best random orbital sander under $100

Budget Random Orbital Sanders Buying Guide

As one who always or even need sometimes to sand a particular surface, an orbital sander always comes in handy. These random orbital sanders have a way of working on surfaces without leaving visible swirl marks behind. With this, you can sand and use the tools for other applications without running into problems.

This saves the cost of having to get a sander for each different application. So, purchasing one makes work more comfortable and more convenient at all times.

In this review, we would be detailing a few of the best random orbital sanders under 100 dollars. Check out the list of products and make the right choice.

Quick Comparison of 7 Best Random Orbital Sanders

ProductKey SpecificationsMore Info
BLACK+DECKER BDERO100 Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch
Weight:  3.16 lbs.
Pad Size: 5-inch
Orbit: 12,000 OPM
Amperage: 2 Amps
Dimensions: 7"x5"x6"
Makita BO5041 3-Amp 4000-12000 OPM D-Handle 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander
Makita BO5041 3-Amp Sander
Weight:  2.1 lbs.
Pad Size: 5-inch
Orbit: 12,000 OPM
Amperage: 3 Amps
Dimensions: 10.8"x4.8"x6"
SKIL SR66030 PWRCore 20- Brushless 5-Inch Random Orbital Sander
SKIL PWRCore 20 Sander
Weight:  5.25 lbs.
Pad Size: 5-inch
Orbit: 11,000 OPM
Voltage: 20 Volt
Dimensions: 6.3"x5.94"x8.39"
DEWALT DCW210D1 20V MAX Cordless Random Orbit Sander
DEWALT DCW210D1 20V Sander
Weight:  5.13 lbs.
Pad Size: 5-inch
Orbit: 12,000 OPM
Voltage: 20 volt
Dimensions: 14.41x10x9.61 in.
CRAFTSMAN Random Orbit Sander, 3-Amp, Corded
Weight:  3.5 lbs.
Pad Size: 5-inch
Orbit: 12,000 OPM
Amperage: 3 Amps
Dimensions: 10.13"x5.5"x5.75"
Ingersoll Rand 6
Ingersoll Rand 300G Sander
Weight:  2.64 lbs.
Pad Size: 6-inch
Speed: 10,000 RPM
Motor: 1/5 HP
Dimensions: ‎8x6.5x4.75 in.

Top Rated 7 Random Orbital Sander Reviews

Here is a little sneak peek over the top choice of 2021 and most probably coming years as well – the seven best budget random orbital sander! Should groove as just suitable for woodworking, finish carpentry, and removing polyurethane.

So, to find out which are the best, keep reading, and we’ll help you to make the best buying decision:

1BLACK+DECKER BDERO100 Random Orbital Disc Sander

BLACK+DECKER BDERO100 Random Orbital Disc Sander

Orbit: 12,000 OPM | Pad Size: 5-inch | Weight: 3.16 lbs.

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Highlight Features:

  • Lightweight compact design for versatile sanding.
  • Self-Maintaining.
  • Promises a noiseless operation.
  • Gets to problematic areas quickly.
  • Comes with a 6 ft. 5 in. extension cord.
  • Durable and high efficient.
  • Ergonomic comfortable grip handle.
  • On-spot dust collection.
  • Reasonable price.

The Black + Decker BDER0100 is one of the best affordable random orbital electric sanders for under 100 dollars as it is useful when removing old paint finishes. Read our reviews intently to learn sander for exterior paint removal.

Properly controlled swirls.

To give the user adequate control, the random orbit sander uses swirls that are well placed. With the unsightly wheels enabled by a random orbital action, it becomes more comfortable to work with at any time.

Controlled temperature.

As a result of dust, an orbit saner may begin to overheat. With the Black + Decker, there is a dust seal infused in the design. This stops it from overheating, thereby controlling the temperature of the sander. Asides from controlling the weather, the feature keeps the sander clean at all times.

2Makita BO5041 D-Handle Electric Random Orbit Sander

Makita BO5041 D-Handle Electric Random Orbit Sander

Orbit: 12,000 OPM | Pad Size: 5-inch | Weight: 2.1 lbs.

