How the Top Product Review Guides are Born?


Step- 1: Analyze Marketplace

Power Tools | Vital Hand ToolsWe research the market and its specialty via the ‘fly-on-wall’ observational method. We cautiously notice people interacting with the product in their own submissive way, without influencing each other.

Also in places where precise data is required, we conduct some surveys or a few personal interviews.

That’s how we find out all about the renowned brands and consumer-friendly products.


Step- 2: Pinpoint Essential Qualities

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We research, analyze and calculate the most important features or attributes a product should have. What should be a buyer’s first priority or second – we tend to pinpoint those elements.

And that’s how we separate the ‘must-have’ features of a product from the ‘additional’ features.


Step- 3: Finalize Items

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We sort out and finally, finalize the top-rated products that users loved most. Based on our extensive research, we pick the premium-quality products.

And start preparing for our next phase: the intensive research.


Step- 4: Verify User Feedbacks

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In the intensive research phase, first, we like to take a look at verified customer reviews. We hear their thoughts, comfort areas, discomfort areas and essentials.

And that’s how we build our primary epithelium of judgement.


Step- 5: Self – Inspection

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In this live-action phase, we intensively evaluate and test individual products manually. We call them on action and decide to run it first by ourselves, before posting the awaited reviews.


Step- 6: Rank Order/ Performance-Based-Rating

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After we have tested the products ourselves, we validate our judgement using the rank method. We score and order the products sequentially based on their usability, performance and smooth-running.

Not to forget mentioning, we equally emphasize on how prompt the customer care service was to repair any system flow.


Step- 7: Brief Experience

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Approaching to the near end, we do a brief sum-up and in-depth, jot down all the experiences we had during our testing period. Things we faced, good or bad, how we tried to improve them – whether they could be solved by using a little DIY hack and all.

We believe this diary alike experience helps to portray a live picture of product to the aspiring customers.


Step- 8: Prepare the Buying Guide

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On the final countdown, we arrange a detailed guide to acquire adeptness in buying that particular product. We express our final concerns on points which can best fulfil your needs.

Summing up our expert thoughts, often we like to pass a verdict – making it easier for you to rush and grab the right product!

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