Lightweight Cordless Drill

Factors Should Consider Before Purchasing A Lightweight Cordless Drill

Purchasing the lightweight cordless drill can be challenging, following the fact that there are quite a number of them in the market currently.  On the other hand, the lightweight cordless drill has become a paramount tool for DIYers.  Apart from its lightness, many people are more concerned about power and torque, speed among other features.

When buying, your focal point should not be the price but the arsenal of this tool.  Let us look into factors to consider before purchasing a lightweight cordless drill:

Types of Drill

There are two major types of lightweight drills:

1. Drill/Driver

Use these drills mainly on drilling holes as well as drive screws into timber, plastic, and metals.

2. Hammer Drills

Other than drilling and driving, hammer drills also have hammer settings that rock drill bit in as well as out when drilling.

You should choose a cordless drill that suits your needs.

Battery Options

The most lightweight cordless drill comes with Lithium-ion batteries. Older versions used NiCd batteries that were toxic and environmentally unfriendly. Li-ion batteries are good for delivering high-range power.  No one wants a situation that the drill is dying in the course of the project. Buy a kit with two batteries.

Measurements for Battery capacity are in ampere-hours (Ah). Good battery capacity should be 5Ah plus.  A higher voltage leads to better torque.  Measurement for Battery voltage is in volts (V). A good voltage is 18V though research shows that 18V varies in terms of torque as well as drilling performance. Do a t of research and choose a kit that best suits your needs.

Chuck Size

A good chunk size that can accommodate a larger drill bit is 13mm. If it is a household, takes that involves drilling a small hole for hanging pictures on the walls, then a 10mm chuck size will do.

Always choose a keyless chuck that does not require a key to tighten or loosen while working. In the recent past, most drills have keyless chuck.

Speed Control

A good lightweight drill is easy to control and ensures good variable control. It should offer perfect control when drilling on surfaces that do not provide adhesion.  Choose a kit that offers different gears to ensure an excellent outcome when working.  Low gear is for slow, powerful tasks while high gear is for fast drilling in small diameter bits.


A good kit should rotate as fast as possible to save time and ensure excellent results. The average number of rotations expected from a good lightweight drill is 300 RPM.


Why is a Lightweight Drill Essential for a Woman?

This kit is for women to fit well in their palms as well as enable them to perform minor fixes all by them.

What is a Good Cordless Drill for a Woman?

A good cordless drill suitable for women is the lightweight cordless drill.

What is the Best Cordless Drill for Household Use?

The best cordless drill includes DEWALT DCD791D2 20V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver Kit, Ryobi P215 18V One+ 1/2-in Drill Driver, and Impact Driver among others.

Always consider the above-discussed factors when purchasing a lightweight drill.

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