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Highlight Features:

  • Design with variable speed dial for the precise sanding task.
  • Smooth finishes operation.
  • Rubber handle comfortable grip.
  • Improved speed level.
  • Makes use of a hook and loop.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Reasonable price.

The Makita corded random orbital sander is an excellent hand-held power tool as it comes with a 3.0-Amp motor to generate sufficient power for faster sanding. This motor seals using a ball-bearing construction that provides it with an enhanced sander life.

From 4,000 to 12,000 OPM Variable speed control dial

To provide adequate speed when sanding, the Makita offers a wide range of options while operating. It can go as high as 12,000 orbits per minute as long as it matches whatever is available.

Ease of control.

With this disc sander comes a pad control feature and a front handle that can be easily adjusted. With these features, it is easier to get to areas that are naturally not easily accessed. The handle is rubber, which is comfortable to use and mild on the hands.

3SKIL SR66030 PWRCore 20 Brushless Cordless Sander

SKIL SR66030 PWRCore 20 Brushless Cordless Sander

Orbit: 11,000 OPM | Pad Size: 5-inch | Weight: 5.25 lbs.

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Highlight Features:

  • Has a dust seal.
  • Uses a microfiltration dust canister.
  • Deliver 11,000 RPM sanding speed.
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery and a convenient USB Port.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Quick charge option.
  • Affordable price.
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries included.

As one of the best-rated random orbital heavy-duty sanders, the Skil PWRCore gives you one of the most reliable performances ever. This is with the help of a digital brushless motor built into the frame of the orbit sander.

Quick and easy change out.

The handy tool has a sandpaper part that is quickly taken out with ease. This enables you to have a seamless and quick operation while working on a surface.

Flexible speed control.

Depending on the surface, it works as one of the best cordless random orbital sanders available making it suitable for many characters.

No scratches left behind.

In the course of its operation, the cordless random orbital sander vibrates and spins. Unlike other types of sanders that may be on the market, this feature stops any swirls or scratches that may naturally be left behind.

4SKIL SR66030 PWRCore 20 Brushless Cordless Sander

SKIL SR66030 PWRCore 20 Brushless Cordless Sander

Orbit: 12,000 OPM | Pad Size: 5-inch | Weight: 5.13 lbs.

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Highlight Features

  • No vibration
  • Durable and Versatile
  • Brushless powerful motor for better efficiency
  • Quick-locking dust canister
  • 5-Inch sanding pad
  • Noiseless fast operation
  • Affordable price.
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries included.

The Dewalt, as one of the best cordless random orbital sanders, can work in more than six variable speed conditions. It can practically work from 8,000 to 12,000 times per minute to match random sanding applications. The DCW210D1 cordless random orbital sander design with a powerful brushless motor and low-profile height allows accurate sanding projects. Comes with a dust port that is designed for fitting multiple dust collectors.

Several surface applications.

The cordless random orbital sander is set to work with a replaceable 8-hole hook-and-loop sanding disc. This makes it suitable for various applications like smoothing out wood, taking out paint, varnish, stains, polish, and blemishes as well as sanding functions.

Reduced noise production.

Apart from being an excellent random orbital sander for woodworking, it doesn’t make noise. Also, with the rubberized plastic handle, it can lock in every form of vibration. This takes out any inconvenience that may come from vibrations.

5CRAFTSMAN Random Orbit Sander, 3-Amp, Corded

CRAFTSMAN Random Orbit Sander, 3-Amp, Corded

Orbit: 12,000 OPM | Pad Size: 5-inch | Weight: 3.5 lbs.

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Highlight Features:

  • Works with a peg hook.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • No overheating.
  • Comes with a dust collector bag.
  • Improved speed.
  • Budget-friendly price.

For the being a highly rated random orbital powerful sander, the Craftsman is a 3-amp power sander generates 12,000 orbits per minute that helps in fulfilling even the most difficult tasks.

Infused with a dust bag.

The Craftsman comes with a pre-installed dust bag that keeps the orbit sander clean at all times. This also eliminates the possibility of the sander overheating while being used. The dust bag attaches to an 11/4 inches vacuum hose.

