How to Keep a Grease Gun From Leaking

How to Keep a Grease Gun From Leaking?

A grease gun can start leaking at any point in time, and without the right information, it could worsen. They could leak because of several reasons, and once they are correctly diagnosed, they can be brought under control.

In this article are causes and steps on how to keep a grease gun from leaking.

Causes of a leaking grease gun

A grease gun may begin leaking when it is faced with unfavorable conditions. Among them is a wide range of faults reaching as far as the age of the grease gun. In this post are some of the causes of a leaking grease gun.

1. An overfilled chamber

When there is excess grease-filled into the chamber, there is no place for air, and the gun tries to create itself. The grease gun pushes through and begins to let off some grease from the chamber, and this could be the cause of your leaking grease gun.

2. Blocked airway

When air is stuck in the grease gun, it may have issues pumping and cause the grease to come out itself. Check it out as it may be the cause of the leak.

3. Dirty grease gun

Sometimes, the grease gun may not be leaking but only dirty, and it could pass for a leaking one. After working or concluding a job, the grease residue left on the grease gun’s body could be excessive. With this, the excess oil could start dripping down the body. So, it can be avoided by cleaning out the body of the gun before storing it.

4. Improper storage

An overexerted spring could create tension in the grease gun and then lead to leaking. Initially, when it is stored vertically, the grease gun could develop faults and start leaking. Ensure that it is stored horizontally to keep everything in shape.

5. Corrosion and Old age

As the grease gun ages, it begins to get weaker, and the frame’s quality is compromised along the way. The vulnerable parts may break while in use or when left for a long time. This then causes the grease gun to leak. At this point, it is advisable to dispose of the grease gun in order not to waste your grease.

With regards to corrosion, this may result from the grease gun being stored in a place with moisture. The parts get rusted, and then it separates from the others or even gets holes. It is through this process that the grease gun begins leaking.

Steps on keeping a grease gun from leaking

Since all the causes have been highlighted, the next thing is to take the necessary steps to stop it from leaking. In this section are the steps that show how to keep both cordless battery-powered and manual heavy-duty grease guns from leaking.

Check out how to keep a grease gun pump from leaking below:

Step One: Remove any excess grease.

Having a filled-up chamber could cause some of the grease to lick out of the gun itself. Take out some of the grease left in the chamber and, if possible, clear it out. Clearing out the whole grease means that the job is done as it wouldn’t work without grease.

Step two: Clean out the gun.

The grease gun starts leaking when it is stored, and for it not to leak, you have first to disengage the gun. This involves taking out anything that may have been attached to the gun itself. Now, clean it out to remove any grease that may still be left on the body of the grease gun.

Any grease left on the body could stain the area with such action and make it seem as though the grease gun is leaking.

Step three: Hang it properly

Knowing how to keep a grease gun pump from leaking means hanging the grease gun. The right way to place a grease gun is by turning it horizontally to prevent the grease from bleeding into the thickener. With this, the grease doesn’t find a way to come out.

Aside from preventing any grease gun coupler leaks, it is also a maintenance culture that protects some of the gun components. The plunger and spring may overexert themselves when not adequately placed.

A grease gun could lead due to several reasons that are both controllable and uncontrollable. However, with attention to the possible problem and adequately adhering to resolving the issue, it can be controlled. In this post are some of the steps on how to keep a grease gun from leaking.