How to Adjust Torque on Air Impact Wrench? Get Efficient Output from Your Tool

Periodic maintenance of the car is mandatory because it is allowing you to know your car’s health. Many people take it as a DIY project and accomplish car maintenance in their driveway.

An air impact wrench is an essential tool that is required for accomplishing car maintenance tasks efficiently. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of how to adjust torque on an air impact wrench. As a result, they are leading to many unnecessary problems.

In this write-up, you will be guided to the step-by-step process of adjusting the torque of an air impact wrench.

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How to Adjust Torque on Air Impact Wrench – Step by Step Process


When an object, machine, or device rotates about in axis there produce a force called Torque. All of the impact wrenches are rotating devices that generate different levels of torques. Sometimes it needs to adjust on applications.

Adjusting the torque of a tool is entirely effortless because these tools are flexible enough to do this. Simply dialing the control knob, torque adjustment can be made easily.

But air impact wrenches don’t come with this feature, while cordless impact wrenches do.

So, while buying an impact wrench, this factor needs to keep in mind.

Follow the below simple steps of adjusting torque on the air impact wrench.

Step 01: Ensure Steady Connection Between Air Impact Wrench & Hose

how to adjust torque on air impact wrench
First, you will need to make a connection between the hose and the air impact wrench. Air can escape through the joint when moving around; make sure that it is not happening. You will get inconsistent air pressure due to leaky joints, and it can harm your tools.

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Step 02: Learning the Tool’s Right Air Pressure

How to Adjust Air Compressor Pressure RegulatorEvery tool comes with a specific air pressure requirement. So, learn the required air pressure for your tool, and it would be best to start the air pressure at its minimal power. Thus, the tool will not get damaged. Also, controlling the regulator will be much easier in the next step.

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Step 03: Control Dial Regulating

In order to achieve the perfect torque, you will need to use the air pressure regulator. Initially, finding the right air pressure will take some time; regulate the regulator until you find the ideal air pressure. However, after a few attempts, torque adjustment will be easier for you.

The notable thing is, finding the ideal air pressure will be challenging if you connect several air tools with a single air compressor. However, the solution to this issue is pretty simple. All you need to do is, use a tool air regulator. This way, you will be able to control the air pressure of each hose separately. Then, you can maintain maximum air pressure in one tool and minimum in the other quite conveniently.

Final Words

Hopefully, adjusting the torque will be much easier for you after reading how to adjust torque on an air impact wrench guide. It is advisable to read the manufacturer’s instruction manual before you start working with the lugs and nuts of your vehicle since managing them is different for different manufacturers.

Impact guns are a much more efficient tool in fastening or loosening nuts and bolts. Ensure that you are using the recommended air pressure, and be sure you will get many years of service when you do so.