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Common Mistakes People Make While Buying Floor Scrubber

Given the fact that there are different floor scrubbers in the market, deciding on a perfect make is quite challenging. Do not lose your value for money due to negligence. Do your research and have full knowledge regarding the best tile floor cleaner machine. Evaluate your choices accordingly before making a comprehensive decision.

Don’t make the following five most common mistakes people make while buying the best machine to clean tile floors and grout:

Availability of replacement part negligence

Do not be overwhelmed by the shininess of your equipment. Think about replacement and maintenance in the future.  Choose a scrubber that will ensure value for your money.  These parts are not generic, and they are likely to breakdown.  Ensure that all replacement parts are available before bring your floor scrubber home.  Do not wait for 7 days to pick your replacement parts.

Lack of information of battery type

Most buyers believe in what they hear. They do not want to do their research and make a conclusive decision. Gather all the relevant information regarding all the parts of your new floor scrubber before bringing it home.  Many people still use traditional wet cell batteries as the new gel type of batteries are gaining popularity rapidly amongst the users. They are user-friendly, easy to maintain, and they are equipped with more features.  Gel type batteries are better in handling discharge than other batteries.

Ignoring the floor type

The type of your floor determines which floor scrubber you purchase.  The wrong floor scrubber for your floor will damage your floor and diminish the cleaning capacity. For instance, if you use a floor scrubber meant for the wood floor for your concentrate floor, the results will not be good.


Check the possible runtime as well as machine performance corresponding to the type and size of your floor.  Use a fully charged battery before you start cleaning.  Some features are likely to stop if the battery is low.  A maximum runtime expected from the best floor scrubber is 3.5 hours. Make sure that your battery charges fully before you purchase your scrubber.

Spinning speed

A good spinning floor scrubber should rotate at least 300 times per minute. This will get rid of calcium, hard water stains as well as soap with ease.  Without good RPMs, it will be hard to remove the hard-to-lift stains, mold, and mildew from your floor. Make sure that you get a machine with the best RPMs.

Safety Precision for your Floor Cleaner Machine

At the end of the day or week, after every use, it is very important to empty the recovery, or dirty water tank and solution tanks of your floor scrubber.

The most redundant and costly repair of your floor scrubber is replacing the batteries. To extend battery life it is essential to check the battery cells water level regularly and add distilled (D2O) when necessary.

After every couple of weeks floor scrubber’s brushes need to rotate to maximize performance and elongate your hard floor cleaner machine life.

Questions and Answers

What is the best commercial floor scrubber?

A good floor commercial scrubber is ideal for daily scrubbing talks. It withstands large-scale work and ensures clean as well as streak-free floors.  It cleans a hard surface with ease and ensures comfortable cleaning.

What is Spin floor scrubbing?

This process involves a spin scrubber that has 3 interchangeable heads, spinning at a fantastic rate of 300 RPM to get rid of tough-headed stains.

Final Verdict

Above are common mistakes people make while buying the best floor scrubber. Read them carefully to avoid experiencing problems with your hardwood floor cleaner machine or tile floor cleaner machines.



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