grease gun not working properly

Grease Gun Not Working Properly

Having a grease gun not working properly could cripple your project without getting a solution. So, even if it’s your mini grease gun not working, there are possible solutions. This post is the answer to why is my grease gun not working and their possible solutions.

Reasons why a grease gun may not work

Here are some of the possible reasons for a grease gun, not working:

  • The pump of the grease gun may stop working.
  • The gun spring may get loose and stop working.
  • The piston rod may become defective.
  • The plunger may be too stiff.
  • Air may be trapped in the gun.

How to fix the common problems of a dysfunctional gun safe

In this section are the problems and how to fix them.

Problem one: The grease pump has stopped working

Once the grease pump has stopped working, it is best to purge the air and free passage. This may become noticeable when there is a new grease gun cartridge, and the air gets stuck on top of the air gun. This is what prevents the grease from pumping out, and then it would need a fix.

To purge out the air, follow the steps below:

  • Step one: Change the base of the grease gun by turning it anti-clockwise. The goal of this step is to allow as much air to go out as possible. Do this by twitching the base two to three times at the most.
  • Step two: In this step, continually pump the grease gun while the base is being rotated. With this, the parts of air that have been trapped initially would find a way out of the area.
  • Step three: At this point, the grease would begin to come out of the gun’s nozzle. Now, turn the gun’s base clockwise once more, but this time to seal up the grease gun.

With these steps, it is easy to get the grease gun pumping once more without external help. However, if this doesn’t do the job, then try a more physical and forceful approach. Do this by pushing the grease to the bottom of the cartridge with your hands. Ensure there is a rag handy when you begin this process.

Note, to prevent air bubbles from erupting, ensure that it is properly hung on your wall. Also, take note that you put all the components back into the grease gun when re-assembling. This could cause a manual grease gun not working situation, even after getting the air out.

Problem two: A faulty grease gun spring

If the grease guns stop working during a job and the cartridge is still filled, it could be the spring. The spring may have come loose and then not give the chamber adequate pressure to power the chamber with the coupler.

This problem can easily be fixed with the help of a new gun spring. It may come as an inconvenience if it interrupts a job’s process, but it should fix the problem. Purchase a new gun spring from any local hardware store close to you. They could help in resolving the new spring, and it should have to cost extra.

Problem three: A bad piston rod

This is not a common problem that occurs like the previous two, but it is still a problem that could happen. If the air grease gun not working has been in use for quite a while and is dealing with old age, this could affect the piston rod.

The rod is susceptible to corrosion and could have rust building up in it, thereby hindering the grease gun’s functions.  The solution to this problem is to get a new one from the local store and replace the old one. This can be done with directions from a technician that may be present at the hardware store.

Problem four: Grease gun plunger not working

Another problem that needs solving is a stiff plunger. This makes it hard for the gun to feed any grease to the chamber. Even if the plunger is not rigid, it may be too large, especially when you buy the wrong replacement.

For a tiff one, you can push it manually with enough pressure to set it free, and if it is too broad, then you can find the right replacement at the hardware store.

Problem five: Grease gun coupler stuck

This is a more defining problem as it means that the grease gun itself is to be changed. The damage may have been caused by so many things like an accident with the grease gun.

If your grease gun is malfunctioning, it may have been caused by any of the highlighted issues. With the solutions provided above, it is easier to fix a grease gun not working properly. However, if there is any problem that is not highlighted in this post, contact a certified technician who deals with troubleshooting grease guns.

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