Exterior Paint Removing Sander

Removing exterior paint is not an easy job, especially when you have to remove paint from old surfaces or long-painted walls. However, with technological advancement, tools and mechanical equipment are now deployable for this purpose. best sander for exterior paint removalOne of the popular tools that allow you to remove paint from wood, deck, cabinet, car body, metal, and walls is the Sander. In this article, we will discuss six of the best sanders for exterior paint removal.

Sanders uses mechanical and electrical energy to remove paint from the surfaces and are important tool for households and building specialists. As such, there are numerous sanders in the market, each with different and peculiar features. The best sanders for exterior paint removal in this article are rated based on their features and benefits.

Quick Comparison of 7 Best Sanders for Paint Removal

ProductKey SpecificationsMore Info
Yellow Wagner Spray Tech PaintEater
Wagner Spray Tech PaintEater
Type: FLEX-DISC System
Pad Size: 4-1/2-inch
Orbit: 2,000 OPM
Weight:  3.5 lbs.
Dimensions: 10.1"x6.6"x4.9"
Bosch Electrical Orbital Sander
Bosch Electrical Orbital Sander
Type: Orbital
Pad Size: 6-inch
Orbit: 7,300 OPM
Weight:  5.7 lbs.
Dimensions: 15"x6.3"x5.5"
Hi-Spec DT40264-US Sander for Removing Paint, Varnish, Stains
Hi-Spec DT40264-US Sander
Type: Orbital
Pad Size: 6-inch
Orbit: 12,000 OPM
Weight:  3.55 lbs.
Dimensions: 8.07x5.12x6.69 in.
Makita 9903 Variable Speed Belt Sander
Makita 9903 Belt Sander
Type: Belt Sander
Pad Size: 3x21-inch
Speed: 1440 ft./min.
Weight:  9.5 lbs.
Dimensions: 11.63x5.63x6.19 in.
Metabo SB8V2 HPT Belt Sander
Metabo SB8V2 HPT Sander
Type: Belt Sander
Pad Size: 3x21-inch
Speed: 1475 ft./min.
Weight:  9.5 lbs.
Dimensions: 6x6.75x4 in.
Jellas Ys01 6 Variable Speed Sander Random Orbital Sander Machine
Jellas Ys01 Sander Machine
Type: Random orbital
Pad Size: 5-inch
Orbit: 13,000 OPM
Weight:  4.13 lbs.
Dimensions: 10.16x5.04x6.46 in.
Dynabrade Non-Vacuum Random Orbital Sander
Dynabrade Orbital Sander
Type: Random orbital
Pad Size: 5-inch
Orbit: 12,000 OPM
Weight:  2.04 lbs.
Dimensions: 10.8"x6.4"x4.3"

Types of Sanders for Removing Paint

Generally, there are many types of sanders used for removing paint on exterior surfaces. These types include Belt sanders and Orbital Sanders. The major difference between these sanders, as we will soon see, is the mode of operation.

Orbital Sanders

Orbital Sanders are efficient tools for removing paint from auto-body, metal, deck, wood, and other surfaces due to their speed. Generally, orbital sanders have more oscillation per minute, meaning that their rotors complete more movement per minute. This feature means that it’s the processing of removing paint from surfaces gets faster.

Another important feature of orbital sanders is that it is calmer and easier to control. This feature means that you will worry less about health implications and control issues while using this type of sander.

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Belt Sanders

This type of sander is another popular and highly efficient power tool for removing paint from exterior surfaces of cars, walls, and wood. It is best suited for paint removal jobs as its features hugely support this purpose.

However, while choosing a belt sander, ensure that you check for the following features; adjustment ability, engine yield, and speed. These features are necessary to ensure that the sander performs its function adequately.

Read our reviews intently to learn how the Combination Belt and Disc Sander benefit you.

Shaft Sander

This type of sander works well with removing a large amount of paint. They also perform exceptionally well when working on bends and edges. However, you should understand that you may need to use other types of sanders with this type of sander to get a perfect job.

Features you should look out for in a shaft sander include; strain adjustment, belt control system, and many others.

Arbitrary Circle Sander

While dealing with varnish on furniture surfaces and the like, experience shows that it is difficult to remove, even with a regular sander. However, with the aid of an arbitrary circle sander, removing varnish now becomes a lot easier.

This type of sander removes varnish and smoothens out paint coatings for a smooth and clean surface. Features you should look out for in arbitrary sanders include the ability to change speeds, set up seamlessly, and cushion measure.

Power Drywall Sander

Need to smoothen out drywall? The power drywall sander is your best bet. The sander is perfect for exterior sanding and smoothening rough surfaces such as plastered walls. You can also remove paper residue, loose plasters, and sand floors with this type of sander.

