While torque wrenches will not help you accomplish fastening or unfastening tasks quickly, it enables you to tighten nuts or bolts to a specific torque or force. As a result, the torque needs to set to the right amount according to the components required, which takes more time than the breaker bar.

Smarter Pick

Torque wrenches are modernized tools that lets you accomplish more advanced work. Torque wrenches come with LED indicators so that you can set the required torque.

On the flip side, the breaker bar helps you to save time by delivering faster performance.  

Tightening and Loosening

Never use a torque wrench for loosening nuts or bolts. They are designed for tightening tasks only. If you do so, calibration of the tool will be damaged. Torque wrenches are expensive, and nobody wants to buy an expensive tool from time to time.

So, what tool to be used for loosening tasks?

Due to the large handlebar, breaker bars are a suitable option for loosening nuts and bolts. You can get the nuts or bolts loosening task more swiftly with breaker bars.


Torque wrenches are more expensive than breaker bars. However, torque wrenches come with many features, and this is the reason they are expensive. And breaker bars come with a reasonable price tag.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Is a breaker bar the same as a torque wrench?

Yes, the functionality of the breaker bar and a torque wrench is the same. But the difference is that the breaker bar is suitable for loosening tasks, and the torque wrench delivers the best outcome in tightening jobs. It is because torque wrenches have a torque measuring mechanism while breaker bars don’t.

Can a torque wrench be used as a breaker bar?

The truth is, don’t use a torque wrench as an alternative to the breaker bar. Both are specially designed for a specific type of task.

Which Tool to Choose?

Breaker bar vs impact torque, both tools have their specific work field. Buying the tool entirely depends on your project requirement.

  • For nuts or bolts loosening, buy a breaker bar.
  • For tightening tasks, pick torque wrenches.

It would be best if you keep both tools in your toolbox and use as per necessary. But don’t think to use them as an alternative to each other.

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