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Best Floor Scrubber Machine Review and Buying Guide

When I was a kid, I have seen, my mother or elder brother or my aunt were bent to their knees and cleaned our houses. When they were not feeling good enough to accomplish the task or were busy with other work, I was expanding my hands to clean our house.

It was not only a back-breaking but also time-consuming work.

Thanks to innovative technology, we no longer need to bend on our knees and hands to clean our house. The floor scrubber is a device that assists its user in cleaning their house comfortably.

Do not assume, providing comfortability is the only responsibility of a floor scrubber. Floor scrubbers are powerful enough to provide a spot-free, neat, clean, and gleaming floor.

I have shortlisted the 10 best floor scrubbers, which will deliver a polished and beautifully looked floor as it deserves.

Quick Comparison of Top 10 Floor Scrubbers

ScrubbersKey SpecificationsMore Info
FRUITEAM Electric Spin Cordless Tub and Tile Scrubber
FRUITEAM Electric Spin Cordless
Weight:  3.76 pounds
Dimension:  22 x 6 x 5 inches
Color:  White
Power Source:  Battery Powered
Additional Features:  Electric Spin
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Hoover FH40160PC Wet Dry Vacuum Hard Floor Cleaner Machine
Hoover FH40160PC Wet Dry
Weight:  23 pounds
Dimension:  14.40 x 12.80 x 32.80 inches
Color:  Silver
Power Source:  Corded Electric Power
Additional Features:  Clean Boost Control
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Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Multi-Purpose Hard Floor Cleaner
Oreck ORB550MC Hard Floor Cleaner
strong>Weight:  24 pounds
Dimension:  49.6 x 13.6 x 9.7 inches
Color:  Multi-color
Power Source:  Corded Electric Power
Additional Features:  Random Orbital Drive
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Boss Cleaning Equipment B200752 Scrubber
Boss B200752 Scrubber
Weight:  7 pounds
Dimension:  15 x 11 x 11 inches
Color:  Red
Power Source:  Corded Electric Power
Additional Features:  Ten cleaning path
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BISSELL 2039A Spinwave Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner
BISSELL 2039A Mop/Cleaner
Weight:  9.5 pounds
Dimension:  8 x 16 x 45 inches
Color:  Green
Power Source:  Corded Electric Power
Additional Features:  SpinWave design
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Bissell 1785A Crosswave All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Bissell 1785A Crosswave All in One
Weight:  11.02 pounds
Dimension:  10.5 x 12 x 46 inches
Color:  Green
Power Source:  Corded Electric Power
Additional Features:  Dual tank design
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Gladwell Cordless Electric Mop
Gladwell Cordless Electric Mop
Weight:  11 pounds
Dimension:  -
Color:  Black
Power Source:  Cordless Electric Power
Additional Features:  Liquid spray and LED light
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Vmai Cordless Electric Spin Mop
Vmai Cordless Electric Spin
Weight:  9.6 pounds
Dimension:  47.2 x 15.7 x 3.2 inches
Color:  White
Power Source:  Cordless Electric Power
Additional Features:  LED light head light
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LIGHT 'N' EASY 7688ANW Multi-Functional steam MOP
Weight:  6.3 pounds
Dimension:  46.4 x 11.8 x 6.8 inches
Color:  White
Power Source:  Cordless Electric Power
Additional Features:  Portable design
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Haffyce Electric Spin Scrubber
Haffyce Electric Spin Scrubber
Weight:  3.84 pounds
Dimension:  17 x 6.5 x 5.6 inches
Color:  Blue
Power Source:  Battery Powered
Additional Features:  Electric Spin
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Top Rated 10 Scrubber Machine Reviews

Before picking the best items, I did in-depth research, read reviews, made a session with experts, and received comments from people who used the items practically. Then I come up with the top 10 products. Be sure; every product will satisfy you with its performance.

Check these out.

1FRUITEAM Electric Spin Cordless Tub and Tile Scrubber

FRUITEAM Electric Spin Cordless Tub and Tile Scrubber

  • Type: Electric Spin
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 3.76 lbs.

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Highlight Features:

  • Adjustable arm design fits to scrub for multi-purpose uses
  • Delivers high spin speed 0-300 RPM
  • Comes with 2 LG Lithium-ion batteries
  • AC Adapter and Brushes heads included

When it is time to ensure deep cleaning to your bathroom and tile floor, the FRUITEAM Electric Spin Scrubber will be a safe choice without any confusion. It includes a wide range of features like upgraded changeable arm, variable angle, high RPM, and many more. All these features make it one of the best electric spin scrubbers in the market.

It is a powerful scrubber that is powered by a 2 X 2150 Mah, 3.5V rechargeable LG battery. Within 3.5 hours, you will get a fully charged device that can last up to 1.5 hours without taking any break. Its spin speed is 300RPM; within a short time, you can cover a large area effortlessly.

Four types of cleaning brush heads will confirm you can accomplish a wide range of cleaning projects on different surfaces. Besides, the brush heads are promised to ensure a prolonged period of service. Splashing water can not do any harm to scrubber heads, and it is compatible to work under wet conditions too. Bristles work perfectly on tiles, and Do not leave any scratch marks. More importantly, the quality of the bristle is excellent, and no deformation will happen within a short time.

