best heavy duty bench vise

Multi-Purpose Heavy Duty Bench Vise

A reliable bench vise is a shop helper that woodworkers or carpenters can own. It is a well-machined tool that is mounted to a workbench or table. This versatile tool comes with swivel jaws generally used to hold wood or metal from more than one horizontal direction.

Remember that all vises are not built for precise detail and offer a firm grip method. A good quality bench vise has a rotating head with multiple locking positions. Also, some models of the bench vise are equipped with rubberized jaw coverings to minimize slippage.

Well, sit tight; this guide will look into the key features, highlights, and considerations of the best heavy-duty bench vise.

Quick Comparison of Top 7 Best Bench Vises

ProductKey SpecificationsMore Info
Top 7 Best Heavy Duty Bench Vise for Multi-Purpose Uses 1
WEN 456BV Bench Vise
Jaw Width: 6-Inch
Weight: 35.7 lbs.
Material: Cast iron
Strength: 36,000 PSI
PriceDetail review
Top 7 Best Heavy Duty Bench Vise for Multi-Purpose Uses 2
HFS Heavy Duty Bench Vise
Jaw Width:4-Inch
Weight: 10 lbs.
Material: Alloy Steel
Strength: 600 kg
PriceDetail review
Top 7 Best Heavy Duty Bench Vise for Multi-Purpose Uses 3
Forward DT08125A Bench Vise
Jaw Width: 5-Inch
Weight: 35.4 lbs.
Material: Ductile Iron
Strength: 60,000 PSI
PriceDetail review
Top 7 Best Heavy Duty Bench Vise for Multi-Purpose Uses 4
Yost Vises ADI-4 Bench Vise
Jaw Width: 4-Inch
Weight: 22 lbs.
Material: Ductile Iron
Strength: 130,000 PSI
PriceDetail review
Top 7 Best Heavy Duty Bench Vise for Multi-Purpose Uses 5
Wilton 11106 Bench Vise
Jaw Width: 6-Inch
Weight: 38.9 lbs.
Material: Steel
Strength: 30,000 PSI
PriceDetail review
Top 7 Best Heavy Duty Bench Vise for Multi-Purpose Uses 6
Yost 750-E Bench Vise
Jaw Width: 5-Inch
Weight: 34 lbs.
Material: Ductile Iron
Strength: 60,000 PSI
PriceDetail review
Top 7 Best Heavy Duty Bench Vise for Multi-Purpose Uses 7
Forward CR60A Bench Vise
Jaw Width: 6.5-Inch
Weight: 41.4 lbs.
Material: Ductile Iron
Strength: 60,000 PSI
PriceDetail review

Our Best Work Bench Vise List

When you need to drill or cut an object, using a bench vise, what you need to pay attention to is graspability, stability, and accessibility. To sort out the best heavy duty bench vise we did market research, consulted experts, read customer reviews, and finalized a list of 5 multi-purpose uses bench vise. Here is the list:

  1. Wilton 11106 Heavy-Duty Bench Vise (best bench vise of all time)
  2. Forward DT08125A Bench Vise with Anvil (best for quick release)
  3. Yost ADI-4 Bench Vise 360-Degree Swivel Base (best for portable)
  4. Forward CR60A Heavy Duty Bench Vise (best for woodworking fixtures)
  5. Yost Yost 750-E Heavy-Duty Bench Vise (best for double swivel rotating)

More on the specifics of bench vises are after our best product review.

Top Rated 7 Bench Vise Reviews

Here’s a little sneak peek over the top choice of 2021 and most probably coming years as well – the seven best bench vise for the money! So, to find out which are the best, keep reading and we’ll help you to make the best buying decision:

1WEN 456BV Heavy Duty Bench Vise

WEN 456BV 6” Heavy Duty Bench Vise

  • Jaw Width: 6-inch
  • Material: Cast iron
  • Weight: 35.7 lbs.

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Highlight Features:

  • It features an onboard 4.3” X 3.6” anvil
  • 125° swiveling base
  • 3700 lbs. of clamping force
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Great value for money.

The WEN 456BV is a high-end bench vise that is made of heavy-duty cast iron. Also, it has a powder-coated finish, which makes it much more durable. For its long-lasting construction, professionals prefer this tool for their projects. Moreover, DIY enthusiasts immensely enjoy working with this device.

It has a deep throat capacity with 6” X ¾” grated jaws that open a maximum of 6 3/8” wide. As a result, you can seamlessly handle longer and wider workpieces with this device. Additionally, the jaw is patterned so that it generates a clamping force of 3700 lbs. for a secure and tight grip.

Executing tasks like polishing, grinding, drilling, and sanding will be efficient when you use this tool. In addition, it has 3 mounting holes that keep the device stable in its position. Overall, it is a simple tool with several handy features to make your woodworking task productive.

