Full-Size Carbide Wood Turning Tools

Woodturning is not an effortless job and unquestionably not for the faint of heart. However, technology has advanced a lot over the last few decades; thus, the woodturning task has become satisfying and comfortable.best full size carbide turning tools

Among the several inceptions, a full-size carbide turning tool is an essential piece of equipment that helps you create superior craftsmanship.

The best full-size carbide turning tools offer incredible leverage and control. It allows you to remove a large amount of wood safely without stopping and sharpening. Additionally, they have long handles, supporting you when turning a wood piece.

Stick with us to learn more about the carbide tip woodturning tools.

What is a Full Size Carbide Turning Tool?

Woodturning carbide tools are mainly categorized into 2 types: cutting tools and scraping tools. Basically, carbide cutters are scrapers.

Round carbide inserts for turning tools consist of a steel shaft and a small replaceable blade.

As a result, when the blade is blunt, simply lose the bolt or nut and then rotate the blade to a sharper area.

When the blade is blunt, and you can’t perform any woodturning task precisely, get a new blade, unscrew the older one, and swap it. Therefore, you don’t need to use HSS to sharpen the tools.

What are the Types of Full Size Carbide Turning Tools?

According to the tips/inserts, you will find 4 types of full-size carbide turning tools.

  1. Roughers – Square tips
  2. Finisher – Round tips
  3. Swan Neck Hollower – Round tips
  4. Detailer – Radius diamond tips

carbide turning toolsAlso, tips/inserts are available in 5 different types of shapes.

  1. Square
  2. Radius Square
  3. Round
  4. Rounded point diamond
  5. Sharp Diamond

Full-Size Carbide Turning Tools vs. Standard HSS Tool – What are the Differences?

Characteristically, carbide turning tools and standard HSS tools are entirely different. Carbide turning tools are scrapers, while standard HSS tools are cutters.

Traditional HSS Tool

When working with traditional tools, a bit of practice is necessary to get familiarized. However, once you are familiar with them, using conventional HSS tools can be rewarding. You can remove a lot of wood efficiently and will get an excellent finish.

HSS tooltips can wear out frequently, and periodic sharpening is necessary. However, sharpening is not a challenging task; you can easily do it using a regular sharpener.

  • Sharper edge compared to carbide tools
  • You can use it to reduce materials
  • Easy to sharp
  • Less expensive
  • Impressively shaped that allow you to create unique, cutting edge
  • The tip wears out faster
  • Less efficient in creating smooth surface finishes

Full-Size Carbide Turning Tools

Scraping with carbide tools is extremely easy, and you don’t need a lot of practice to learn how to use it. Compared to traditional HSS tools, it requires less practice to become a master of this tool. Moreover, they perform waster to create the expected shape.

The razor-sharp edge offers the best performance. In addition, you can rotate the tip type to get a new and fresh sharp area when the tip wears out.

Carbide tools are expensive, and the sharpening process is quite difficult. Taking assistance from a diamond stone, the tip needs to be sharpened.

  • Heat tolerance is higher than traditional HSS tools
  • Creates a better and smooth surface
  • Compatible with highly abrasive materials like cast iron, glass-filled plastics, and polymers
  • The tip is wear and tear-resistant
  • Sharpening the tip is extremely difficult
  • Expensive

10 Best Full-Size Carbide Turning Tools Reviews

Here is the review of the best quality carbide woodturning tools. All selections deliver efficient and reliable performance.

1Savannah-7586 Carbide Turning Tool

Savannah-7586 Carbide Turning Tool

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Highlight Features:

  • Solid wood constructed handle
  • Comfortable, rubberized grip
  • 13-1/2” long handle
  • Suitable for rough shaping and large scale removal
  • Super sharp tools.

Using the Savannah-7586 Carbide Turning tool, the woodturning process will be effortless. It is suitable for all skill-level craftsmen and delivers reliable performance right from the start. The tool scraps like a hot knife through butter and uses them for spindles, bowls, pepper mills, bottle stoppers, and even making pens.

The turning tool comes with 3 different cutter types: square cutter, round cutter, and diamond cutter. You will love to know that the razor-sharp tips remain sharper for long days. In order to make your woodturning projects enjoyable, it features a flat back that ensures stability when turning.

