tile and grout cleaning machine rental

Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning Machine Rental

Are you tired of cleaning your tile and grout manually? Removing the toughest stains and odors from the tile and grout is one of the toughest jobs on the earth. You cannot clean the tiles and grout entirely through washing and mopping.

To altogether remove the dirt, mildew, mold, and ground-in residue, you need particular tile and grout cleaning machines. A tile and grout cleaning machine can rejuvenate the tile and grout and give back a shiny look.

However, we do agree that buying a machine to clean your tile and grout might seem costly to you. In that case, you can go for tile and grout cleaning machine rental. That should not cost you more money.

In this discussion, we will discuss the working process of tile and grout cleaning machines, places where you can rent the tools, and also some of the renting factors you should keep in mind while going to rent the machine to clean tile floors and grout. Let’s go ahead.

How Do Tile and Grout Cleaning Machines Work?

There are different types of tile and grout cleaning machines available to be rented out there. Due to the variety of brands, their working process also varies from devices to devices

Floor Buffer

The first tile and grout cleaning machine that you can get or rent from any home improvement store is a floor buffer. It is one of the ideal tile floor cleaning machines that can scrub and remove the pollutants from grime and dirty tile floors. It works not as a substitute for tile and grout cleaning machine, but as a companion. When it comes to size, it is pretty broad but can be held by two hands easily. Here’s how to clean a tile floor with floor buffer:

  • Mop the cleaning solution across the floor.
  • Let the solution sit and soak the dirt.
  • Turn your floor buffer on.
  • The pads of the barrier will start scrubbing the tile floor.

tile and grout cleaning machine rental The best places to use a floor buffer are outdoor tile floors, and near floor drains.

Jet Cleaners

Jet cleaners are also used to clean the tile floors and grout. You can buy or rent them from your nearest cleaning shops. Coming in various shapes and sizes, their efficiency and work time also varies.

  • You need to set powerful water jets as head to use the jet cleaners.
  • Using the high velocity when it spins, it inputs direct pressure on the tile floor surfaces.
  • If your jet cleaner features a built-in vacuum sealed system, then extra water does not flood the tile floors around.

This cleaning process works best for water-only cleaning solutions and suitable for tile and grout cleaning.

Steam Cleaners

You should rent steam cleaners if you are looking for the best tile floor cleaner machine that works smoothly on granite and marble tiles. However, steam cleaners are the way more expensive than the others discussed above. Here’s what you need to know about steam cleaners before renting them:

  • There is a little difference between steam cleaners and jet cleaners. Steam cleaners use the high-powered water supply to bring out the debris, but they also use pressurized steam to clean the floors more extensively.
  • It is a costly tile and grout cleaning machine for rental purposes.
  • It gives deep cleaning and revives the shiny original look to the level.
  • Best for cleaning the entire home within a short period.

Places That Rent Grout and Tile Cleaning Machines

So, do you want to know where you can rent grout and tile cleaning machines? There are three places where you can get help when renting a floor cleaning machine:

Local Tools Rental Company

Find the local tool rental companies near you that rent their tools. You can ask your neighbor for recommendations if they have experience in renting tools. However, you can also find that from search engines. Just search for “grout and tile cleaning machine rental near me,” and the search engine will recommend companies near you that offer cleaning tools for rent. Once you find your trusted shop, you can always rent from them from then on.

Tools Library

Tools libraries offer membership cards to the people who are interested in renting tools. You can take a membership card or pay a subscription-free to enjoy necessary means, including tile and grout cleaning machines.

Your Neighbors

If you have got neighbors, you are in good terms with; you can ask them for tile and grout cleaning machine (if they have) for rent, however, if feel that your relationship is not so deep or you do not feel like disturbing them you can find any peer-to-peer website around you that can serve you.

Renting Factors of Tile and Grout Cleaning Machine

When you want to rent the required tile and grout cleaning machine, you should keep some important aspects in mind. Here are a few of the things you should not forget while you rent a tile and grout cleaning machine for your home:

Cleaning Capacity: How well does the machine work? How much time it will take to clean your floor? Does it come with a powerful suction? Can the machine differentiate the clean and dirty water? Can it mop and clean simultaneously? Will you have puddles after it finishes its work? These are the core questions you have to answer while you go for renting any cleaning machine. Hiring a wrong cleaning machine will only waste your money.

Portability: Is the machine you are going to rent well-portable? For cleaning a large house of multiple rooms, you need to hire a cleaning machine that is easily portable from one place to the other without using herculean strength. You should also look for maneuverability to keep your muscles and bones harmless. A lightweight machine can be glided over surfaces easily.

Ease of Use: Is your machine simple to use? Ease of use is something you should not ignore. You do not want to spend hours to assemble the machine by reading all the complex instructions. A compact, easy to use, and clean, and finally a nimble machine should be your top priorities.

Rent: You should also look at the renting amount you are providing to hire the machine. Try to compare a few companies and know the average price to make sure that you get your machine at a reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best machine to clean tile and grout?

Steam cleaners are the best for cleaning the tile and grout floor.

How to Use a Grout and Tile Cleaning Machine?

Different kinds of floor cleaners come with different procedures. Check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean your grout and tile cleaning machine. In case you rent the machine, ask the company or the person you are renting from to know how the machine works and how to use the machine effectively.

How much does it cost to clean tile and grout?

The price depends on the per square feet and the machine you buy. It might cost anywhere from $0.50 to $3 per square foot.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know about the working process of the cleaning machines, the places where you can get them, and the renting factors, you are ready to go for tile and grout cleaning machine rental. Rent a machine that gives you the best output compared to the rent you pay.

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