rotary hammer vs demolition hammer

Rotary Hammer Vs Demolition Hammer

The talk of making choices when it comes to the demolition hammer vs rotary hammer has been coming up now and then. Many people get stuck trying to find out which hammer is the best for them to get.

These two hammers are great and have specific tasks they work best for based on their components. Before you get any of these hammers, it is vital you understand what makes them so unique and different. So, let’s get down to it.

The Rotary Hammer Drill

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The rotary hammer drill is a hammer drill type manufactured to use both hammering and rotary action. Its design makes it convenient for handymen or people who like to do some fixing up themselves.

The rotary hammer has three modes that make it versatile: drilling, hammer drill, and chisel modes. With these, it makes even the toughest of tasks run smoothly and easily since it allows you to switch between these three modes depending on the task you want to do.

The hammer drill mode helps you drill and break through concrete and masonry with rotation and hammering hits. When you set it to chisel mode, the drill does not rotate, allowing you to perform operations that require chiseling.

On the other hand, the drilling mode functions just like the regular drill, which works for soft surfaces. N professional knowledge or experience is required to use the rotary hammer.

Advantages of Using the Rotary Hammer

  1. It is a user-friendly tool and is perfect for everyday use by people who love to get things done themselves.
  2. Asides from hard surfaces like concrete, it also works well at drilling soft surfaces like sheet metal,  plastic, wood, etc.
  3. It is the perfect demo hammer for tile removal and other chiseling operations, such as tearing down thin walls.
  4. The hammer has a D-type pistol grip handle making it easy to hold when in use.
  5. You don’t need to be a professional to make use of it.

Disadvantages of Using the Rotary Hammer

  1. It does not have enough power to tear down thick walls.

The Demolition Hammer

Best Demolition Hammer for Tile Removal

As the name implies, the demolition hammer is a heavy-duty hammer that is perfect for breaking and tearing down heavy-duty structures. Its manufacture is for hammering operations alone, like chipping or breaking walls that you plan to remove.

The demolition hammer looks similar but is much bigger compared to the rotary hammer. The length sometimes goes up to twice that of the regular rotary hammer. It has a design to help avoid chips hitting you when using it, although it is advisable to put on a protective coat.

Unlike the rotary hammer, the main use is for construction due to the high hammering power.  Although, a small demolition hammer would be best to carry out basic daily demolition activities. Complete your projects faster with the help of a demolition hammer. Some come with a dial that allows you to change the speed at which it operates.

Advantages of Using the Demolition Hammer

  1. It is effective for tearing down thick walls like concrete due to its hammering power.
  2. The design keeps you at a safe distance to prevent injuries from flying chips when in use.
  3. Some of these hammers are manufactured with a regulator to help you change speed as you wish.

Disadvantages of Using the Demolition Hammer

  1. It is not a demolition hammer drill. It is not capable of performing drilling operations.
  2. You are required to be a professional to use this hammer.

10 Second Summary of Rotary Hammer Drill Vs. Demolition Hammer

Demolition Hammer Rotary Hammer
It is a heavy-duty hammer used mainly for construction. It is simple, easy to use for daily operations.
The design is for hammering purposes only. It can function as a drill and as a hammer.
The handle is a d type handle that has a pistol grip. The handle is an l shaped d type handle.
It is a large hammer. It is just a bit bigger than a regular drill.
It can tear down thick walls effectively. It works better on thin surfaces like
Only professionals are required to use it. Handymen or people who prefer to do things themselves can use it
It uses max slotted drive systems. It uses a standard or plus slotted drive system.

Which Is the Best Hammer to Get Between the Two?

When faced with this question, it all comes down to each product’s task at hand and each product’s feature. Both are tools that will do their jobs perfectly depending on their purpose.

The rotary hammer, asides from the fact that it has extra modes, also comes as a cordless tool. Some of the benefits of the cordless rotary hammer are:

  • Its operations are not too powerful. Can be charged and ready to run with a battery.
  • Modern batteries remain charges during months of inactivity, meaning you won’t get stranded when there is an emergency.
  • You also don’t need an outlet to work; you have the power right in the battery.
  • It allows you to move freely without any worry about tangling cords.
  • Modern batteries charge faster and last longer when in use, giving you effective service.

On the other hand, the electric demolition hammer has high hammering power and can chip into tougher materials. It is a tool specialized in handling tougher tasks based on hammering.

The rotary hammer might be able to handle hammering but not as much as the demolition hammer. You must be close to the subject when drilling holes, but it is quite different from hammering.

In this case, it is advisable to be as far as possible, which is why demolition hammers are two times longer. You won’t need to be standing in an uncomfortable position as you would with a shorter tool.

Final Choice

Selecting the best out of the two hammers might seem a bit tricky: but it’s easy if you understand what you need it for. If you are thinking about getting the benefit of both tools, select according to priority.

Need to carry out some minor hammering or drilling? It would be best if you went for the rotary hammer.

Would you prefer a tool that helps you handle bigger and tougher projects? The demolition hammer is the one you should pick.

Once you narrow out your needs with questions similar to those above, you will have no problem picking.

Remember to Take Precautions

An important thing you should have in mind is safety when using these kinds of equipment. You won’t want to end up with injuries while trying to fix something. Making use of any equipment requires some precautions, with some more than the other.

If you happen to be doing a task requiring heavy machinery, be sure to wear protective coats and accessories. It also goes for little tasks; though they don’t have many precautions, you could still get injured.

Finally, When it comes to the demolition hammer vs rotary hammer, we’ve got all you need to make the best choice. Regardless of the task, you have at hand, you will always need quality products, and we are here to provide you with just that! Our recommended products are of the best quality, so you don’t go through the stress of looking too hard. You are guaranteed to get the best from any of our recommended products, so why don’t you get one today?