Handheld Manual Tile Cutter

As commercial buildings and residential areas have increased, so needs to use tiles and electric equipment for construction, which has resulted in the growing demand for tile cutting. A manual tile cutter is a powerful tool that cuts tiles to a specific size and shape. Also, corrects the tiles’ side wedges and imperfect edges to assist in correcting tile fitting.
Best Manual Tile Cutter

Tile cutting machines come in various shapes, sizes, from basic add-ons to tools to primary manual devices. According to a recent study done by Technology Associates, LLC, most masonry workers have preferred using the best manual tile cutter because of their cutting process, skills, and accuracy.

Picking the right tile cutter from dozens of models is a bit of a challenging task, but there may be some good news before you get overwhelmed and frustrated. We sat together to help you make your buying decision precise and compiled huge reviews of manual tile cutters.

Let’s take a look at the manual tile cutter reviews below.

Quick View of 7 Best Manual Tile Cutter on the Market

Tile CutterKey SpecificationsMore Info
QEP Manual Tile Cutter 10900Q 35-Inch
QEP 10900Q Tile Cutter
Straight Rip:  35-Inch
Diagonal Rip:  24-Inch
Cutting Depth: 1/2-Inch
Weight: 23.1 lbs.
Dimensions: 43.38"x8"x7"
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QEP 10630Q 24” Manual Tile Cutter
QEP 10630Q Tile Cutter
Straight Rip:  24-Inch
Diagonal Rip:  17.5-Inch
Cutting Depth: 7/8-Inch
Weight: 16.2 lbs.
Dimensions: 33"x8"x6"
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QEP Tile Cutter, ½
QEP Tile Cutter, 14-inch
Straight Rip:  14-Inch
Diagonal Rip:  10-Inch
Cutting Depth: 1/2-Inch
Weight: 5.05 lbs.
Dimensions: 19.3"x6.1"x4"
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SIGMA 2G 37cm Metric Tile Cutter
SIGMA 2G 37cm Tile Cutter
Straight Rip:  37-Inch
Diagonal Rip:  25-Inch
Cutting Depth: 3/4-Inch
Weight: 6.47 lbs.
Dimensions: 22.83"x9.84"x6.69"
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Sigma Pull Handle 26
Sigma 3B4 Tile Cutter
Straight Rip:  26-Inch
Diagonal Rip:  18.5-Inch
Cutting Depth: 12mm
Weight: 20 lbs.
Dimensions: 35.43"x13.78"x8.66"
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Montolit Masterpiuma 75P3 29” Push Porcelain Tile Cutter
Montolit Masterpiuma 75P3
Straight Rip:  29-Inch
Diagonal Rip:  21-Inch
Cutting Depth: 7/8-Inch
Weight: 8.8 lbs.
Dimensions: 44.09"x15.75"x9.84"
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Roberts 10-900 Vinyl Tile Cutter
Roberts 10-900 Tile Cutter
Straight Rip:  12-Inch
Diagonal Rip:  9-Inch
Cutting Depth: 1/8-Inch
Weight: 20 lbs.
Dimensions: 21.25"x22"x5.5"
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How to Use a Handheld Tile Cutter?

Are you a novice in the tile cutting profession? Before starting a tile fragment project, it would be best to practice it to get familiar with the process:

  1. Take marking tools or pencils to make a cut line on the tile.
  2. Keeping the glazed side top, place the cutter on the cutter. The cut mark and raised guideline should be aligned on the base of the cutter.
  3. The try square must stay in its place securely and adjust accordingly. An electric tile cutter is eligible enough in cutting more than one tile at once; the square needs to be secure until you finish all tile cutting.
  4. Make sure the tile cutter is not far away from you while operating.
  5. Don’t rush or give pressure to the tile cutter to cut or break tiles. Gently push the cutter away from you, following the rail in a single stroke. Don’t pull the scriber backward.
  6. Remember, the gentle press is enough to cut or break a tile into 2 pieces.
  7. After the fragment, the tile side edges will be rough. Sand down the edge line gently if required before placing it on the floor.

Top-Rated 7 Manual Tile Cutter Reviews

Top manual tile cutters enable users to get the required shapes, sizes of ceramic or porcelain tiles, and deliver brilliant finish to home improvement and renovation projects.