2HFS Heavy Duty Bench Vise

HFS Heavy Duty Bench Vise

  • Jaw Width: 4-inch
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Weight: 10 lbs.

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Highlight Features:

  • Precision casting body with coating finish
  • Smooth and double locking 360° swivel base
  • Pre-drilled holes for stable mounting
  • Powerful and replaceable jaws
  • Super solid vice.

Your search for a multi-purpose bench vise will end with the HFS Heavy Duty Bench Vise. It is a remarkably versatile bench vise that helps you to accomplish sanding, grinding, polishing, and many more. In fact, the size and price don’t give justice to the versatile usage that you can extract from this tool.

It is equipped with steel jaws that hold an object with incredible clamping power. More importantly, the jaw is replaceable and made of forged steel which ensures the tool’s durability. The whole body is a durable cast iron made for long-lasting performance.

Another worth mentioning feature is the double locking 360° swivel base. This feature allows you to turn the tool in every direction you require after mounting. All in all, it is a solid and sturdy piece of equipment.

3Forward DT08125A Heavy Duty Bench Vise with Anvil

Forward DT08125A Heavy Duty Bench Vise with Anvil

  • Jaw Width: 5-Inch
  • Material: Ductile Iron
  • Weight: 35.4 lbs.

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Highlight Features:

  • 5-Inch jaw width and opening
  • 2.6-Inch depth
  • Large anvil
  • Sturdy 60k PSI ductile iron
  • 5500lbs clamp force
  • 360-degree swivel both base and head.

This heavy-duty bench vise will have all you need for your multi-purpose DIY project – from sturdy and stable construction to the size and workspace.

Its jaw width is 5 inches, and it can open up to 5 inches with a 2.6 inches throat depth.

The special thing about this project is its clamp force that goes over 5500 pounds. It’s made of high-strength ductile iron that can stand 60k PSI. It has a large anvil so once mounted, you can grind, cut, bore, mill, and so on.

A 360 degrees swivel base is also a feature worth considering. It offers you complete freedom in placing the workpiece as you wish. The lock-down base was reliable during our testing.

All in all Forward DT80125A is also considered the best bench vise for woodworking because it can clamp larger objects due to its wide jaw and opening, and enough depth.

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4Yost Vises ADI-4, Heavy Duty Bench Vise with 360-Degree Swivel Base

Yost Vises ADI-4, Heavy Duty Bench Vise with 360-Degree Swivel Base

  • Jaw Width: 4-Inch
  • Material: Ductile Iron
  • Weight: 22 lbs.

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Highlight Features:

  • 22 pounds
  • 360 swivel
  • Double-lock-down base
  • Forged steel and powder-coated finish
  • 0.5”-2” pipe capacity
  • Anvil workspace
  • Guide rails
  • Replaceable hardened steel top jaws, grooved for better grip

For those that don’t need as large a vise, we believe the Yost ADI-4 bench vise is the best. This one has a 4-inch jaw width which is more than enough for home use. It has a great grip that will keep the workpiece in place no matter what.

It’s also the lightest product on our list, weighing only 22 pounds. This makes it easy to mount/unmounts and place somewhere else or store away for a neater workspace. This is one of the favorites for those who occasionally turn their garage into a workshop, and take things back to their place once they finish.

Yost ADI-4 is also great because it has a 360 degrees swivel, allowing for more space when working with a piece. The double-lock-down base keeps it still during processing. Though small, this product is extremely sturdy. It’s made of forged steel and it has a powder-coated finish that lasts a lifetime.

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5Wilton 11106 Bench Vise for heavy-duty use

Wilton 11106 Bench Vise for heavy duty use

  • Jaw Width: 6-Inch
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 38.9 lbs.

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Highlight Features:

  • Considered the best one ever made
  • Lifetime durability
  • 30k PSI gray cast iron body
  • 120-Degree swivel
  • Double lock down the base
  • Large anvil work surface
  • Grooved jaw inserts.

Not only that many consider Wilton 11106 the best American-made bench vise, but many in and out of the US think it’s the best bench vise ever made.

It weighs 38.9 pounds and it’s considered a lighter variant among the mid-to-heavy-duty bench vises. It has a 6-inch jaw width and opening and that makes it good for any kind of multi-purpose enthusiast since it can take any kind of lower and other necessary items.

It features a 120 degrees swivel with a double lock-down base, allowing for more maneuverability of an object while keeping it fast in place. The anvil is largely providing a solid and sturdy work surface.

The product comes with a lifetime warranty proving how durable and sturdy the vise is made. The confidence in their products made Wilton a favorite among DIY enthusiasts and light-duty users.

6Yost E-750 Heavy Duty Bench Vise

Yost E-750 Heavy Duty Bench Vise

  • Jaw Width: 5-Inch
  • Material: Ductile Iron
  • Weight: 34 lbs.

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Highlight Features:

  • Heavy-duty ductile iron rotating head and cast grey iron body cast
  • 5-Inches width and 4-7/8 inches opening, 3 inches throat depth
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Double lock-down.

