Can You Use a Hammer Drill as a Regular Drill

Can You Use a Hammer Drill as a Regular Drill?

Hammer drill and regular drill, both are handy power tools. We use both tools frequently in our day-to-day job. The purpose of both tools is also similar – drilling. Even you can’t spot any key difference in the outlook of both power tools.

But the truth is, both are not just the same power tools.

So, what are the differences between hammer drills and regular drills? Since both do a similar type of work, can you use a hammer drill as a regular drill?

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Comparison Table – Hammer drill and Regular drill

Feature Hammer Drill Regular Drill
Work type Hammering and drilling. Only drilling.
Ideal for Drilling in rough materials like concrete, masonry. Making holes in wood, tile, etc.
Speed Faster. Compared to a hammer drill, it is slower.
Adjustable torque option No Yes

Hammer Drill

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Providing quick and continuous hits on a hard surface is the main characteristic of a hammer drill. A hammer drill is an ideal power tool to drill on concrete or masonry items. Compared to a regular drill, a hammer drill is faster and more efficient than drilling on rough materials.

Similar to a regular drill, it also contains a drill bit that moves infrequently. But consistent blows of a drill bit allow its user to accomplish a drilling task faster.

While purchasing a hammer drill, different kinds of options are available. The best rotary hammer drill is the most popular type of hammer drill, and this type of drill is the best-suited if you require to drill through many masonry surfaces.

Regular Drill

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The hammering facility is unavailable in a regular drill, and drilling is its primary responsibility. To drill through a material, it delivers consistent torque. You can use different types of bits in a regular drill. But one drawback of a regular drill is, drilling in hard materials is not possible using a regular drill.

The regular drill has a unique feature, which is a slip clutch. With the help of a slip clutch, you can adjust the torque depending on your project type. However, a regular drill is used to create a hole in several surfaces such as tiles, wood, etc.

Which Drill Should I Pick?

So, from the above discussion, we can say that a hammer drill can handle a task that a regular drill can do. On the other hand, a regular drill is incapable of doing a similar job that a hammer drill can do.

It would be best if you purchase a hammer drill it is a versatile and all-rounder tool and it will allow you to save money. Will it be a wise decision to purchase both tools when a hammer drill can do all tasks?

The above discussion reveals the answer to the question: “Can you use a hammer drill as a regular drill?” After reading this article, I believe you will not Google this question.

While operating a hammer drill or a regular drill, it is significantly essential to wear safety equipment like hand gloves, earplugs, and goggles.