With its large square cutter, you can smoothen out cuts conveniently for its slightly rounded profile. Also, the large rounded cutter is suitable for curved and concave surfaces and can be used for general woodturning applications. Furthermore, you can achieve smooth finishes in tight and small areas with the large diamond cutter.

2Simple Carbide Wood Turning Tools

Simple Carbide Wood Turning Tools

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Highlight Features:

  • Simple design reduces the learning curve
  • Engraved woodturning tools make finding replacement cutters effortless
  • Stainless steel construction for durability
  • The 2 stainless steel set screws are easy to lose using a 1/8″ Allen key for effortless tool changing
  • Ensures greater balance and control

Whether you are a professional, beginner, or seasoned craftsman, the Simple Carbide Wood Turning Tools is best for all skill levels. It is engineered to make your woodturning application easy and enjoyable. Moreover, due to its simplistic design, it is so easy to use.

Many customers appreciate its simplicity, allowing them to quickly turn and hollow the wood to the expected shape with this tool. In fact, you will have to do less physical work when roughing materials because most of the shock gets created by the tools instead of your arms and hands.

The tool is CNC machined from aircraft aluminum, ensuring the durability of the tool. Soft and comfortable foam rubber covers the grip to minimize hand fatigue during an extensive turning session. At the same time, the grip confirms great control and balance to achieve an efficient result.

3Simple 17” Long Interchangeable Woodturning Tool

Simple 17” Long Interchangeable Woodturning Tool

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Highlight Features:

  • Aluminum handle for convenient grip
  • Solid aluminum interchangeable handle with foam grip
  • Versatile tool with 6-piece carbide tipped
  • Rust-proof construction provides many years of service
  • Suitable for medium to large-size applications.

“Concentration” is significantly essential to make a woodturning application successful. The Simple 17” Long Interchangeable Woodturning Tool will let you focus on the project, not on sharpening or techniques. Also, the learning curve is less compared to other sharpening tools. After unboxing the tool, you can start working with it.

This is a complete set of 6-piece carbide tipped, making it eligible for versatile woodturning applications. It includes a simple rougher, a simple turner and hollower, a simple 90° detailer, a simple 55° detailer, and a simple swan neck hollower. Additionally, for easy rotation, it comes with a T15 and a T20 Torx star tip.

When the tools are not in use, you can easily keep the tools flat on the tool rest because of the square shaft design of the 5 tools. These high-grade stainless steel tools are perfect for aspiring woodturners, allowing them to complete a woodturning project with accuracy and sharp detail.

4Tenfer 3 Piece Carbide Woodworking Tool

Tenfer 3 Piece Carbide Woodworking Tool

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Highlight Features:

  •   Replaceable cutters available to eliminate sharpening
  • 16.2” total length for handling a wide range of projects
  • Comfortable and soft handle reduces vibration effectively
  • Provides clean cuts by digging deep into the wood
  • Sharper, harder, and durable carbide cutters.

Are you someone who doesn’t prefer to sharpen the woodturning tool quite frequently? Then, the Tender 3 Piece Carbide Woodworking Tool would be the best choice for you. This set of woodturning tools come with additional extra cutters, allowing you to avoid time-consuming sharpening tasks.

It offers remarkable universality while performing applications using this tool for its exceptional design. The total length is 16.2”, enabling you to handle small projects, including goblets and pens. Also, large-scale jobs like bows and barrels can easily be finished when you have these tools in hand.

Generally, woodturning tools vibrate a lot when working. Thus, larger projects can be painful, and you may feel strain in your hands and arms. You will never face a hand fatigue issue when working with this toolset. The handle is super soft, reducing vibration and ensuring a tight grip to maintain accuracy.

5Yufutol Carbide Woodturning Tool

Yufutol Carbide Woodturning Tool

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Highlight Features:

  • Simplistic design for elevated compatibility
  • 12’6” tool length
  • 3 different variations for greater convenience
  • The cutting head is sharp and easy to use
  • It comes with one extra blade each

In naked eyes, you will find it an unimpressive product. However, once you start working with it, the Yufutol Carbide Woodturning Tool will insist you to say “super cool” after completing a project. The wooden handle makes it ideal for beginners as gripping will be exceptionally comfortable.

It comes with an entirely uncomplicated design and is free from tricky angles. As a result, you don’t need to be a master to use this product. The set includes 2pcs Diamond with radius cutters, 2pcs Square 11mm carbide cutters, and 2pcs Round 12mm carbide cutters.

