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Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Best Floor Scrubber Machine

Grab a chance to read our extensive guide to Things to keep in mind while buying best floor scrubbers, the best brands of floor scrubbers and their composition, types of floors, types of decks, and accessories. 

Automation is tremendously gaining popularity across the cleaning industry in the recent past. Floor scrubbers are rapidly replacing the buckets and the old-fashioned mops. These scrubbers play significant roles in cleaning companies in terms of saving time, labor, and cost.

A floor scrubber is making cleaning hassle-free. People make some common mistakes while buying a tile floor cleaner machine. That is why you ought to understand things to keep in mind while buying floor scrubbers:

Floor Area

Evaluate all the possible areas to use floor scrubbers. Consider the following factors.

  • The presence of driveways, aisles, and ramps
  • Cleanable square footage of the area
  • Total square footage of the area

The above idea helps to determine the type of floor cleaning machine for home. Coma’s Innova range is one of the best scrubbers suitable for different environments.


Find out whether it is a carpet or hard floor. Categories of Hard floors include hardwood, concrete, or porcelain. The best hardwood floor cleaner machine for the wooden floor is the CDS- Comac Dosing System. It is equipped with a dosing system that perfectly adjusts to prevent excessive solution from obliterating the floor.

The Type of Dirt

Floor scrubbers are mainly suitable for non-debris floors. However, it is possible to come across a small amount of debris in commercial vicinities. Use a cylindrical scrubber dyer. It eases the collection of dirt while scrubbing the floor.

Type of Deck

There are three different types of the deck:

1. Cylindrical Deck

It is equipped with two cylindrical brushes suitable for collecting small debris. The brushes are faster in getting rid of the floor sweepings

2. Disc deck

Disc deck fitted with either 1, 2, or more disc brushes. The double-disc version directs water to the center of the machine, thus triggering optimal suction power and minimizing the creation of lateral splashes.

3. Orbital Deck

This is the latest technology version of the best suction. It offers good performance and saves energy. Its pad action oscillates at 2000 RPM, thus offering a perfect cleaning outcome. You can use it alongside other accessories to achieve a shiny floor.


A pleasant floor scrubber is easy to use.


The presence of stiff completion in the market makes most companies to include a range of extra accessories along with the scrubbers. These accessories are beneficial hence choose them accordingly.

Battery Operated

Electric floor scrubbers are either corded or cordless. Cordless floor scrubber machines are known as battery operated. A battery-operated scrubber gets rid of the need to plug in into an outlet. Use these machines anytime. Find out if the floor scrubber comes with an on-board battery charger as well as maintenance-free batteries.

Questions and Answers

What is floor Scrubbing?

This is regular cleaning and fishing to get rid of dirt and debris. It retains the appearance of surfaces. Use a stiff scrubbing pad.

Is There a Magic Way to Clean Grout and Tile?

Use a magic Grout cleaner with stay clean technology to clean grout and tiles. Buying a machine to clean your tile and grout might seem costly to you. In that case, you can go for tile and grout cleaning machine rental.

What Can You Tell Me About the Innovative Cleaning Machines?

Innovative cleaning machines are gradually changing the cleaning process in industrial cleaning services.

Final Words

The above points are some of the things to keep in mind while buying the best floor scrubber.

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