Its peculiar features include a longer ergonomic handle, a special disc system, and an automatic vacuum system. Thus it would be best if you watched out for these features when buying yours. Popular brands that make power drywall sanders include PORTER-CABLE.

Top Rated 7 Paint Removal Sander Reviews

The enlisted seven best sanders for exterior paint removal from wood, deck, metal, car body, and walls are reviewed and short-listed by experts. Continue reading this review section to learn which paint-removing sander you should invest in. So, to find out which are the best, keep reading and we’ll help you to make the best buying decision:

1Wagner Spraytech 0513040 PaintEater Palm Grip Paint Removal

Wagner Spraytech 0513040 PaintEater Palm Grip Paint Removal

  • Type: FLEX-DISC System
  • Pad Size: 4-1/2-inch
  • Orbit: 2,000 OPM

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Highlight Features:

  • Ergonomic design ensures that the sander is safe to use.
  • Possess an efficient disc system.
  • Open-web Sanding disc is ideal for paint removal.
  • Lightweight compact design.
  • Affordable price.

As the name suggests, the Wagner PaintEater disc sander eats paint easily on most surfaces, especially concrete and wood. This sander’s features combine perfectly to give easy user control and sanding jobs to make it one of the best around.

The sander is perfect for removing loose or flaking paints from surfaces. It also possesses a 3M spun-fiber disc that allows it to smoothen concrete, Masonite, and metal surfaces. Depending on the surface, it works as one of the best sanders for removing paint from wood.

Its aggressive but gentle action ensures that you can use the sander to remove paint as well as rust from metal surfaces without damaging the metal.

As regards Wagner PaintEater 0513040 design, it uses a Flex-Disc System to support its ergonomic design. The disc system ensures that the sander works on flat surfaces for trimming and siding operations. Also, its ergonomic design includes the addition of a soft grip and Velcro strap for easy handling.

2BOSCH GET75-6N Electric Sander/Polisher for Stripping Paint

BOSCH GET75-6N Electric Sander/Polisher for Stripping Paint

  • Type: Orbital
  • Pad Size: 6-inch
  • Orbit: 7300 OPM

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Highlight Features:

  • The powerful 7.5-Amp motor generates 7300 orbits per minute.
  • Dual-mode paint removal and fine finishing operation.
  • Variable speed control dial.
  • Works as a polisher.
  • Vacuum cleaner dust collection system.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.

Bosch is a popular name in the power tools market; hence one would expect that a sander made by the manufacturer will stand out amidst the rest. Well, Bosch didn’t disappoint at all with this power tool. It combines all the features required of a top-rated sander.

The sander uses electricity to power two modes of operation: the aggressive turbo mode and the random orbit mode. The random orbit mode allows you to remove paint at a normal rate. The model also works for effecting fine finish on surfaces. The presence of random orbital mode in this hand-held power tool makes it the best sander for paint removal.

The aggressive turbo mode is for a tougher surface as it operates at five times the regular speed. Another interesting fact is that you don’t have to worry about changing the mode. The manufacturer provides an easy-toggle switch for that purpose.

3Hi-Spec DT40264-US Sander for Removing Paint, Varnish, Stains

Hi-Spec DT40264-US Sander for Removing Paint, Varnish, Stains

  • Type: Random Orbit
  • Pad Size: 6-inch
  • Orbit: 12000 OPM

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Highlight Features:

  • Ultra-smooth sanding operation.
  • Comfortable rubber grip handle.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Comes with a reusable dust canister.
  • Dual-action mode for stock removal and fine finishing.
  • Reasonable price.

This hand-power tool is for removing paint, varnish, stains, furniture preparation, sanding down & finishing Wood from the stables of Hi-Spec Products. The sander is versatile as it can work for exterior paint removal and fine finish applications.

In some ways, this sander has some impressive features absent in its counterpart, the Electrical sander. Prominent among these features is its dust collection abilities. This sander features a reusable dust collection and disposal system to keep the work area spotless and dust particles free of air.

Another standout feature is its vibration control system. The sander uses internalized technology through a suspension system to minimize vibration during use and allow for effective control.

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4Makita 9903 Variable Speed Belt Sander

Makita 9903 Variable Speed Belt Sander

  • Weight: 9.5 lbs.
  • Pad Size: 6-inch
  • Speed: 1440 FPM

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Highlight Features:

  • Easy to maneuver with a 16.4 ft. long card
  • Variable speed control dial
  • It creates low noise, only 84dB
  • Large front grip for operator comfort.
  • Auto-tracking belt system.