Durable frame.

When the orbit hander is kept safe from overheating and dust, it automatically improves its life span.

Peg hook.

The presence of a peg hook in this best random orbital air sander for woodworking makes it a versatile option. With this connection, it is easy to connect the sander to other equipment required to get the job done.

6Ingersoll Rand 300G Air Random Orbit Sander

Ingersoll Rand 300G Air Random Orbit Sander

Orbit: 10,000 OPM | Pad Size: 6-inch | Weight: 2.64 lbs.

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Highlight Features:

  • Lightweight construction makes it easier to use
  • The ergonomic design makes it safe and healthy for human health
  • 1/5-Horsepower powerful motor
  • 1/4-Inch air intel.
  • Low vibration composite design
  • Comfortable grip
  • 360-Degree swivel adapter
  • Affordable price.

The last sander on our list is this impressive pneumatic random orbital sander from Ingersoll Rand. The sander possesses almost all the features required of a top-rated sander. Top of its impressive features is the ergonomic design and miniature size.

These features ensure the sander can work in small and tight spaces effectively. Moreover, its ergonomic design makes it safer and healthy for you as the sander becomes easier to control. It also sports a switch that you can toggle to power or shit down the sander.

Another appealing feature is the durability of its sandpapers. Apart from the fact that the sandpapers fit perfectly on the sander, it can also last as long as two weeks, with moderate use. Thus, you need not worry about getting new sandpaper after every use.

7PORTER-CABLE Cordless Random Orbital Sander

PORTER-CABLE Cordless Random Orbital Sander

Orbit: 12,000 OPM | Pad Size: 5-inch | Weight: 2.69 lbs.

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Highlight Features:

  • 20v Battery operated, cordless.
  • Easier to use.
  • Ergonomic design ensures that it is safe.
  • 5-Inch orbital sanding pad.
  • Allows for fine finishing.
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.
  • Comes with a dust collector.

One of the exciting things about this sander is its controlled finishing feature. The sander has a way of controlling the pads’ speed when you start it to reduce the tool’s gouging action. As a result, it is suitable for cleaning and smoothening any surface before painting it. For getting buying decision we reviewed a hand sander for refinishing furniture.

Another impressive feature is its dust collection system. The sander features a detachable dust bag. This dust bag ensures that the dust generated during the use of the sander gets collected efficiently. It also has a hose that slows the collection of high volumes of dust.

Finally, the sander spots a dust protection feature that ensures that it lasts for a long. Also, you get an ergonomic design that makes the use of the sander safe and healthy.

Buying Guide of Random Orbital Sander Worth of Money

When choosing the random orbital sander under 100, some things have to be considered. They help in ensuring every choice is the best available one based on your needs and situational prerequisite.

So, before choosing a suitable orbit sander, you must consider the following factors:


This is one factor that you have to check out, as it is the driving force behind your purchase. It is only possible to purchase an orbit sander that is within your current financial means. However, it is possible to buy a lowly priced sander and get a sander that isn’t functional.

In these random orbital sander reviews, our listed products are the best budget random orbital sanders. They are mostly below a hundred dollars and yet promise you a reliable sanding operation. Several of them even work on diverse surfaces that may be available in your work area.

So if you have less than a hundred dollars and need a reliable sander, you can check out our best random orbital sander for the money.


The intention of buying an orbit sander is for it to work on the surface that you have. However, in cases where there is more than one surface or application that need the sander, a versatile option is the right purchase. So before you place an order for an orbit sander, it is advisable to do more than one thing at a time.

For example, in this random orbital sanders review, the TACKLIFE 5-inch orbit sander can do several things like:

  • smoothen out wood
  • take out paint
  • Remove varnish
  • Fade out stains
  • Work on polish
  • Eliminate blemishes
  • And more sanding functions.

This makes it a suitable product when you have to work on several things at the same time. So, before heading out to get something for your surfaces, check out all it can do. This is done by checking out the manual and the application techniques. From there, it is easy to detect all the orbit sander can and cannot do.