1QEP 10900Q 35-Inch Manual Tile Cutter

QEP 10900Q 35-Inch Manual Tile Cutter

  • Straight Rip: 35-Inch
  • Diagonal Rip: 24-Inch
  • Cutting Depth: 1/2-Inch

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Highlight Features

  • Delivers fast and efficient tile cutting performance.
  • 7/8-inch replaceable tungsten carbide cutting wheel.
  • High leverage bicycle grip handle.
  • Sidearm extension.
  • 1/2-Inch thick cut-depth.
  • Affordable price tag.

The QEP 10900Q tile cutter is manufactured for beginners and novice tile cutters. It is easy to use and has less chance of creating a mess while handling it. This 35-inch manual tile cutter is an ideal option for cutting both ceramic and porcelain tiles. You can easily cut tile up to 35-inch straight and 24-inch diagonally.

The highly durable and rigid material is used to manufacture this tool, including chrome-plated steel rails. Moreover, the high leverage bicycle grip ensures precise tile cutting. Furthermore, you will not have hand fatigue when working with it for the long term. While using this excellent tool, it offers smooth scoring with its linear ball-bearing slides. In fact, the cutter efficiency gets enhanced because of the feature.

Its side arm extension enables this tile cutter to cut large pieces of tiles. It is also equipped with a straight edge adjustable measuring guide so that you don’t make any measurement mistakes while cutting tiles. The 7/8” titanium-coated tungsten blade is too sharp to cut tiles without any hassle. The best thing is, the blade is replaceable. With this tool, the repeated cut is allowed without making any problematic changes to the setup.

Whenever necessary, this can easily be cleaned with soapy water or compressed water. The QEP 10900Q manual tile cutter is an incredible performer in basic tile cutting tasks.

2QEP 10630Q Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles Cutter

QEP 10630Q Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles Cutter

  • Straight Rip: 24-Inch
  • Diagonal Rip: 17.5-Inch
  • Cutting Depth: 7/8-In

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Highlight Features

  • Easy to operate.
  • Heavy-duty tile cutter.
  • Chrome-plated steel rail.
  • 7/8-Inch tungsten carbide cutting wheel.
  • Wide Aluminum alloy base.
  • Rust-resistant.
  • Suitable for all levels of tile workers.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly tile cutter that doesn’t compromise with performance, buy the QEP 10630Q 24” Manual Tile Cutter. It is a heavy-duty tile cutter that smoothly cuts porcelain and ceramic tiles up to 24-inch straight and 17.5-inch diagonally.

Working with this manual cutter is exceptionally straightforward. Its simple score and snap process allow quick diagonal cutting. Although a little bit of practice is necessary, the tile cutting task will be easy once you get familiar with it. All levels of tile workers can easily follow the instructions to operate the tile cutter. You can adjust it to 4 multiple heights for precise and straightforward tile cutting. This feature also makes this tool eligible for cutting with a wide range of materials. You can cut 40-50 tiles without any trouble, and you don’t need to take any break to sharpen the wheel.

Additionally, the steel rail is chrome-plated, and the stable base is made of aluminum alloy. Thus, the tile cutter shows rust-resistant characteristics and provides long-term service. Its anti-skid rubber handle ensures comfortability in wide range of applications. The shape of the bicycle grip handle makes it comfortable to use repeatedly, and the swing-out arms that hold up the sides of the tile are good & sturdy as well.

Use the cutting table extension for better stability while handling large tiles. When you have to take small home improvement projects, you can pick this tool without hesitation.

3QEP 10214Q Manual Tile Cutter for Wall And Floor Tile

QEP 10214Q Manual Tile Cutter for Wall And Floor Tile

  • Straight Rip: 14-Inch
  • Diagonal Rip: 10-Inch
  • Cutting Depth: 1/2-Inch

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Highlight Features

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Versatile tile cutter
  • Anti-skid rubber handle.
  • Heavy-duty rubber pad
  • Smooth and clean cuts
  • Hassle-free using
  • Easy to clean with soapy and compressed water

Are you planning to buy an efficient tile cutter for the first time at an affordable price but can’t decide? This QEP Tile Cutter, ½” CAP, 14”, Yellow has all the necessary features to help a tile worker accomplish tile cutting tasks proficiently. The unit is tremendously lightweight, and you can carry it to your job site without any trouble.

