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The Best Gunsmith Punch Set You Will Ever Own

A mechanical engineering workshop owner knows having the best gunsmith punch set in hand means owning several helping hands. Using a complete gunsmithing punch set, you will be able to accomplish a range of tasks quite efficiently.

Moreover, you can finish an application with greater detail and the best precision when you have a gun punch set of different sizes.

A dedicated mechanic can effortlessly cut off unwanted bolts’ heads and remove perforated screws by taking assistance from a collection of punch heads.

Simultaneously, avoiding unwanted damage when trying to fix a watch, transmissions, or guns becomes easier.

We researched and independently selected the 6 best Armorer tool kits in this guide.

Why Do You Need the Gunsmith Punch Set?

The Gunsmith Punch Set is an essential tool for anyone who owns a gun. The set consists of two pieces of equipment – a punch for striking bullets out of a cartridge and a loading press for reloading the cartridge. The toolset can also be used for a variety of other purposes, but most importantly, it will ensure that you don’t have to buy a separate piece of equipment for each job. The punch can also be used to remove the primer cap from a cartridge case, which will help in preventing accidental discharge.

Gunsmith punch sets are some of the widely used in mechanical engineering workshops. This set includes a number of punches such as pin, center punch, drift, etc.

Different punches are assigned for different tasks. Center punch guides a drill by creating small point markers and stopping the drill from going astray. On the other side, a pin punch is beneficial when eliminating pins from a chain. Also, a drift punch offers the same benefit. But the only difference is, it assists in drifting out pins from a workpiece.

With a good quality punch set gunsmithing, performing as many applications with supreme accuracy gets easier and effortless.

Top 6 Gunsmith Punch Set Reviews

Let’s go through the key features of our selected gunsmithing brass punch set. Here we enlisted a gun pin punch set of different price points so that you can choose the best-suited item as per your requirement.

So, to find out which are the best, keep reading and we’ll help you to make the best buying decision:

1Wheeler Engineering Hammer & Punch Set

Wheeler Engineering Hammer & Punch Set

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Highlight Features

  • Convenient hammer with the double head design
  • It comes with a well-built carrying case
  • Must have hammer and punch set for gunsmithing
  • Provides the right punch to avoid damage
  • Lightweight and handy hammer

The Wheeler Engineering Hammer & Punch Set consists of solid plastic constructed punches (2 pcs), precision brass punches (8 pcs), steel punches (4 pcs), and a hammer which is made of brass/polymer combination. With so many punches, it is suitable for drifting sights, driving pins on your workpiece.

Its included hammer comes with a dual-head design. The hammer weighs only 6oz. and is designed for precise control. You can use the steelhead for metal punches. At the same time, the brass head helps to prevent marring. Both heads ensure that your punches will not disfigure the work surface.

The plastic case is very sturdy, and therefore you can keep the punches and hammer in the case instead of moving them into a catch-all drawer. It is of high quality and has just the right weight to them. The punches are tooled very well, and you will never find an issue with them.

Getting you the best torque wrench for gunsmithing.

2Real Avid Accu-Punch Hammer & Punches Set

Real Avid Accu-Punch Hammer & Punches Set

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Highlight Features

  • Well-balanced and ergonomic hammer
  • The hammer’s rubberized grip fits nicely in the hand
  • All the pins are well-constructed
  • It includes a non-slip smart bonus block
  • Magnetic bonus blocks capture small pins, preventing losing.

The Real Avid Accu-Punch Hammer & Punches Set is a reliable gunsmithing tool combined with an exceptionally designed smart bench block. The ergonomically designed hammer is well-balanced and optimized that applies precise tap. Thus, no damage happens to the tiny pins yet offers enough force.

Precision and accuracy are mandatory when handling small parts. You can conveniently remove the pin without damaging, marring, or scratching the finish with this set. In addition, the included bench block ensures an additional level of stability so that you can work confidently and efficiently.