Note, in this review, asides from the TACKLIFE orbit sander, there are still others that can offer the same value or even more. A versatile choice saves you the cost of buying a different orbit sander for every peculiar application that is needed per time. Even though the sander can work for various applications, it doesn’t make it the least effective on some applications and more efficient on other applications.

Corded or Cordless

There are two significant types of orbit sanders available on the market. Some are corded, and others are cordless, and they all have their ups and downs. Among this review are some of the best corded random orbital sanders.  The advantage of this is that there is a constant supply of electricity in the unit while working.

This eradicates the need to continually wait for a recharge if the battery dies while it works. It saves you some working time and makes the whole process much faster in the long run. All that you require for this is that there is a supply of power.

Still, this has its disadvantages. If there is any power outage there, you are unable to work throughout that period. The cord itself may cause an obstruction. So while they are suitable for working but as the best random orbital sander for finish carpentry, it doesn’t cut it. This is because it may cause an accident in the workshop.

In this case, the most reliable is usually the cordless random orbital sander.  They have more flexibility, and you can move them up and about without worrying about the length of the cord. However, when the battery goes off, you would lose some working time charging the device. Yet, even in a power outage, the cordless orbital sander still functions.


Working professionally with an orbital sander requires as much speed as possible. The pace is set by how fast the orbit rotates in a specific time frame. In this review, several sanders promise a considerable amount of speed while using, and they are worth a shot.


How does a Random Orbital Sander Work?

A random orbit sander is a powerful tool that is handheld and used when sanding through a surface. The sanding blade functions with a spontaneous orbit action while in use. This means that the head and disk vary depending on the angle at which it rotates.

Unlike the regular standard belt sander, this one is quite different as they have differing sanding patterns. It works by simultaneously rotating the sanding disks and placing them around small ellipses. With this, the sanding process doesn’t repeat itself in any part of the abrasive materials used in traveling in the rotation.

As a result of this particular sanding operation, the tool doesn’t leave behind any swirl marks. It also doesn’t get sensitive to the direction of the wood grain. This comes in handy when working on two different wood pieces attached to the right angles.

What is the best random orbital sander under 100?

Choosing the best orbital sander is solely dependent on the particular application. It is nearly impossible to classify any product as the best as they all have their various advantages and parts where they equally fall short.

However, we have listed the Black+Decker random orbital sander as the topping product for the sake of this review. It has a feature that allows the device to manage its temperature by keeping the dust out. Initially, the dust has caused problems with the orbital sander, but this product successfully eradicates that problem.

It also prevents any unwarranted swirls while the device is in use. This makes it convenient and easy to handle at all times. A controlled swirl keeps the orbital sander in one place, making it sturdy all through the process.

What makes the orbital sander better?

The orbital sander may not be an initial choice for you, and then some things could change your mind. As a result of the unpredictable sanding pattern, the orbital sander leaver a cleaner and more receptive surface behind. It doesn’t create such visible cross-grain scratching lines that other types of sanders may provide.

However, an orbital sander may not make it to the workhouse in which the big belt sander functions. Still, it equally removes a lot of material as you would get in other sanders available.

Can the orbital sander function as a polisher?

Having talked about versatility in the previous section, it is already evident that the right orbital sander can serve as a polisher. This is one function you may not find in every orbital sander, but you can check out this while making a purchase.

However, in this post are some orbital sanders that can work as a polisher. Just return to the review section and pick one that fits your situation and works as a polisher.

Final Words

Initially, picking up just any random orbital sander can be an easy feat when you know what they are all about. Still, it is not all orbital sanders that function as appropriately as necessary, incredibly when they are below a hundred dollars. Some may be too noisy while in use, and they could not have enough speed to get the job done. All of these combine to make it harder to pick just the right sander for every situation.

However, with this review picking out the most suitable choices become more comfortable. This is simply a result of more information that is in this review. No matter the application, there is always a sander that does the job.

Generally, in this review, we have highlighted several products that would work well in several situations. So, for the best random orbital sander under 100 dollars, this review gives all the topping products to choose from.