This toolset makes roughing safer, simpler, and faster. Also, it ensures convenient and effective turning and hollowing to the expected shape. They are very sharp, easy to insert the cutting blades. Overall you will be pleased with the product’s performance.

6Easy Wood Tools 3 Piece Carbide Insert Lathe Turning Tools

Easy Wood Tools 3 Piece Carbide Insert Lathe Turning Tools

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Highlight Features:

  • Significantly simplifies the learning curve
  • The inserts remain razor sharp for many days
  • Multiple sharp sides
  • 1/2” square CNC machined stainless steel bar
  • 16” maple constructed handle.

Your search for a premium-quality product will end with the Easy Wood Tools 3 Piece Carbide Insert Lathe Turning Tools. The length of the handle is slightly longer than other lathe turning tools handle, helping you to balance and control the tools when operating.

It is a well-constructed and incredibly effortless to use toolset. Beginners won’t find it troublesome to use, and no need to worry about angles, less chance of catching, etc. Even the learning curve is also less due to its minimal design. Both square and round tools are ideal for roughing and finishing.

The tips are multiple-sided; when they get dull, simply rotate them and enjoy the work. They aggressively remove material when driven hard but leave a smooth surface with shallow cuts. All in all, the balance and ease of use will satisfy you for sure.

7Simple Woodturning Carbide Lathe Turning Tool Set

Simple Woodturning Carbide Lathe Turning Tool Set

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Highlight Features:

  • Allow you to concentrate on your work instead of sharpening or technique
  • Offers enjoyable and fast woodturning
  • Easy to handle regardless of the skill level
  • Convenient identifying of the cutter selection for tools engraving
  • The cutters don’t get dull easily.

The Simple Woodturning Carbide Lathe Turning Tool Set comes fully assembled; you can use them just after unboxing. It is stiffer and stronger as these tools are CNC machined from ½” square stainless steel. The cutters are of utmost sharpness, letting you accomplish detailed work efficiently.

This set is equipped with a simple rougher, a simple turner and hollower, and a simple 55 detailer. The tool rest of the simple rougher absorbs most vibrations created by interrupted cuts. Thus, roughing becomes much simpler.

In addition, you can quickly be hollowed and turned to the required shape by taking assistance from the simple turner and hollower. Plus, you will be able to achieve improved woodturning creativity using the simple 55 detailers.

8Tenfer 4 Piece Replacement Cutter for Lathe Turning Tool

Tenfer 4 Piece Replacement Cutter for Lathe Turning Tool

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Highlight Features:

  • Set of 4-piece replacement cutters
  • 100% tungsten carbide construction
  • Durable and efficient
  • Wear-resistant
  • Extremely sharp edge.

These are the replacement cutters from a renowned manufacturer Tender. This is a 4-piece set including 8.9mm Round, 10*28mm Diamond, 11*11mm square, and 12mm Round cutters. The cutters are too sharp and cut through like butter.

They are made of 100% tungsten carbide, ensuring the longevity of the inserts. In addition, tungsten carbide is the most wear-resistant metal known to man. This means you will get an extended period of service from these cutters. Characteristically, tungsten carbide produces a much better surface finish quality compared to other materials.

You can use them with ease. Frequent sharpening is entirely unnecessary as by rotating the inserts, you will get another sharp edge. Thus, these cutters help you save valuable time.

9Urbansential Woodturning Carbide Lathe Tools

Urbansential Woodturning Carbide Lathe Tools

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Highlight Features:

  • Ideal for any skill level turners
  • Hard and solid wood beech handle
  • Ergonomic design
  • Multiple sharp edges can easily be rotated
  • Replaceable carbide tip included.

The grip of a turning tool plays a significant role in becoming a master of woodturning work. The most stable grip is remarkably required for every skill level artisan. In order to get the most stable grip, you can rely on the Urbansential Woodturning Carbide Lathe Tools.

Rugged and solid wood beech is used in the handle of these lathe tools, ensuring stable grip. When you have this toolset in hand, you can complete your woodturning job efficiently and comfortably. This set includes 3 turning tools, supporting you to achieve a variety of woodturning tasks.

You don’t need to worry about sharpening the tool as each tool features a carbide tip with multiple sharp edges. More importantly, by rotating the edges several times, get a new sharp tip and continue working. You will also love to know that an extra replaceable carbide insert is available in this set.

