Collated Screw Gun

Collated Screw Gun Operational Manual

Are you interested in professional carpentry? Learn how to operate a collated screw gun from our comprehensive operational manual. We have all the information you need from installing the various segments to charging the battery.

The collated screw gun is one of the most critical tools that every modern carpenter should always have in the toolbox. However, it would help if you were conversant with the machine before attempting operation. We have provided a detailed report highlighting all the essential information you need to know about a collated screw gun and how the efficient tool operates. By the end of the article, we hope you will have mastered all the major parts of a screw gun and know how to work one comfortably.

You can also refer to the infographic at any time if you get stuck when operating. Let’s get started.

Major Components of the Collated Screw Gun

The figure below highlights all the parts of a collated screw gun. All components have been clearly labeled to aid your understanding.

Figure 1

Installing or Detaching the Battery Pack

    1. To remove the battery, press the battery button (refer to figure 1).

Collated Screw Gun: Operational Manual

    1. Pull the gun away from the battery pack while still pressing the battery button. The correct direction to pull has been indicated in figure 2.
    2. The gun will smoothly detach from the battery pack.
    3. To return the battery pack, do the reverse process.
    4. Ensure that the gun’s part is aligned to the battery’s sliding groove and slide the unit back into place.
    5. You will need to follow the correct directions, as indicated in figure 3.

Collated Screw Gun: Operational Manual

  1. Never force the battery pack when attaching to the screw gun.
  2. The parts should ideally fit into each other. In case you encounter any difficulties, you are not acting right.
  3. If you are unable to attach the pieces yourself, kindly consult a professional instead of risking damaging the appliance.

Safety Precaution: Always ensure that the device is disconnected from the power socket before attempting to remove the battery pack or make any adjustments.

Battery Charging

    1. Connect the charger to the power socket. (Our fast charger ensures your battery charges to full capacity within the shortest time possible.
    2. Next, slide the battery pack onto the charger, as indicated in Figure 4.

Collated Screw Gun: Operational Manual

  1. Once you have positioned the battery pack correctly, a red light should turn on. The light means that the battery is now charging.
  2. When the battery pack has been accused to full capacity, the LED light will turn Green. Greenlight means that the battery is fully charged and notifies you to disconnect from the power source.
  3. Do not use the appliance if the LED light is defective. A defective light can confuse the operator, thus damaging the machine or causing injury.
  4. Sometimes, when you try to charge a battery that was operating, the charging light may fail to go on. In case that happens, let the battery pack cool for about 15 minutes, then try again.
  5. A new battery or a battery that had not been used for a long time may fail to take a full charge. Do not worry that is normal. Just use up the battery entirely and recharge a few times, and it will be back to normal.
  6. In case you want to charge another battery, let the charger rest for a few minutes before charging the second battery.

Caution: Always disconnect the charger from the power source when not in use.

Strip Installation

1. Make sure the scale is in line with the screw length.

Collated Screw Gun: Operational Manual 1

2. Set the correct screw length. To do that, press the screw length adjustment knob, as shown below.

Collated Screw Gun: Operational Manual 2

An auto-feed assembly will start adjusting. Release the adjustment knob when the desired length is achieved.

3. Following that, attach the strip onto the gun’s clip, as shown below.

Collated Screw Gun: Operational Manual 3

4. Push the strip until the second slot aligns the screw bit. That will provide for proper strip advancement when the gun starts operating.

Collated Screw Gun: Operational Manual 4

Replacing the Driving Bit

Note: Only use replacements that have been recommended by the manufacturer. Non-compatible accessories can lead to poor functioning of the appliance.

1. To loosen the screws, use the recommended 4mm Allen key.

2. After removing all the screws, detach the conduction assembly.

Collated Screw Gun: Operational Manual 5
Collated Screw Gun: Operational Manual 6

3. To replace the bit, pull the ring-pull as directed in the image below.

Collated Screw Gun: Operational Manual 7

After the process, restore the conduction assembly and fit the screws back in place.

4. You can place the Allen key in the directed spot after use.

Collated Screw Gun: Operational Manual 8

Collated Screw Gun: Operational Manual

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How do you use the collated screw gun safely? 

Always read the provided user manual and follow all the stated precautions when handling the appliance. Careless handling of the screw gun can lead to damage or injury to the operator.

How do you charge the screw gun’s battery?

To charge a screw gun’s battery, only use the recommended charger type. You will need to detach the battery from the screw gun for charging. Once you have disconnected the battery, slide it onto the charger, and connect to the power source. Refer to the user manual to learn how to remove and install the battery pack safely.

What should you use to remove the screws?

Always use a 4mm Allen key to loosen or fasten the screws. The Allen key is provided together with the gun upon purchase, but you can buy the tool from a specialized store.

Can you repair the collated screw gun at home?

Yes, you can repair a collated screw gun at home. However, only qualified people should handle the device. In case you do not have the desired skills, kindly visit a specialized store to avoid damaging the machine.


We hope we have covered the major issues to help you operate the collated screw gun more easily. For more information on the subject, ensure to read the user manual before proceeding with the appliance. We recommend you take some time and read the provided user manual cover to cover. That way, you will understand the collated screw gun better and handle the appliance appropriately. Hopefully, the machine will be of value to your projects. Good luck!