The tile cutter is designed in such a way so that it can cut a variety of walls along with several concrete tile floorings. Its responsibility is to make the task easy by reducing your stress. The unit doesn’t take much time to accomplish a project, and obviously, it performs efficiently. 14” long, ½” thick, and 10” diagonal is its tile cutting capacity. This versatile tile cutter delivers the best result with both ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Smooth scoring and repeated cuts are allowed with it since it features linear ball-bearing slides. With a regular tile cutter, tiles get shifted from the base and create safety issues. But this manual cutter has rubber pads in the leg that stop tiles from moving. Besides, comfortable scoring is confirmed due to the double chrome-plated steel rails with bumpers.

The cutting blade is enormously sharp and allows you to make significant cuts without any error. Buy this hand tool that is promised to deliver exceptional and great tile-cutting results.

4SIGMA 2G 37cm Metric Manual Tile Cutter

SIGMA 2G 37cm Metric Manual Tile Cutter

  • Straight Rip: 37-Inch
  • Diagonal Rip: 25-Inch
  • Cutting Depth: 3/4-Inch

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Highlight Features

  • Built-in measuring bar
  • Easy to carry
  • Swiveling bar for measuring
  • Compact-sized
  • Weighs no more than 5 lbs.
  • Made of high premium quality materials
  • Plastic fitting to prevent cutting mark

You can achieve clean cuts with this SIGMA 2G 37cm Metric Tile Cutter with minimal effort. The compact design and lightweight features enable its user to cut different tiles made of porcelain, glass tile, marble, granite, etc. It weighs less than 5 lbs. allowing its users to roam around the job site with ease.

You can make a cut between 0° to 45° with the help of its quick positioning button. Cutting materials of 1/16″ – ¾” thick will become simple with this tool because it is equipped with a comfortable grip handle. High resistance aluminum alloy and steel-made tile cutter are strong enough to cut through any tiles. This tile cutter’s unique feature is that it has a swiveling bar that allows you to measure inches.

Cheaply made tile cutters are prone to leaving cutting marks on tiles. This tool is manufactured with all premium quality materials, and it has a plastic fitting and does not leave any cutting mark. The table is spring-loaded that ensures better stability. Moreover, a tungsten carbide-made scoring wheel delivers smooth fragments. Being a compact-sized tile cutter, you can carry it at any place. Also, it does not take much space to be stored in a safe place.

If your project requirement is to cut more than one material, this manual ceramic tile cutter will be a great option.

5Sigma 3B4 Pull Handle Tile Cutting Tool

Sigma 3B4 Pull Handle Tile Cutting Tool

  • Straight Rip: 26-Inch
  • Diagonal Rip: 18.5-Inch
  • Cutting Depth: 12mm

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Highlight Features

  • Solid aluminum and steel made construction
  • Easy setup process
  • Consistent performer
  • Rotating guide bar
  • Long lifespan with aluminum alloy and steel made construction
  • Easy to use
  • Delivers consistent results all the time

In terms of accuracy, no other tile cutter can beat the Sigma Pull Handle 26″ Tile Cutter 3B4. This tile cutter comes with greater precision that assists you to save a few bucks. How? You will have fewer spoiled tiles with this cutter. As a result, it saves time too. This porcelain tile cutter also precisely cuts other materials like pavers, glass mosaic, granite, etc.

This pull-type cutter has a wide base that provides excellent support while cutting tiles. The cutting mechanism moves over a rigid rail, along with the adjustable height feature, which allows you to cut different tiles’ depths. It is easy to use a tile cutter, and many homeowners appreciated its quality. Aligning the tool is pretty straightforward since the guide bar rotates at base angles and has tick marks in it.

For storing and transporting the cutter efficiently, it has a holding bracket parallel to the cutter’s main body where the guide sits. This way, it doesn’t hang, bends, tear, or otherwise be damaged. The repeated cut is much more comfortable with this than other tile cutter types because you can set the cutter to a required cutting width with a side guide’s help. The tile cutter is superbly consistent and delivers the same efficient result all the time.

Providing extremely accurate tile cutting of any materials is a promise of this tile cutter to its customer. That is why it is one of the best manual tile cutters for the money.

