How Does a Drywall Screw Gun Work

How does a Drywall Screw gun Work?

Are you tired of fastening screws and installing drywalls manually? You can buy the new, improved drywall screw gun to ease the process and save some quality time and effort. Read along the article to discover more.

If you’ve ever tried fastening screws manually, either with a regular screwdriver or using your bare hands, you will agree with me that the process is very tedious. You spend a lot of time and effort fastening the screws, and even when the work is done, you can’t be sure that the screws have sunk the right depth. Lucky for you, there’s a more natural way to go about the process. You can use the best drywall screw gun to fasten the screws into place, saving yourself some valuable time.

Before we get too much into details, let us first define what a drywall screw gun is, and how the incredible tool operates.

What is a Drywall Screw Gun?

A drywall screw gun is a handheld electric tool that is used for fastening screws into drywall. The simple work tool resembles a power drill, and many people often mistake the two devices, and for a good reason. Both devices are handheld, electric, and take the shape of a gun. However, as you will see later on in the article, a screw gun has some features that make the tool suitable for fastening screws, compared to a power drill.

You do not have to be a professional to learn how to use a screw gun. However, I recommend that you read the user manual before trusting yourself to operate the device. We shall get into details about how to use the tool later.

Why do you need a Drywall Screw gun?

The primary question that many people wonder about is whether you need to buy a screw gun, bearing in mind that a power drill can achieve the same purpose. My answer to the question is plain and simple. Yes, you need a drywall screw gun. Unlike a power drill or an impact driver, a screw gun is specifically designed to fasten screws and has features that make the tool ideal for the job.

To understand the concept better, let’s look at the differences between the two tools.

Drywall Screw gun vs Drill/Impact Driver

Like we said earlier, a screw gun closely resembles a power drill. The majority of people cannot even tell the difference between the two. However, to the trained eye, the two devices are as different as night and day.

Power Drill

A power drill is built for drilling, but its work mechanism makes the tool capable of driving screws as well. The power drill consists of a chuck, which holds the drill bits used to bore holes into drywall. The chuck can also hold screw bits, which is why some people use it to fasten screws. However, you won’t be able to set the screw depth when using a power drill.

Drywall Screw Gun

Unlike the power drill, which is only suitable for drilling, a screw gun has a few modifications that make the tool ideal for fastening screws. Instead of having a chuck, the gun features an adjustable nose that not only holds screw bits but also allows the operator to set the screw depth. Additionally, a screw gun can also store screws in a clip, to be fed to the device’s nose as the operator works along.

What are the benefits of using a Screw Gun?

As a professional carpenter, you are better suited to using a screw gun to install drywall as compared to a power drill. The following benefits of a screw gun make the device an invaluable tool for carpenters.

– With a drywall screw gun, you can set the desired screw depth, allowing you to install drywall without damaging the surface.

– The device reduces the time required to fasten screws into drywall.

– With a screw gun, you reduce the risk of twisting your wrist, trying to drive, or remove screws with the bare hands manually.

– The auto-feed feature in screw guns makes installing drywalls easier as the operator does not have to keep reattaching screws onto the device’s nose for screwing.

How to use a Screw gun?

The best drywall screw gun has three parts; motor, clutch, and nose/head.

Before using a screw gun, you first need to set the screw depth. The screw depth ensures that you only sink the screw to a specific thickness, such that the drywall doesn’t get damaged. Dropping a screw too deep leaves visible holes on the drywall, which affects the finish.

After adjusting the screw depth, you have to attach the screw to the gun’s head, direct the gun towards the drywall, and press the clutch. As soon as you press the cutch, the motor starts spinning, consequently driving the screw into the wood. Once the screw depth is reached, the clutch disintegrates, stopping the motor rotation.

How to Adjust the Screw Depth?

Setting the screw depth shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Besides, the process is well documented in the user manual, which is provided with the device upon purchase. To go about the process, you need to adjust the locking sleeve and set a distance of 1mm between the locator and the screw head.

Make sure to run a few test runs on the drywall to ensure that you get the depth right before starting the work. Continue to adjust the locking sleeve, reducing or increasing the distance until you achieve the desired thickness.


How do you determine the best screw depth? 

The recommended setting is to adjust the distance between the locator and the screw head to 1mm. However, it would be best if you ran some test runs to ascertain that the depth is perfect, depending on the drywall.

Does a drywall screw gun work better than an impact driver?

When it comes to installing drywall, a screw gun is better than an impact driver. The advantage of using a screw gun is that you can set the depth, allowing you to sink screws to a specific thickness, thus, giving the drywall a clean finish.

Can you use an impact driver on drywall?

Yes, you can use an impact driver to install drywall. However, since an impact driver doesn’t have an adjustable segment, you cannot set the screw depth. Therefore, with an impact driver, you are likely to leave holes on the drywall after sinking the screws. To avoid that, always use a screw gun for the process.  


The drywall screw gun is a great invention in the woodwork industry. The incredible tool has dramatically improved the efficiency of carpenters’ work across the globe by reducing the time and effort required to install drywall. Unlike a power drill, a screw gun allows you to set the specific screw depth, resulting in more efficient work. If you are a professional carpenter, you should have the tool in your toolbox. You will have a much easier time installing drywall without the risk of destroying your finish.