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Radial Drill Press Vs Standard Drill Press – Which is Better?

If you’re a DIYer, a regular at-home improvement shows, or know someone who is, chances are good you’ve heard of a drill press. The drill press is an incredibly versatile tool and a great investment in your home improvement arsenal. But not all drills are created equal. A drill press isn’t just a drill, it’s a machine that’s capable of drilling holes with more precision than a standard drill. That means you can get into the nitty-gritty of woodworking, metalworking, plastic working, and many other DIY projects.

When it comes to selecting a drill press, there are two options. There’s the radial drill press and the standard drill press. You will see in this comparison of the two types of drills, they are both designed to perform the same function. However, they do have their differences and benefits.

Radial drill presses offer benefits over conventional drill presses. Let’s take a look at what’s different about this type of machine and how it can help you become more efficient and profitable.

Overview of radial drill press

radial drill pressRadial drill presses are a type of machine that is built with a large circular table that rotates in one direction while the tooling is attached to a vertical post. The rotating table allows the user to work with multiple parts on the same plane simultaneously, which is a very efficient way of working with multiple parts. These are most commonly used in the metalworking industry for drilling, milling, and tapping.

A radial drill press is a type of drilling machine with a radial table. It has a drill chuck with a single axis of rotation and is used to drill holes into wood and metal.

Radial drills are designed to create holes that have sharp and clean edges. These features help when the surface is covered in paint or other finishes since the hole can be cleaned out better for a smooth finish. The downside is that the tools are much more expensive and need to be sharpened frequently, which takes time.


  • Radial drill presses are the future of drilling.
  • It’s easier to control where and how much material you’re drilling.
  • It can use with a variety of materials, including wood and plastics.
  • It has a larger range of motion.
  • It’s easier to change bits.
  • It cuts faster.
  • They offer greater speed, precision, and versatility than standard drills.
  • They’re safer and quieter.
  • They’re faster and more powerful.
  • They’re cheaper and easier to set up.

Disadvantages of a radial drill press:

  • It takes a long time to set up and disassemble.
  • It only works on straight parts, not curves.
  • It takes up too much space.
  • It is way too hard to turn off while you are cutting.
  • It is more expensive than the standard.

Overview of standard drill press

best drill press for metal and woodStandard drill presses have a maximum working height of about 20 inches and are commonly used for drilling and cutting metal, wood, and plastic materials. They are also suitable for drilling and cutting smaller materials such as bolts and nuts.

The standard drill press is a popular tool that has a set of drills and bits at a fixed height from the floor. It comes in various sizes, including the most common, 5-1/2 inch, 4-inch, 3-1/2 inch, and 2-1/2 inch. However, you can also get a variable-height drill press if you want to change the height of the drills and bits without moving the entire machine.

Standard drill presses are perfect for drilling through larger materials like metal, wood, plastic, etc. You’ll need to purchase a larger, heavier table to use a standard drill press, but once you do so, you’ll find that you can make a wide variety of projects with one machine.


  • Drill holes easily.
  • Keeps your drill sharp.
  • Drill quickly and efficiently.
  • Allows you to use an electric drill for other projects.
  • Creates holes for screws.
  • Makes sure your holes are uniform and symmetrical.
  • Can be used to work metal and plastic.
  • Can be easily assembled and disassembled.
  • Sturdy enough to hold up to heavy loads.
  • Easy to transport.


  • It’s harder to make the perfect circle.
  • You can’t drill right into a wooden board.
  • The dust collector sucks.
  • It’s heavy.
  • You can’t use it for a cabinet jig.
  • It’s really hard to keep everything aligned.
  • It doesn’t come with a safety guard.
  • It makes a lot of noise.

Difference of radial drill press over the standard drill press

  1. The radial drill press can drill faster than a standard drill press.
  2. Radial drill presses are easier to use than a standard drill press.
  3. Radial drill presses are more durable than standard drill presses.
  4. Radial drill presses take up less space than standard drill presses.
  5. Radial-drill presses require less maintenance and cost less than standard drill presses.
  6. The radial one is more compact and easier to maneuver than the standard one.
  7. A radial drill press is great for drilling holes with a smaller diameter and a high feed rate.
  8. Radial drill presses cost more than standard drill presses.

Side-by-side comparison between a radial drill press and standard drill press

radial drill press standard drill press
It’s a drill press that’s shaped like a spiral. It’s a drill press that’s shaped like a rectangle.
Radial drill presses allow you to use a smaller base plate and reduce the need for a secondary table to support the work area. A standard drill press allows you to use a larger base plate and larger table which allows for a larger work area.
Faster It’s slower
No wobble when you use it. The drill may wobble slightly when you use it.
No need to have the handle next to the drill bit. The handle is right next to the drill bit, so you have to remove it to drill.
Easier to change bit sizes You can’t change the size of the bit without taking off the drill
No need to pull the drill from the table Has a larger footprint on your table
Easy to take apart if you don’t need it anymore It can be harder to take apart if you don’t need it anymore
No need for a chuck Adjustable chuck


Are you confused about how to choose between a radial and a standard drill press? We’ve got some tips to help you make the right decision.

What is the main difference between a radial drill press and a standard drill press?

Radial drill presses have a motor that is attached to the drill bit. It spins at high speed. Standard drill presses have a motor that is located in the handle. It spins at a low speed.

Which is better for woodworking: a radial drill press or a standard drill press?

A: Both have their pros and cons. Radial drill presses are used for drilling holes in hard materials such as metal, concrete, and stone. They are also used for woodworking. A standard drill press is good for drilling holes in soft materials such as wood, and plastic. It’s also good for drilling holes in metal.

What’s the best way to use a radial drill press?

The best way to use a radial drill press is to use it to drill holes in metal. You can also use it to drill holes in hard materials such as concrete and stone.

Is a radial drill press more expensive than a standard drill press?

Yes, a radial drill press can be more expensive than a standard drill press. It depends on the quality of the radial drill press.

What’s the best way to use a radial drill press?

The best way to use a radial drill press is to use it to drill holes in metal. You can also use it to drill holes in concrete and stone.

How do you change the drill bit?

You can change the drill bit in a radial drill press by pulling it out and replacing it with a new one. You can also change the drill bit in a standard drill press by removing the bit and replacing it with a new one.

What should I look for when buying a radial drill press?

When looking for a radial drill press, you want to look at the following things: the size of the drill bit, the amount of power, and the price.

Final Words

The Radial Drill Press (RDP) is a new type of drill press that allows you to cut into various materials and surfaces. It’s not just a regular drill press with a smaller diameter and a smaller table. Instead, the RDP has a series of rollers or wheels around its base that can be rotated to create a larger grilling area. The result is a more efficient machine that can cut materials much faster than a regular drill press, with less force being used as well. This means that cutting can happen at faster speeds than other models. With the RDP, you can cut through any material that will fit through the holes. Materials such as wood, plastics, glass, ceramic, and more can all be cut using this tool. You’ll never have to worry about drilling a hole out of a piece of wood that’s too big for the drill again.