6Montolit 75P3 Push Cutting Porcelain Tile

Montolit 75P3 Push Cutting Porcelain Tile

  • Straight Rip: 29-Inch
  • Diagonal Rip: 21-Inch
  • Cutting Depth: 7/8-Inch

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Highlight Features

  • Ergonomic push scribe anti-slip handle
  • Built-in lubricant for scoring wheel maintenance
  • Proven reliable partner
  • Professional-grade tile cutter.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Effortless transportation.
  • Solid premium quality material construction.

Originally manufactured for the professional market, the Montolit Masterpiuma 75P3 29-inch Push Porcelain Tile Cutter is one of the best tile cutters available. Let’s read this Montolit tile cutter review.

Montolit has a reputation among professional tile workers because of its premium quality products. The machined titanium-made scoring wheel is efficient enough in delivering precise cuts, and it is replaceable. However, the scoring wheel is so resilient and durable that you don’t need to replace it frequently. Moreover, to get the best result from the scoring wheel, proper care and maintenance are necessary. Keeping this point in mind, the unit comes with an oil bottle so that you can lubricate the scoring wheel whenever necessary.

It features a unique adjustable breaker system that helps its users to get more precise breaks after scoring each tie with the cutting wheel. Whether you are performing straight, diagonal, or repeated cuts, delivering accurate results all the time is its habit. Its cutting capacity is ¾” thick and 36” long makes this tool a proven reliable partner when cutting heavy tiles, stone, and other rigid materials.

We recommend this manual tile cutter for looking for a professional-grade tile cutter with a portability feature.

7Roberts 10-900 12-Inch Vinyl Tile Cutter

Roberts 10-900 12-Inch Vinyl Tile Cutter

  • Straight Rip: 12-Inch
  • Diagonal Rip: 9-Inch
  • Cutting Depth: 1/8-Inch

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Highlight Features

  • Easy to maneuver
  • Non-slip feature
  • Repeated cut with the moveable cutting guide
  • Rubber feet
  • Built-in caster
  • 45-degree meter guide

When dealing with vinyl tiles, only the best product will give the best result. The Roberts 10-900 Vinyl Tile Cutter, 12″ will be the best choice to cut vinyl tiles. Its user-friendly design makes a vinyl tile cutting task easier when cutting 9 – 12-inch tiles. Also, the design is simplified by the originally marked 45-degree measurement and meter guide.

The unique feature that wins many customers’ hearts is the rubber pad underneath the base for stability. Thus, when cutting tile, it remains stable and doesn’t slip on the tile floor. Moreover, the built-in caster makes this tool easy to maneuver too. You will receive this unit in a nice case that can safely carry or store the unit. It is eligible for cutting 1/8″ thicker Tiles, Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT), and Cork Tile.

Another worth-mentioning feature is its adjustable measuring guide that will allow you to do repeated cuts with the desired accuracy and consistency. It is designed in such a way so that the user can use it conveniently. A beginner or novice can easily use it, and it requires low maintenance too. You can clean it using an air compressor.

It can make straight cuts up to 12″ and diagonal cut 9″ (maximum). So many unique features make it a useful tile cutter that also can deliver professional-grade results.

Buying Guide

Buying any power tool is not an easy task since a variety of designs are available. And the best manual tile cutters for porcelain and ceramic are also no exception. You need to keep in mind a few must-have factors to get the most benefit from your tool.

Below is a brief of the critical factors.

Manual or Electric Tile Cutter

Depending on your tile cutting project type, you have to choose either manual or electric tile cutter.

Accomplishing larger tile cutting projects will be challenging with manual tile cutters. They are suitable for small to medium home improvement projects, easy to transport, work faster than other tile cutter types, and deliver accurate results. Manual tile cutters are specially made for cutting ceramic and porcelain tiles.

While electric tile cutters, known as wet tile saw, are best for heavy-duty and industrial tile cutting projects. Even they can cut tougher materials like stone tiles. They are eligible to cut more tile at once. Electric tile cutters are bulky, and this way, carrying them is difficult.

Types of Tiles To Be Cut

When buying a manual tile cutter, the essential factor is the tile type you plan to cut. For a basic unglazed ceramic tile cutting project, much pressure is unnecessary to cut and break the tile. On the other side, when dealing with thick and durable floor tiles, choose a tile cutter with much pressure to break and cut the tile.

