Cordless Impact Wrench Safety

Impact Wrench Important Safety Precautions

Impact wrenches are also known as torque guns, impact guns, or air wrenches. They are power tools designed to reduce user exertion by delivering the torque output needed to tighten and loosen lug nuts.

Hands down, these are useful tools that can save time and effort. They are designed to take on tough tasks with remarkable ease. At the same time, they can cause property damage or bodily harm if mishandled.

The efficiency of any machine depends on its power, as well as your ability to implement the set precautions and safety measures.

Dive in and let’s learn about the essential safety tips and tricks for using a cordless impact wrench.

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Cordless Impact Wrench Safety Checklist

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5 Safety Measures for Efficient Use of a Cordless Impact Wrench

Safety is a broad topic, especially when talking about power tools. Apart from using a machine for the right applications, it is also essential to protect yourself and your surroundings. Additionally, you must not overlook the need to uphold proper maintenance practices.

Here are other significant measures to put in place to ensure your safety and those of the people around you.

I. Read the Instruction Manual

Handheld power tools come with instruction manuals, and cordless impact wrenches are not an exception. The user’s manual is designed to provide crucial information about the correct way to use the device, maintain it, and ensure your safety.

Once you receive your package, the first thing you should look for is the user’s guide. After all, it may also provide useful information about the recommended setup process.

Your manual will also provide information about:-

  • How to install/uninstall and charge the battery
  • The correct way to turn your device on/off
  • Parts and accessories included in the package and their use
  • Right dress code and safety equipment to use when operating the tool

II. Create a Clean and Clutter-Free Work Space

Having a clean workspace is necessary even when you need to get your hands dirty to get the job done. The idea is to clear out things that can cause slips, trips, and falls.

In case you want to change a tire on the highway, use road signs to inform motorists and road users that your vehicle is not moving. Also, use a flashlight if necessary to properly illuminate your workspace.

Irrespective of where you intend to use a cordless impact wrench, it is crucial not to let anyone stand too close to you. Give yourself enough personal space to avoid unwarranted accidents.

III. Wear Protective Accessories

Now that your workspace is clean and de-cluttered, the next step is to wear protective gear. Depending on the nature of your applications, you may need to wear:-

  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Headgear
  • Protective shield

If you are not doing heavy-duty jobs, using some of these accessories is not mandatory. We, however, recommend wearing eye protection, irrespective of the scope of the project.

IV. Use Your Impact Wrench As Recommended

Rule number one; only use your cordless impact wrench for tasks it is designed to handle. For instance, using a light-duty machine for heavy-duty projects can lead to accidents.

Other important guidelines to remember include:-

  • Maintain a firm grip on the tool
  • Ensure you use the recommended torque for different applications
  • Use the right accessories for each task
  • Don’t over-torque lug nuts
  • Always use a manual wrench to re-torque when changing tire wheels

V. Maintain Your Impact Wrench

Maintenance chores are tedious but necessary. Proper maintenance practices enhance your safety, boost the tool’s efficiency, and ensure that it lives through the expected lifespan.

Here is what is required of you during maintenance:-

  • Do a performance checkup- consult with an expert if you notice issues with the torque output
  • Grease the moving part
  • Affirm that all nuts and screws are tight
  • Get worn out and broken parts replaced

Clean the machine to free it of dust and debris

Additional Maintenance Tips

  • Don’t leave your impact wrench exposed to weather elements like water and sunlight
  • Keep the accessories together in a safe place
  • Give the battery enough time to recharge- this extends its lifespan

How to Safely Remove Lug Nuts with a Cordless Impact Wrench

Safely removing lug nuts takes so much more than just having the right tools. There are various other measures you can take to ensure your safety.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to remove lug nuts when changing your car’s tires.

Step 1: Start with Caution!

Confirm that your ride is parked on level ground. Apply the brakes to lock it in place and restrict movement. Have your spare tire close by and uninstall the hubcap.

Step 2: Look for the Rusty Nuts

Uninstalling the hubcap gives you a clear view of the lug nuts. Scrutinize them and check for frozen or rusty nuts that may be a little more challenging to remove.

Loosen the lug nuts using the right torque, but don’t remove them completely.

Step 3: Uninstall the Nuts and Change the Tire

Jack up the car and use your hands to remove the already loose lug nuts. Take out the deflated tire and insert the spare one. Hand-tighten the lug nuts and make sure they press against the wheel tightly.

Step 4: Apply the Prescribed Torque

Lower the jack and use your impact driver to impart the recommended torque on the lug nuts.

Step 5: Finishing Up

Re-torque the lug nuts using a manual wrench.



All About Cordless Impact Wrench Safety

Is there any harm in using mismatched sockets?

Yes, ordinary sockets are not compatible with impact wrenches. It remains crucial to use sockets that are designed for your machine. This will reduce the risk of fatigue degradation and, by extension, ensure that cyclic loads are tackled correctly.

Are brushless cordless impact wrenches worth the extra money?

Brushless impact wrenches are smaller by design, yet they generate better torque. They are worth the extra money because a decent number of models are powerful enough to handle both medium and heavy-duty tasks. At the same time, they are lightweight for reduced hand fatigue.

Can I use my impact wrench as a drill?

Of course, you can. The machine can come in handy when drilling holes in light gauge metals and softwood.

How do I set the torque on my impact wrench?

Cordless impact wrenches are versatile tools, so they often come with a selector control. This feature allows you to adjust to the right speed and torque for different applications.

Can an impact wrench break bolts?

Yes, it can. If the integrity of a bolt is already compromised because of over-torquing or rust, then you cannot rule out the odds of the nut breaking while trying to unfasten it. This is why you must not underestimate the importance of wearing safety gear, such as eye protection.

Final Words

Using a cordless impact wrench is fun. Whether you are doing serious work like changing tires or attempting to handcraft something in your workshop, the machine will help you accomplish more using lesser time and energy.

Our comprehensive list of essential safety tips and tricks for using a cordless impact wrench is designed to help users make the most of their tools. These tips will also help to reduce the risk of avoidable accidents.