This is an excellent little set for working on firearms. The punches are nice; even the thinner ones included feel solid. The hammer is balanced well, the handle fits nicely in hand, and the rubber grips keep it in hand. Overall this is a great buy, high-quality set of tools.



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Highlight Features

  • It comes with 4 interchangeable hammer set
  • Pin alignment tool helps you to hold pins more easily
  • Specially treated, durable, and rigid plastic punch set
  • The set consists of a non-slip pad
  • All the pins are made of steel.

The W WIREGEAR Punch Set comes with a detachable hammer, pin alignment tool, 3 pcs nylon punches, and 9 pcs steel punch pins. All these accessories are well-organized in a rigid plastic box. You will love to know that both hammerheads are interchangeable between steel, rubber, nylon, and brass; select the appropriate one according to your need.

Furthermore, the included punches are made of steel, and they are treated, making them sturdy and durable compared to other brands’ punches. In addition, these specially treated 9 pcs steel roll pins with hex-handle, allow you to control more precisely.

It works very well on all of my handguns, rifles, and shotguns. It’s particularly nice if you are worried about marrying your firearm. Several options should prevent this from happening. Overall, it’s a good value and really takes some effort out of breaking down your firearm.

4Grace USA – Steel Punch Set with Bench Block

Grace USA – Steel Punch Set with Bench Block

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Highlight Features

  • Quality construction and heat-treated punch set
  • The oil-resistant rubber bench block
  • The punches perform as expected
  • The rubberized bench block holds the punches securely
  • Quality is ensured as the set has undergone a rigorous quality inspection process.

When in search of the best punch tools for gunsmithing, the Grace USA – Steel Punch Set with Bench Block would be one of the top options. This is a complete set that is great for dedicated mechanics whose applications keep changing. Genuine precision and quality are confirmed in every tool as this set is undergone through rigorous inspection quality.

Each punch set is made of premium quality Carbon Molbendenum Steel, guaranteeing the longevity of the set. More importantly, the sets are heat treated. As a result, they withstand heavy force without hassle.

The set is equipped with a 60 durometer Neoprene rubber bench block to hold the punches in their position in a smarter way. It is resistant to oil and chemicals. The base is a nice touch. The construction of each accessory makes them ideal for firearm projects.

5W WIREGEAR Gunsmith Punch Set

W WIREGEAR Gunsmith Punch Set

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Highlight Features

  • The hammerhead is engineered with steel and brass
  • Thicken handle and head made of upgraded materials
  • The hammer has 4 replaceable heads fit for various situation
  • Pins of this punch set are much more durable
  • The set has undergone several tests to ensure its durability.

This is another punch set from the manufacturer W WIREGEAR with upgraded features. Several upgrades happen in this model based on the customer’s request. With the heavy and big hammerhead, it becomes a perfect gunsmithing tool.

2 heads of the hammer are made of 2 different materials: brass and steel. More importantly, the heads are detachable. You can interchange the heads with the included rigid nylon head and strong rubber head according to your project requirement.

Generally, many punches of other brands break easily over time. This way, the whole punch set can be abandoned. Keeping this point in mind, the manufacturer especially treats the pins and improved them a lot to make them robust and strong. The pins of this set are durable and 5X stronger than its counterpart.

6WEAVER 849719 Deluxe Gunsmith Tool Kit

WEAVER 849719 Deluxs Gunsmith Tool Kit

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Highlight Features

  • 88-pieces punch set for a wide array of gunsmithing task
  • Plastic and brass faced hammer
  • The set consists of all the basic tools of gunsmithing
  • Offers professional-grade performance
  • Great quality kit at a reasonable price.

When you need to make professional-grade work, the WEAVER 849719 Deluxe Gunsmith Tool Kit would be the best option. The first feature which will impress you the most is; this kit is a comprehensive set of 88-pieces kits. Don’t think that it consists of some useless punches. The truth is, it features premium quality steel punch of different sizes to match different pins.

Brass and plastic face hammers ensure precision adjustments. Moreover, this nice tool kit has a plethora of screwdriver bits to fit all-sized screws in your gun without causing screw head damage. This kit is something you really need when working with rifles.