Once you decide on the tile type to be used on your floor, you are taking yourself one step ahead of picking the professional tile cutter.

Tile Cutter Power

Some manual snap cutter models are available, capable of using a substantial amount of 1300-lbs of energy while cutting tiles. Still, the tile cutter pressure depends on the tile material you will be using for your tiling project.

An electrically powered tile cutter will be useful when working with heavy-duty floor tiles like granite, marble, or ceramic.

Few cases require a powered tile cutter to cut a particular floor tile, but most DIY floor tiling projects don’t need this type of specialized tile cutter.

Simultaneously, learn the required pressure to cut or break your tile or material, which will help you ensure that your potential tile cutter can handle the pressure.

Material Size

More massive manual tile cutter porcelain or ceramic is required when dealing with large pieces of tiles. The tile cutter type will ensure clean and precise cuts. If your tile doesn’t fit the cutter physically, buying a tile cutter like this is a waste of money and time. Check the tile cutter cutting capacity, especially diagonal length. This will allow your tile to fit into the cutter without making any trouble. Generally, the diagonal is longer than the side of the tile; it is critically necessary.


When the discussion comes about the tile cutter construction, it refers to the material type used to manufacture the tool. You have to pick a robust, robust model and well-constructed model to give you many years of service.

Check the cutter wheel material quality. Most tile cutters wheels are made of tungsten carbide and titanium, and they are replaceable too. Both are durable materials.

Additional Features

Despite the above factors, you can look for some other necessary elements for completing specific tasks.

  • When your project requirement is to make the intricate cut, look for a cutter with a rubber mosaic pad.
  • Cutting larger pieces of tiles requires additional support, and sidearm extension features help a tile worker handle large tiles comfortably. Their specialty is they are foldable for easy transport and storage.
  • Some models of tile cutters are available with a rubber pad underneath the base to ensure stability.

Important 7 Safety Instructions While Using Tile Cutter

Since every tile cutter contains a sharp blade, a manual cutter could be dangerous if safety gear is not appropriately maintained.

  1. Wear heavy-duty hand gloves to avoid cutting your hands since tiles have sharp edges.
  2. When dealing with the dry tile cutter, ensure wearing eye-protective glass. When cutting dry tiles, dust and dirt are created, which may damage the eyes.
  3. The cutting wheel has to be sharp, durable, and robust. Check before using a tile cutter every time and ensure it. Whenever required, replace the blade.
  4. To avoid the instability of a tile cutter, place it on an even and flat surface. Otherwise, you will end up with improper cutting, and many tiles will get wasted.
  5. Make sure that all the components of your tile cutter are working as expected. Any inefficient performance can be avoided with proper inspection and maintenance.
  6. Store a tile cutter safely when not in use, and don’t delay storing it after accomplishing any project. Its sharp blade can do damage if you store it here and there.
  7. Always keep a first aid kit at your job site. It will come in handy in an emergency.


Do tile cutters require any maintenance?

A huge level of maintenance is unnecessary in a tile cutter. But to get the best output from a tile cutter, make sure to take basic level maintenance.

Take a dry cloth, add lubricating oil, and clean the entire tile cutter. Follow this cleaning process daily.

Ensure in-depth maintenance at least twice a month. Diluted brick acid is a great item to clean the tool. This can prevent any buildup. A tile cutter will give you long time service when it is appropriately taken care of.

Do I need a swivel ruler?

To answer this question, you have to get the answer to what type of cuts is your project requirement.

Many of us buy tile cutters intended for a straight cut only, but the truth is that you will need to make a different angle cut sooner or later.

For this reason, you will require making measurements of your different angle cuts. And you can do it with a swivel ruler effortlessly. You should buy a tile cutter that will help you cut multiple angles and measure them to make your life comfortable.

Last Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide will lead you to pick the best manual tile cutter. With all the above information, making a precise decision will be much easier for sure.

Cutting tiles without a tile cutter is a time-consuming task. With a tile cutter, you can accomplish a tile cutting project efficiently. Look for a tile cutter that is easy to use and helps you make the tile cutting task easier. All the reviewed manual tile cutters in this article are promised to give you the best result with their unique characteristics. Ensure wearing safety gear when working with a manual tile cutter.