This is the best heavy-duty bench vise that can help you with the hardest of multi-purpose projects, as well as some of the other projects you might have.

It has a scary clamping force of 7k pounds and a torque rating of 165 Ft-Lb. It’s made of 60k PSI ductile iron (the rotating head) and cast iron (grey, for the body). Its jaw is 5 inches wide and can open 4-7/8 inches. The really good thing about it is the 3-inch depth.

It is equipped with a heavy-duty 360 degrees base to place the workpiece at any angle. A large anvil allows for easy work with less movement around the workshop.

7Forward CR60A Heavy Duty Vise

Forward CR60A Heavy Duty Vise

  • Jaw Width: 6.5-Inch
  • Material: Ductile Iron
  • Weight: 41.4 lbs.

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Highlight Features:

  • Quick-release corrosion-resistant spindle
  • 60k PSI ductile iron
  •  270-degree swindle
  • Single lock down the base
  • Large heavy-duty anvil.

If you need a 6-inch base, Forward CR60A is the best 6-inch bench vise on the market. Here is why:

The jaw width is 6.5 inches actually, making it the widest on our list. The jaw can open 7 inches, and the throat depth is 3.8 inches, so it can fit in any kind of DIY multi-purpose workpiece.

Since recently, they upgraded the materials for manufacturing it, and now it’s all made of 60k PSI ductile iron, for the toughest of works.

The large anvil and the large jaw allow it to take a lot of work on itself, and it’s great to have for other projects.

Flexibility is its strength since it can rotate 270 degrees around the single lock-down base.

Buyers Guide

When buying a vise, you have to decide what work-piece your vise has to handle. Most mechanical works at home projects need 4-5 inches jaw width. Other than the size, there are a couple of more things to take into consideration:

After deciding the purpose and the specifics of your future vise, check out our recommendations.

The best bench vise of all time: Wilton 11106

Wilton is a favorite of many DIY enthusiasts and in a vast majority of cases – they don’t replace it. One of the reasons is the great lifetime durability of their product, for which they sometimes even guaranteed. Wilton 11106 is one of these products, and with its 6-inch jaw width and 6-inch jaw opening, it can take up any workpiece needed for a mechanical workplace. A 120-degree swivel with a reliable double-lock-down base ensures the workpiece won’t move even slightly.

The best quick release bench vise: Forward DT80125A

Forward DT80125A is a heavy-duty bench vise that’s made to last. It has a 5×5 jaw width and opening, and it can exert great clench force. Its 360-degree base allows for easy adjustments of the workpiece. It’s made of PS 60k ductile iron which is very durable. Its large anvil provides enough workspace for even larger projects. Finally, the spindle works perfectly, allowing for a quick release every time.

Best Portable Bench Vise: Yost ADI-4 Bench Vise

Made of forged steel that can take a punch, and powder coated to endure elements and wear, Yost ADI-4 is a better option for those who want a good 4-inch jaw width vise that will last for generations probably. In spite of its durability, it’s light (22 pounds) and it can be easily stored away when not needed. It has a pipe holder as well, and a 360 swivel with a double lockdown base.

Best Heavy Duty Bench Vise: Forward CR60A Heavy Duty Bench Vise

Forward CR60 has a 270 degrees swindle that keeps the workpiece in place, a sturdy ductile iron body, and parts that provide great durability. The largest on the list, its jaw width reaches 6.5 inches and the depth of 3.8 inches, it’s made to handle all kinds of DYI multi-purpose projects.

Additional Information/FAQs

How do I choose a bench vise?

To choose a bench vise wisely, you will need to consider a few things. The first is jaw width – it should be able to open enough to accept the item you are working on. Secondly, you’ll need to consider mounting – usually, vises use 3 or 4 bolts, they should keep them tightly in place. Alternatively, you can opt for clamp mounting – they will be easier to mount, at the cost of stability in some cases. Finally, swivel and quick release are desirable, because they make the job more convenient and faster.

How much force can a bench vise?

Different quality vises can exert different max force/pressure on the object. High-quality bench vises can exert up to 90k PSI, while cast-iron vises can exert between 19k and 60k PSI. Some vises can apply much greater pressure than 90k PSI.

What is the strongest vise?

Heavy-duty vise we can recommend id Yost ADI-6 heavy-duty 6-inch bench vise. It is about four times stronger than an average cast iron vise. While being very durable, it is not that heavy – only 42 pounds. It has a 6-inch jaw opening that opens up to over 7 inches and a throat capacity of 3.7 inches.


If you need a traditional 4-inch vise with a little more swivel, Yost ADI-4 is a great option. It has a 360-degree swivel and its steel can stand up to 130k PSI of pressure. With a smaller 4 inch jaw, it allows for more precision during work, and it has a counter-weight guide rail that restores precision.