Power and speed – the Makita 9903 Variable Speed Belt Sander combines these 2 features for efficient stock removal. It consists of an 8.8Amp powerful motor that performs at high speed to make exterior paint removal tasks easier. This best-in-class belt sander is ideal for carpenters, woodworkers, floor installers, decks, and many more.

The belt sander features a variable speed control dial that allows you to adjust the speed between 690 – 1440 ft./min according to your applications. Moreover, the auto-tracking belt system tracks the belt effectively, so spending time for belt adjustment is entirely unnecessary. Also, comfortable sanding is confirmed with the front design.

Furthermore, this is equipped with a 16.4 ft. cord much longer than necessary. Thus, moving around the job site for sanding becomes easier. Besides, the built-in dust bag reduces the hassle of cleaning the workspace after completing the sanding project.

5Metabo SB8V2 HPT Belt Sander

Metabo SB8V2 HPT Belt Sander

  • Weight: 9.5 lbs.
  • Pad Size: 3×21-inch
  • Speed: 1475 FPM

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Highlight Features:

  • Mid-sized and lightweight belt sander for user convenience
  • The ergonomic grip makes it an ideal companion for larger jobs
  • The V-belt system increases the lifespan of the belt
  • A soft elastomer grip reduces the potential risk of slippage
  • Left-side mounted dust collection bag
  • Left-side mounted dust collection bag.

Are you handling the toughest exterior sanding jobs frequently? Look no further, but the Metabo SB8V2 HPT Belt Sander is engineered with a 9.0 Amp, 1020W motor. The motor generated enough power to make a tough job easy. Adjusting the speed is a breeze between 820-1,475 ft./min for enhanced manageability using the variable speed dial.

The innovative flush surface design lets you sand quickly. More importantly, this device is so consistent that you will get an even sanding result all the time. The transparent tracking window of the belt sander is an exceptional feature that you will barely find in any other sanders. Due to this feature, the user can easily inspect the sanding belt and sanding surface during use.

You will love to know that it is a cost-efficient belt sander. How? The belt features a V-belt system, ensuring last-longer performance, allowing you to save money. It possesses a soft elastomer grip that reduces fatigue during larger sanding jobs.

6Jellas Ys01 Variable Speed Sander Random Orbital Sander

Jellas Ys01 Variable Speed Sander Random Orbital Sander

  • Weight: 4.13 lbs.
  • Pad Size: 5-inch
  • Orbit: 13000 OPM

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Highlight Features:

  • Rubberized handle reduces vibration and hand numbness
  • Heat resistance and a good cooling system increase the tool’s lifespan
  • The pure copper motor generates a maximum of 13,000RPM
  • It includes an efficient dust collection system
  • Ideal sander for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts.

The Jellies 5” Random Orbital Sander is a dual-action sander that rotates and vibrates simultaneously when sanding. This device is efficient enough in delivering the right speed as per the application requirement with its adjustable speed dial. It includes 6 different-sized 18 pcs grains, allowing you to do sanding and polishing tasks proficiently.

It contains a pure copper motor. The motor generates up to 13,000 RPM, making the most challenging sanding task convenient to finish. The good news is, the tool comes with heat resistance and an excellent cooling system, protecting the tool from a burn due to overheating. Being a lightweight and compact-sized tool, working on a vertical surface is effortless using one hand only.

Compared to other hand sanders, its dust collection efficiency is also impressive with 8 vacuum holes. The dug bag features air permeability, which prevents dust from entering the machine, extending the tool’s service life.

7Dynabrade 56815 Dynorbital Supreme Non-Vacuum Sander

Dynabrade 56815 Dynorbital Supreme Non-Vacuum Sander

  • Weight: 2.04 lbs.
  • Pad Size: 5-inch
  • Orbit: 12000 OPM

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Highlight Features:

  • Impressive design for easy handling.
  • Possesses strong internal components such as composite rotors.
  • Rubber-mold non-sleep comfortable grip.
  • Lightweight compact design.
  • 5-Inch sanding pad.
  • Air operated.
  • Budget-friendly price.

Another new name in the industry, Dynabrade, went innovative in the design of this sander. With one of the most innovative designs around, this sander ranks top among its counterparts. The innovative design ensures that you can grip, hold, and operate this sander as you see fit. The design also protects you from cold air exhaust when using the sander.

It also possesses optional vacuum kits that allow you to alternate between a non-vacuum tool and central vacuum equipment. You also don’t have to worry about its durability or maintenance cost as a triple seal protects its double-row balancer. Hence, there is protection again sanding residue, which translates to durability and seldom maintenance.

Buying Guide

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Sander for Exterior Paint Removal?

