Steam MOP for Hardwood Floors

Steam MOP for Hardwood Floors – Efficient Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Steam mopping is an efficient way to clean hardwood floors. However, you have to select the best steam mop for your specific floor type and perform the cleaning procedure correctly to avoid damages. Read on to discover more about the process.

Hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are a popular flooring choice for modern homeowners – and with good reason. The floors are very aesthetic and give your floors that sophisticated mature look. However, if you’ve ever had wooden floors, you will admit that the cleaning process is not so desirable. The issue becomes even worse when you have toddlers and pets running up and about the whole place and dirtying the entire place.

If you are still stuck with the old fashion method of cleaning using a standard mop, hardwood floors can be your worst nightmare. However, thanks to modern technology, you do not have to encounter many difficulties getting stains off your hardwood floors. You can use the steam mop, a new-age invention designed to be the best hardwood cleaner solution.

To better understand the concept, let us first define the steam mop, and learn how the efficient device operates.

Steam Mop Definition

The steam mop is a modern electric device that uses steam to clean surfaces. In case you did not know, steam can successfully kill germs and bacteria, as well as remove stubborn stains, without the need for additional cleaning products. The electric steam mop has a handle just like the regular mop, as well as a mop pad. The only difference is that the steam mop is connected to a power source, and has a tank that contains the water to be heated.

When the device is connected to power, the water in the tank gets heated, turning to steam. The hot vapor wets the mop pad, which is then used to clean surfaces, leaving zero traces water behind. Thus, when you use the steam mop, you do not have to deal with the messy water puddles that make cleaning jobs so tedious.

Important Precautions When Steam Mopping Hardwood Floors

However, before you rush to get the best steam mop to use in your house cleaning procedure, you need to take some precautions.

  • Wood is a highly absorbent material. Therefore, if you use the steam mop carelessly, some of the liquid may seep through the wood and damage your floor.
  • Only use the steam mop if your hardwood floor is completely sealed. The thicker the sealant, the better for you as no moisture will seep into the wood to cause future problems.
  • Always test the steam mop on a hidden surface of your floor to see how your floor reacts to the procedure. In case you notice any deterioration due to the steam cleaning, avoid the procedure completely.
  • Avoid cleaning one spot for longer than 15 seconds as the hot steam can weaken the sealant and get to the wood’s surface.
  • Finally, if your floors are still new, check to ascertain that steam mopping doesn’t void your warranty. That way, in case of future damages, you can easily have the floor replaced without encountering too many issues.

What Are the Benefits of Steam Cleaning Hardwood Floors?

The steam mop is one of the best cleaners in the market for hardwood floors. Unlike other house cleaning procedures, steam mops offer several benefits to homeowners.

  • The device is super-efficient in removing dirt and stains from surfaces. The steam penetrates and dissolves small dirt particles, thus easily cleaning surfaces. Additionally, the steamy heat also disinfects the cleaned surfaces, thus, killing germs and bacteria as well.
  • Steam cleaning is also very time efficient as you do not spend too much time trying to get dirt from your hardwood floor. All you have to do is plug the device and take a few swipes on your floor, and you are good to go.
  • Cost Efficient. Since steam mops use steam, you do not use too much water to clean your floors. Thus, you save on resources.
  • Additionally, you do not have to deal with water puddles and wet surfaces. The steamed surfaces dry up almost immediately, so you don’t have to worry about dirty footprints messing your cleaning work.
  • Steam mops offer an all-natural cleaning solution. The steam mop doesn’t use any additional cleaning products save for water, which not only saves you money but also doesn’t expose you to harmful chemicals.
  • Steam mops offer an eco-friendly cleaning solution since no chemicals are involved in the cleaning process.
  • Steam cleaners are also ideal for people allergic to various cleaning chemicals. Since the device works using steam, the operator has no risk of encountering any harmful chemicals in the process.
  • Pet owners also prefer steam mop machines compared to regular cleaning methods as the steam cleaning process offers an efficient cleaning solution. Pets can leave a huge mess on your hardwood floors, but then with the efficient steam mop, the stains become a non-issue.

Frequently Ask Questions

How do you steam mop hardwood floors safely?

Since wood is highly absorbent, you need to be very careful when steam cleaning hardwood floors. Always ensure that the wooden floor is completely sealed before steam cleaning. A thick seal will improve the floor’s resistance, thus, allowing safe steam mopping.

Additionally, avoid steam cleaning a single spot for too long even if the hardwood is sealed. The hot moisture is likely to weaken the sealant, which will cause the moisture to affect the wood.

2. Which is the best steam mop for cleaning hardwood floors?

 To determine the best steam mop model to use on your floor, you will need to make a few considerations depending on your house flooring. After all the considerations, our top pick is the Light ‘N Easy S3101 Steam mop. Not only is the steam mop lightweight, but quite versatile as well. Therefore, you can use the steam mop comfortably on any surface, carpets included, without risking damage.

3. Can I add cleaners in my steam mop?

We discourage users from adding any extra cleaning products in the steam mop. The steams high temperatures are enough to kill all the germs and bacteria, keeping your surfaces perfectly clean. Chemicals may cause corrosion on your mop which could damage the device.

4. Is it safe to use tap water in steam mops?

We highly discourage the use of tap water in steam mops. Tap water contains minerals that accumulate in the steam mop reducing efficiency. Instead of tap water, you can use demineralized water instead.

Bottom Line

The best hardwood floor cleaner machine has been a wonderful invention of our era. Unlike in the past when homeowners dreaded cleaning hardwood floors because of all the hustle involved, today homeowners can enjoy the process. With the steam mop, most of the issues that made floor cleaning undesirable have been solved. If you are yet to use the efficient mop for hardwood floors, you are missing out on a lot. House cleaning has never been easier. Get your steam mop for hardwood floors today for an improved house cleaning experience.

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