Why the Right Angle Impact Wrench is the Best Wrench (and not the Ratchet)

We know that impact wrenches have made a comeback with many DIYers—and it’s easy to see why. Their sleek design and ergonomics make them easy to use, and they’re versatile enough to tackle any task. However, sometimes you don’t need a power tool at all—just a ratchet, which offers a different set of features. We’ve compiled the pros and cons of both tools so that you can choose the right one for you.

Right Angle Impact Wrench

A right-angle impact wrench is a tool used to tighten or loosen screws, bolts, and nuts. It has one end of the handle shaped like a “right angle” triangle. The opposite enWomen working with right angle drilld of the handle has a hexagonal-shaped opening which is where the hex head screwdriver is inserted.

A right-angle impact wrench is a handy tool for fixing small jobs around the house and yard. You can use it to loosen tight nuts and bolts on wood, metal, or plastic. It’s perfect for fixing things like bikes, snowblowers, garden tools, and lawn mowers. It has a special design that makes it easy to insert the hex key into the open end of the socket.

The right angle impact wrench is a tool designed to work with hex head bolts (aka Allen head bolts) and socket head bolts (aka Phillips head bolts). They are used to remove or tighten nuts and bolts that have a flat head or hex head on the end of them. Right angle impact wrenches can be found anywhere you would find a standard impact wrench.


A right-angle impact wrench creates high rotational torque to let you tighten or loosen bolts or fasteners. They run by air or electricity, including a battery-powered cordless option. These tools offer the below benefits,

  • You will get plenty of powers from a right-angle impact wrench. Unfastening a stubborn or rusted nut is effortless with them. Moreover, additional power is beneficial when speed is mandatory, allowing you to complete a task more quickly than other tools.
  • Most right-angle impact wrenches come with different torque settings. This feature lets you adjust the speed according to the project requirement. At the same time, you can prevent over-tightening issues quite easily.
  • Accessing tight spaces is pretty convenient with a right-angle impact wrench.


Right angle impact wrenches also have their own set of disadvantages.

  • Hand-to-hand with its attributes is the biggest issue with this tool. Handling it is pretty challenging for its impressive power and size.
  • This tool creates extreme noise that disturbs the user and neighbors. I recommend wearing hearing protection in this case.
  • The impact-rated socket is mandatory to use with this tool. If you use an ordinary-chrome socket with them, the tool may damage.


ratchetA ratchet is a fastener that helps tighten screws and bolts. Ratchet straps are another type of fastener that allows you to tighten and loosen screws quickly without using a wrench.

Ratchet is a new, affordable, and easy-to-use, multi-tool. It is a toolbox for life and everything in between. It allows you to carry more tools than you would with a standard box, it holds all your tools organized, it is ergonomically designed, and it is incredibly easy to use.


When it comes to fastening or unfastening bolts or nuts, a ratchet offers considerable benefits. This tool is best for specific uses, especially when noise is a crucial factor.

  • Ratchet is relatively small compared to its counterparts. This way, you will not find it difficult to operate them in tight spaces.
  • This incredibly lightweight tool makes it easier to work with it for an extended period. This will be a deal-breaker if you need to handle many fastening and unfastening tasks throughout the day.
  • Both options are easy to control whether you use a cordless or air-powered ratchet.
  • This tool is well-known for its high level of precision. A user can easily move faster through the process with these tools in hand.
  • It doesn’t create much noise, allowing you to concentrate on your job.
  • A suitable choice for the automotive industry and garage.


Every tool comes with disadvantages, and this is also no exception.

  • This tool doesn’t offer high torque and power. For this reason, removing stubborn bolts or nuts will be difficult with this tool.
  • The same functionality of this tool can easily be done with regular sockets.

Side by Side Comparision

Right Angle Impact Wrench: This tool is a versatile tool with four different options. With it, you can remove bolts, install nuts, adjust valves and handle bolts. It has a hex-shaped head which makes tightening and loosening bolts easier. It also features an impact system, allowing for maximum torque and strength.

Ratchet: The ratchet is an adjustable wrench that allows you to change the direction the bolt or nut rotates. This can be used to loosen or tighten bolts. It is more expensive than other wrenches but does have many advantages.

The Right Angle Impact Wrench is the best general-purpose wrench for DIYers and small-scale contractors because it offers the versatility and power of the ratchet without the high costs of purchasing a ratchet, or the need to maintain two tools.

The ratchet is great for when you need to tighten a bolt that’s too big for the impact wrench’s jaws. It can also be used for opening nuts and bolts, and even loosening them.

The Right Angle Impact Wrench is the best tool for opening a stuck nut because it uses a straight, 90° motion — which is much easier to turn than the ratchet’s 45°.

Right Angle Impact Wrenches are great for removing stubborn bolts when the angle between the wrench and the bolt isn’t ideal. Ratchets are great for tightening nuts and bolts that you need to turn slowly and repeatedly.


Budget is always a crucial factor. I know before deciding on a tool, you must have a budget to buy the device.

A right-angle impact wrench is expensive because it consists of a motor or battery. On the other hand, a ratchet is entirely a tool without a motor or battery. So, a ratchet is inexpensive.

Right Angle Impact Wrench vs. Ratchet – Which one to buy?

Now you know the features, benefits, and drawbacks of right angle impact wrench and ratchet. Whatever tool you buy, I suggest you know your project requirement. Also, don’t forget to consider the budget.

If you prefer power and handling a lot of fastening or unfastening stubborn nuts jobs, buy the right-angle impact wrench. This tool is a good choice for professional work and the automotive sector.

In comparison, a ratchet will be a good option for home use. Moreover, due to their budget-friendly features, it would be beneficial for beginner mechanics.

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