Highlighting and knowing the best sanders for exterior paint removals is not enough to make the right choice when buying one. You need to understand how this tool works and other considerations that help you decide what best suits your purpose.

Hence, this section will address some important considerations for choosing the best sander for removing paint from wood and other surfaces.

Apart from the peculiar features and factors stated above, there are some general considerations you must make. These considerations are general; thus, regardless of the type of sander you wish to get, you should consider these factors.

These considerations include:


In order to remove paint from the exterior wall, you will require a powerful motor. So, it is significantly essential to select a model with good enough Amps.

A belt or hand sander of 3 – 6 Amps will give you the expected result in a paint-removing task. Using a powerful motor, you can handle heavy-duty work quite efficiently. More importantly, these sander types offer long-term service.


The efficiency of a sanding project depends on the sander speed.

If you are familiar with working with the sander, you might know how essential it is to have a sander with a variable speed feature.

The variable speed of a sander will let you control and maneuver the sanding task comfortably. Moreover, you will get a more polished and even finished look at the exterior surfaces.


An ergonomic and comfortable grip is also an important feature to avoid buying a belt sander from exterior wood surfaces.

Remember, an uncomfortable grip may lead you to danger. Also, the expected result will not be achieved.

On the other hand, a better and more comfortable grip will reduce the risk of an accident. At the same time, controlling will be much more convenient to get efficient and required results every time.

Dust Collection Mechanism

Undoubtedly, sanding is a notoriously messy task. Thanks to modern technology, sanders are now available with a dust collection system.

Whatever model you choose, a dust collection mechanism is a must-needed feature when removing paint from different types of surfaces.

This feature keeps your workspace clean. Simultaneously, cleaning the workspace becomes easier after a sanding task.


Can I use an orbital sander to remove the paint?

Orbital sanders vibrate and rotate. Also, this tool is small in size and portable as well. An orbital sander is an ideal tool for removing paint from different types of surfaces. It doesn’t leave a streak mark on the surface.

How do you remove old paint from the outside of the house?

Removing old paint from the outside of the house is effortless with the below processes.


Sanders is a great way of stripping exterior paint.

Chemical Strippers

Apply chemical strippers on an exterior paint surface using a putty knife. Give it a rest as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Then, you can effortlessly remove old paint from the outside of the house.

When buying chemical strippers, make sure to choose a safe-to-use product. Read the product label carefully to learn about the safe use of the chemical stripper.

What is the best way to remove old paint from wood?

Using a belt or hand sander is the best way to remove oil paint from wood. Follow the below step-by-step process.

Step 01: Before removing old paint from the wooden surface, you should clean the surface using a household dish soap. Leave the surface to dry completely.

Step 02: Get a hand or belt sander. Attach 80-grit sandpaper to the device. Start with minimal pressure to remove the paint. Minimum pressure will not damage the wood.

Step 03: Wipe away all the dust and start the second round of sanding using 150-grit paper.

Step 04: Remove the dust from the surface. If required, sand again using 220-grit paper.

Step 05: Once the surface is smooth and polished enough, wipe away the remaining dust. It would be best to use a water-soaked cloth when cleaning the dust.

Will an electric sander remove paint?

An electric sander can deliver the power to provide ultra-smooth sanding. Moreover, the variable speed feature of the electric sander makes the sanding task more comfortable.

Remember not to use too much pressure when using an electric sander. It will damage the surface.

What sander removes paint from metal?

You can remove paint from metal in several ways. However, an orbital sander is a common way of removing paint from metal. Orbital sanders are much more efficient in doing hard work. Many people prefer using sanding blocks, but orbital sanders are the best way compared to other sanders.

Do you need to use a sander before painting a piece of furniture?

A number of furniture paints that are on the market today are claiming to be “no-prep”. They may be but only to a certain extent. However, there can be a variety of surfaces on any furniture piece, especially after many years. Having a nice clean, well-sanded surface will help it to hold any paint that you apply for much longer than it would without prepping the surface.

After all, you don’t want to go back, start all over, and repaint it again after all that hard work.  A little prep work with the best sander for removing paint will make all the difference in the world and give you a much nicer piece of furniture for your home.

For getting buying decisions we reviewed top-rated Sanders for Furniture Refinishing.

Final Words

A sander is an important tool both at home and in the construction industry. Apart from the sanding operation, it is usable for other purposes. However, there are numerous sanders in the market to the extent that it is difficult to select the best and most suitable for sanding operations.

Thus, this article tried to help with this difficulty as it highlights six of the best sanders for exterior paint removal. We also identified the different types of sanders and their peculiar uses and the features to look out for while buying them.

Finally, we gave important tips on the usage and maintenance of the best sanders for exterior paint removal in this article.