scroll saw vs band saw

Scroll Saw Vs Band Saw – Learn the Difference

If you are reading this article, then you might be looking for an answer to the question, scroll saw, or band saw, which one will be best for my cutting project?

The truth is, purchasing 2 different saws will be tricky when your budget and space are limited.

Well, to make a precise decision, first of all, you will have to know scroll saw vs band saw comparison, characteristics of both saws.

In this article, we will share all the information to assist you in making a precise decision.

So, intently read this article.

What is a scroll saw?

scroll sawA scroll saw contains a blade that is short, thin and the width is less than ¼”. Oscillating at high speed is the main character of the scroll saw, and this is the reason people often find similarities between it and a double-edged jigsaw.

Scroll saws are powered by electricity. Since they perform at high speed, so controlling a scroll saw is a challenging task for a beginner. It has a foot pedal in it that allows its user to control the speed. However, working with it is much safer.

While purchasing a scroll saw, you will need to pay attention to the throat size of the saw. It is the space between the blade and the rear part. Based on your project, you have to purchase a longer or shorter throat-sized scroll saw.

One of the best features of this tool is, it can rotate easily when it is positioned on a tabletop.

If you are a woodworker and looking for a saw that can assist you in achieving precise detail cutting work, a scroll will be the best tool in this regard.

Key Feature:

  • Scroll saws are specially designed to accomplish complex curve designs on wood pieces.
  • Safe to use, even a boy will remain safe while operating it.
  • Achieving an intricate cut with a scroll saw is an easy task.
  • Its table tilting features makes it compatible to perform angle cut without any trouble.
  • Scrolls saws require proper cleaning. So, most of the models are available with a dust blower.
  • Comes with a light to illuminate the saw surface.

What is a Band Saw?

band sawThe working procedure of a band saw, and the jigsaw is quite similar since a band saw will provide a similar cut to a jigsaw. Depending on your comfortability, you can use a band saw either by placing it on a table or let it perform as a standalone tool.

This tool is highly portable and compact. As a result, a professional can easily carry it to their job site and store it in a tight space comfortably. Band saws are so powerful that you will always get rough cuts.

Curving on the wooden surface, ripping cuts will be a matter of time with the help of a band saw. They are a better tool when you are doing angle and straight cuts.

While working with a band saw, it is advisable to wear goggles and hand gloves. It is much powerful and larger, so while working with it, you have to pay attention to your hand position.

Key Feature:

  • The blade is fine-toothed which makes it eligible to cut non-ferrous metals.
  • It is a versatile tool since its blade size ranges from ¼” to 8”.
  • If you wish, you can use it for meat and timber cutting too.
  • This tool will help you to make furniture’s curved legs.
  • Suitable for straight cuts.

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Comparison Chart – Scroll Saw vs Band Saw

Feature Scroll Saw Band Saw
Tilting option You can tilt the tabletop smoothly. The tilting feature is also available in a band saw.
Portability feature Portable. It is heavier but carrying is not an impossible task.
Motor speed Adjustable speed option of the motor. The motor speed is fixed.
Locking switch Unavailability of turn on/off locking switch. It comes with a locking switch. Without the switch, you can turn on/off a band saw.
Price tag It cheaper compares to the band saw. Expensive.
Sound level Creates less noise. Compared to a scroll saw, it is noisier.
Dust collector The bottom of a scroll saw, contains a dust collector. It also contains a large dust collector at the bottom of it.
Safety feature No safety concerns while using it. Safe to use.
Additional accessories It is ineligible to take any additional accessories. An adjustable miter gauge is its additional accessory.
Material Using a scroll saw, you will be able to cut thicker materials up to 2”. Up to 12” is its cutting capacity.

In-depth research – the difference between a band saw, and scroll saw

The purpose of each tool will make you clear about the difference between a band saw, and a scroll saw. Below is an in-depth research on the key difference.


A scroll saw is the best performer while doing an intricate cut on a wooden surface. Because of its oscillatory motion, this tool provides smooth and even cutting.

While using a band saw, you can cut thicker materials without any hassle. It is also available for accomplishing a cutting task in the industrial zone because it can transform logs into lumber.


Depending on the material size, you will need to make the decision regarding which saw will be best suited for your project.

The blade of a scroll saw is delicate and thin. Blade thickness is 1/4”, and length is 8”. The blade size ensures that it is ineligible working with thick materials.

The cutting capacity of a band saw is 6” – 30”. It means it is designed to work with thicker materials.


Using a scroll saw, you can accomplish detailed or circular cuts because moving material around the scroll saw is straightforward.

Band saws show efficient performance when you will require to make a straight cut. Because of its high power, you won’t be able to accomplish intricate cuts with it. Also, finishing is not as good as a scroll saw.


Scrolls saws are much versatile compared to a band saw. It can provide a variety of cutting.

Since a band saw is efficient on regular cutting, it is less versatile than a scroll saw.

Price tag

Generally, purchasing a power tool will cost you a very decent amount of bucks, and for this reason, you have to consider the price before deciding on a band saw vs scroll saw.

Scroll saw is much cheaper than a band saw, and because of that, it is much popular among DIY enthusiasts and craftsmen.

On the other side of the coin, the band saw is expensive. Band saws can handle commercial-grade projects and are often used by professionals.

Band Saw vs Scroll Saw – which one should I buy?

Well, the decision depends on your project. The below answer to the question below will support you in making the final decision.

What is your project type?

Do you need to make a jigsaw puzzle for your kid? If the answer is YES, then without thinking twice, purchase a scroll saw. Since a jigsaw puzzle requires intricate and detailed cutting which will go well with a scroll saw, don’t pick a band saw for this cutting task.

Additionally, if you want to make a design on your furniture and love ornate projects, a scroll saw will be the best choice for sure.

A band saw will allow you to make a curved, straight, and angle cut, but the finishing will be rougher. However, making a dining chair or furniture leg is much easier with a band saw.

Who is making the cutting?

Are you familiar with working with a saw?

Do you need a saw to teach your fellows how to make an efficient cut?

If you are looking for a saw that is safe to use and perfect for teaching fellow woodworkers, then a scroll saw is a tool that you should consider. Besides, it is a user-friendly tool

While a band saw is not dangerous to use, it creates much noise, heavier and powerful enough that a beginner will face a challenge to handle it. The design of a scroll saw is similar to a sewing machine. So, it should be handled by a professional instead of a beginner.

So, learn about your project first and then make the decision either you should purchase a scroll saw, or a band saw.

Final Words

At first sight, you may think a scroll saw and a band saw are similar, and they can handle similar projects. But the fact is, they are designed to handle different types of projects.

Hopefully, after reading this guide, you can make a precise decision now because you have received a clear idea on the scroll saw vs band saw. If you needed to deal with a wide range of woodworking tasks, it would be best if you purchase both of the tools. In terms of performance, there are many dissimilarities between them, and you can use them in a wide range of projects. Surely, you will find a way to use both of the tools. But purchasing both of the tools depends on your budget and you should not exceed it.