It has a nice wide variety of punches, flat head bits, Phillips bits, star and hex head bits, larger scope bits, pretty much almost all the small basic pieces you need for gunsmithing. It is a great little tool kit and has all the necessary tools to handle basic gunsmith requirements.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Gunsmith Punch Set

Before you select a set of the best roll pin punches for gunsmithing, there are some considerations that you need to take into account. Focus on the below factors carefully.

Durability and Strength

The durability of a tool is the biggest factor to consider.

In this case, a gunsmithing punch set has to be made of durable materials. Carefully choose a set that is made of long-lasting materials like steel, carbon steel, etc. The good news is, punches and pins are manufactured using premium steel and heat-treated as well to give better performance.

Your Requirements

Your project requirement should play a crucial role when buying a gunsmith punch set. It is significantly essential to choose a set that meets all your project requirements.

After buying a set, if you find that the pins are incompatible with your project needs, valuable money, effort and time will go in vain.

So, make sure that your selected set is compatible with your project and then buy it.


All the reviewed sets in our guide contain a variety of sizes to fit multiple applications. While you choose a set for yourself, don’t forget to check the punch size to make sure that the set will be of use to your job.

It also relies on specific use. For example, smaller pin punches are beneficial when dealing with firearms such as AR 15. At the same time, considering punches’ length is also vital as maneuverability is determined by it.


Considering the punches shank design is also essential when buying the best gunsmith punch set. Shank design can be different like hemispherical, beveled, etc. The different design offers different benefits.

Hemispherical tips are best for easy handling. Also, they are durable, and you will get many years of service. On the other hand, beveled tips help to make alignment easier.

Work Environment

Unfortunately, many of us don’t consider the work environment.

If you work in a sparkling environment, it would be best to use punches manufactured using copper-beryllium, aluminum bronze, brass, etc.

Do I Need to do Maintenance of My Gunsmith Punch Set?

Similar to all other tools, gunsmith punch sets also require maintenance to upkeep their performance. Simultaneously, the expected lifespan will be ensured if you do so.

Generally, punches are tempered following different processes. They have a harder working end and a softer striking end. Thus, the striking end becomes more vulnerable to impacts. So, it would help if you use a protective cap in the striking end to prevent potential damage.


Why is brass punched?

Brass gunsmithing punches effortless drive pins in firearms without damaging, scratching, or gouging. Brass punches are commonly used when repairing or maintaining firearms. Characteristically, brass is softer compared to steel. As a result, they do minimal damage to firearms.

What tools are needed for gunsmithing?

A dedicated gunsmith always looks for upgraded gadgets and gear for their projects. If you want to do different DIY projects, the listed tools are needed for gunsmithing.

Are gunsmiths in demand?

The demand for gunsmiths is gradually increasing over the last decades. According to the Department of Labor State, gunsmith’s salary range is now between $36,000 – $48,000 per year, which is an increase than before because of the demand increase.

What is brass punched?

It is a tool that is available in different sizes and shapes. These tools are widely used to fix trigger mechanisms in pistols and assault rifles.

Most of the time, brass punches are used to eliminate pins, and you will find that these tools are known as brass pin punches.

Can I use a gunsmith punch set to engrave steel?

Using a heavy-duty gunsmith punch set, you can easily engrave steel. More importantly, the process will be painless. However, the basic rule of, when dealing with a gunsmith punch set, works on a softer surface than the working material.

Final Words

If you are confused and worried about cleaning and maintaining your firearm, owning the best gunsmith punch set will be the ideal solution. To do the firearm cleaning, repairing task efficiently, a gunsmith punch set is mandatory. In addition, this tool helps you to avoid unwanted accidents as well.

Hopefully, this guide will help you identify the best-suited tool. All the reviewed products are manufactured for ease of use and precision. Moreover, the above tools are made to provide many years of service.

Whatever model or set you select, choose wisely that meets your requirement. Otherwise, everything will go in vain.