10Easy Wood Tools Full-Size Easy Finisher

Easy Wood Tools Full-Size Easy Finisher

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Highlight Features:

  • Heavy-duty and durable carbide lathe tools
  • The bar is strong and cuts well
  • It stays sharp for many days
  • Cost-efficient single woodturning tools
  • It comes with a wood grip.

Many craftsmen prefer working with wooden handle tools. If you are a person who loves the same, the Easy Wood Tools Full-Size Easy Finisher would be the best option for you. It has round-headed tips which can effortlessly be used in woodturning projects of your school.

Although it is designed for beginners, professionals can also get the best result using it. The shanks are square stainless steel bar stock; the square shape means it is easy to hold the tool steady on the tool rest. The handles are long, very well finished, and just the right size for easy gripping.

It is not too heavy but has a good heft to it and feels good. This can be used in quite a few different cuts. Overall, it is an excellent woodturning tool that cuts through wood like butter and leaves a smooth finish.

Buying Guide – What to Consider Before Buying the Best Full-Size Carbide Turning Tools

Some crucial factors play a vital factor when buying the best quality carbide woodturning tools. You can buy an inferior quality product if you don’t consider these factors.

Here we put together the factors for your convenience.

Tips/Inserts Sharpness

The final result of a woodturning project depends a lot on the tool’s sharpness. Remember, more sharpness means more convenience when woodturning. So, it is mandatory to check the sharpness of the turning with carbide tools.

Now, you might be wondering how to check the tool’s sharpness?

Well, in this case, you need to rely on the customer review. Moreover, you can consider the above-reviewed tools. We selected those products which are extremely sharp. Furthermore, all of them stay sharp for an extended period.

Multiple Head

It would be best to select carbide mini turning tools that come with multiple heads. Although, multiple head carbide insert turning tools are expensive compared to single head carbide wood lathe turning tools. But using them, you can accomplish a wide range of woodturning tasks.

The most significant benefit of a multi-headed full size carbide turning tool is, the heads can be replaced according to your work preference. In fact, more head means more versatility. With multiple heads, you can give the required shape and fine-tune the wood efficiently.

Grip Quality

You can’t achieve the required result with an insufficient holding capacity. Since you may need to handle smaller or larger projects, the grip must be comfortable, firm, and convenient. A better result is only achievable when you comfortably grip the tool.

Some tools’ grip is covered with good quality super soft foam for improved grip. While some others handles are made of wood. Both types offer good gripping.

Whatever grip type you choose, make sure you feel comfortable holding the grip when working for long hours.


Are Carbide Turning Tools better?

The versatility carbide turning tools are exceptional and worth the price. Carbide turning cutters don’t get full easily and stay sharp for a long time. Even frequent sharpening is unnecessary since all edges are incredibly sharp, all you need to do is, rotate the tip to the sharp edge, and you are ready to go.

Are Full Size Carbide Turning Tools beginner-friendly?

Yes, a beginner can use carbide-turning tools without hesitation. These tools are safe to use and less prone to catching. Moreover, the learning curve is also less compared to traditional HSS tools. Furthermore, frequent replacement of the insert is not required because the tips remain sharp for many days. With all these benefits, carbide-turning tools are worth the price for beginners.

How long should a carbide insert last?

Carbide pen turning tools are 100 times stiffer and stronger than traditional HSS tools. However, you may be required to replace them once a year. Also, you can make them long-lasting by rotating the cutting edge when one side is dull.

What does the engraving on the tools mean?

STH = Simple Turner and Hollower

S90D = Simple 90° Detailer

SR = Simple Rougher

S55D = Simple 55° Detailer

5/8″ Round Shaft = Simple Shear Cutting Finisher (SSCF)

Which is better, HSS or carbide?

Carbide turning tools are much harder, and tool life is also longer. Cutting data is also faster than conventional HSS. Therefore, these tools are a good solution for low to high volume woodturning applications.

On the other hand, HSS tools are not as wear-resistant as carbide. So, their lifespan is also less. Nevertheless, these are a good choice for deep cuts with small tip sizes in harder materials.

Final Words

Many craftsmen consider the woodturning task as a difficult one. But, trust us, with the best full size carbide turning tools, you will never face hassle in your woodturning job. But, more importantly, the job will be enjoyable.

Avoid buying a poor-quality tool as the best result comes with the best product.

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