how to cut tile with a dremel

Using Dremel Tools to Cut Tiles

It is possible to use the Dremel tool to cut tile as they have been designed to work through such surfaces. Dremel tools come with the intensity and rating to smoothly go through the tiles without causing them to break.

In this article are the steps to using the Dremel tool on your tiles.

Steps on How to Cut Tiles Using Dremel Tools

Cutting glass tile with Dremel and any other tile type can be split into two categories. These categories are based on the kind of cut that is required. In this section are steps that would help to either make a straight cut or a shaped one.

Check them out below:

I. Steps When Making a Straight Cut with a Dremel

cutting tile with a dremel

Straight cuts are made with precision, and the required procedures would help make this easier. Get your Dremel and other equipment that is needed to make cuts.

Here is how to make a straight cut on a tile using the Dremel tile cutter:

Step one: Mark out the area

cutting tile with dremelWith any temporary marker or a pencil, create a mark around the area. Keep in mind that it is better to cut out smaller holes and spots on the tile when mapped out. This would help in achieving the goal with a Dremel tile cutter much more comfortable.

Step two: Introduce the tile

After distinguishing the tile area that should be cut with a Dremel tool, the next step is to introduce the tile itself. Just place the tile into the Dremel tool for cutting tile. For this, you must be careful, and the right edge is fed into the cutter. At the end of this step, a spilled point should be created.

Step three: Cut

With every other preparation step adequately followed, the final step is to make the actual cut. Now, push the breaker downwards and then let it give out a clean, smooth, and excellent tile cut.

Cutting ceramic tiles with Dremel and even cutting porcelain tiles with Dremel becomes seamless with the procedures above.

II. Steps When Making a Shape Cut with Dremel

Having to cut a diffusion or even a round opening in a frame can be done using specific steps. In this sub-section are the steps for creating a successful shape cut on your tiles.

Step one: Draw the shape

Making a shape cut can be tricky and therefore requires precision and care. So, to cut ceramic tile with Dremel or any other tile type, mark out the area. Since it is a shape, then drawing the exact shape would help before heading to the next step.

Step two: Get an electric grinder

An electric grinder helps to kick start the journey into how to cut curves in tile with Dremel. It helps in breaking through the surface for the tool to begin its work. So, cut the side that has been marked to give the Dremel tool an entrance.

Step three: Breakthrough pieces

Considering it is not a straight cut, it is convenient to begin making small cuts in the tile. Shape it so that it later turns out to be the desired shape and size according to your markings. Cutting slower is better for achieving the goal as the tile could break when overworked.

Step four: File out the tile

Smoothening out the cut is just as important as the cutting itself. The Dremel tool tile cutting leaves the place looking rough, and with a file, it can be smoothened again.

The procedures highlighted in this action are supposed to help make a straight cut or a shaped one. By following through with the guidelines, your tiles can be cut without cracking or getting ruined.

Tips on using the Dremel tool

Some things should and should not be done when cutting through tiles with a Dremel tool. The following tips are to guide the process of using the Dremel tool and cutting through tiles. Check them out below:

  • Ensure that the collet is adequately fastened while working.
  • Apply the tool collet when putting in the Dremel cutting tool.
  • Insert the power cable into an outlet to get started.
  • Try out all the possible rotations from 25000 to 35000 RPM.
  • Make sure that the tile is well secured, and the cutting bit should work for the drill.
  • Always turn off the Dremel when not in use.

With these tips, even cutting porcelain tile with Dremel and any other intense tiles can be more straightforward. Go to the next section for how to pick the right Dremel tool.

How to Pick the Right Dremel Tool

The right Dremel tool is picked based on certain factors. Here are things that should be considered when choosing a Dremel tool:

The kind of tile

It is easy to find just any Dremel tool on the market, but some have fewer power ratings than others. This is made to suit the various types of tiles on the market. Since there are glass tiles, porcelain, ceramic tiles, and more, the right Dremel tool would stop it from being damaged or cracked.

Porcelain tiles are one of the most challenging tiles available, so they need Dremel tile cutting tools that are more intense than others. If the same power rating is used on a glass tile or a less rigid tile, it could have the wrong effect.


Some tools are more expensive than others, and this is majorly based on its ability and the brand that produces the Dremel tool. When making a choice, go for one within your price range or current budgeting yet effective.

Note, an expensive Dremel tile cutter doesn’t automatically mean that it is the most efficient. There could be some that are cheaper but still promise outstanding performances when put to use. Neither does a cheap one mean it is convenient for purchase.

All that matters with purchasing a Dremel is that the functions are well spelled out and fit the current situation.

Length of Cord

The Dremel tool comes accompanied by a power cord, which should be connected to a power outlet. They can become restricting when the cable is short as it would be harder to move from one location to another.

So, ensure that the power cord of the Dremel tool should have a considerable length to support the work process.


Specific Dremel tools are hard to work with because they are not comfortable to use.  Their body frame is not built with considerations for the user, and it becomes harder working. So, check out for light weighing, have softer handles, and more before making a choice.


The goal of every purchase is to get an equal value of what has been purchased. For Dremel tools that are not durable, they would need to be changed or fixed as soon as they get wrong. A Dremel tool must be made of the right components that would guarantee extended use without faults. Strong and high-grade components ensure that the Dremel tools work for a long time without compromising their strength.


If using a Dremel tool to cut tile is your current need, this post has provided all the necessary information. There is even a guide on how to choose the right Dremel tool for your tile surfaces. It is now easier to make use of the Dremel tool.

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