One of the best features of the floor scrubber is its 21-inch extendable stainless-steel handle. The handle will allow you to reach the corners and edges with ease, and bending is also unnecessary. So, say “bye-bye” to back pain and arthritis.


  • Powerful battery-powered electric scrubber.
  • Extendable 21-inch stainless steel handle.
  • Water-resistant cleaning brush head.


  • Unavailability of speed variation

2Hoover FH40160PC Wet Dry Vacuum Hard Floor Cleaner Machine

Hoover FH40160PC Wet Dry Vacuum Hard Floor Cleaner Machine

  • Type: Clean Boost Control
  • Color: Silver
  • Weight: 23 lbs.

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Highlight Features:

  • Dual tank design for separate clean and dirty water
  • SpinScrub brush technology clear 360° counter-rotating
  • Equipped with four brushes
  • 2-year limited warranty included

Cleaning any sealed hard floor is a matter of time for the Hoover floor scrubber FH40160PC is the hardwood floor cleaner machine. It is equipped with four brushes that perform to clean all the dirt from the floor. If cleaning your kitchen floor is a tiresome job, then consider this hard floor cleaner.

First of all, it is engineered with two designated water tanks. Clean and dirty water stays separate to let the unit stay away from pushing dirty water on the floor. Moreover, freshwater tanks are large enough, and frequent refilling is unnecessary while cleaning. After cleaning, its one motion feature leaves the floor dry and shiny.

It is a pack of different innovative technologies. SpinScrub brush technology is one of them that is patented 360° counter-rotating. Its removable brush firmly washes and scrubs away sealed wood, vinyl, tile, and grout from every angle. Besides, if you need to apply an additional detergent to any stubborn stains, simply take assistance from the fingertip control system.

You will never face any difficulty while cleaning the item. Tank, brush, and nozzles can easily be removed so that you can clean the thing comfortably. Regular cleaning will ensure long-term service from the floor cleaner. Changing the pad is unimportant since the cleaner sucks up all the messes.


  • Spin Scrub technology
  • Dual tank system for clean and dirty water
  • Clean Surge control at the fingertip


  • Unavailability of swivel steering

3Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Multi-Purpose Hard Floor Cleaner

Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Multi-Purpose Hard Floor Cleaner

  • Type: Random Orbital
  • Color: Multi
  • Weight: 24 lbs.

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Highlight Features:

  • Random orbital drive design moves the brush head in a random orbit pattern.
  • 50-foot long power cord fits wide-area scrubbing.
  • 1-year limited warranty included

The Oreck surface scrubs hard floor cleaner machine specialty provides efficient and hardwood floor cleaner solutions on a wide range of floor options. Whether you own a tile floor or wood or vinyl floor or any hard floors, this floor-cleaner works efficiently on any floor option.

Oreck floor scrubber will not only clean your floor but also will make your floor sturdy and robust. The speed of the brush is 175 RPM, pretty high. However, you may think it creates much sound due to its high speed leading to disturbance. But the fact is, it works quietly so that you can concentrate on your work. Cleaning the floor will become much enjoyable and convenient with this item.

You will be amazed to learn about the long-length power cord of Oreck’s hardwood floor cleaner machine. It is 50 ft long, allowing its user to cover an ample space with ease. Since the power cord is long, you Do not need to change the power outlet position frequently from one to another. Moreover, its cleaning path is 13-inch, which is a full length compared to its range. It also means comfortability is its main focal point when you are cleaning a large area.

Because of its excellent design and comfortable handle, moving around your house for cleaning purposes will not be challenging. You will never experience any hassle working with this virtually maintenance-free floor cleaner.


  • Multi-floor surface and carpets deep cleaning
  • 13-inch wide cleaning path
  • Compatible with dry cleaning as well


  • Some customer questions regarding its durability

4Boss Cleaning Equipment B200752 Scrubber

Boss Cleaning Equipment B200752 Scrubber

  • Type: Ten cleaning path
  • Color: Red
  • Weight: 7 lbs.

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Highlight Features:

  • The lightweight design fits into the tightest spaces scrubbing
  • Foot-activated power release pedal
  • Comes with four individual spinning heads
  • Washable microfiber pads included

The first thing you will love about this Gloss Boss Scrubber is, it comes with a relatively simple and classic design. Also, impressively lightweight, only 7 lbs. Experiencing its power, you will wonder and whisper to yourself, how can a lightweight scrubber become so powerful? Yes, it is compelling with 470 RPM. With its comfortable handle, anyone can use it without any trouble.

Scrub brushes that are available with the item are incredibly useful. The Gloss Boss hardwood floor cleaner solution is durable in removing robust stains from wooden floors, hard floors, carpets, and rugs. The thing is available with four attachments. You need to attach these attachments to the bottom of the scrubber. Be noted; each accessory is unique in doing specific types of floor cleaning.

The best part of the scrubber that is worth mentioning is that it is practical and easy to use. It is thin and tall that will allow you to store the scrubber in different places conveniently. You can quickly move around it since it has wheels placed on the bottom. Moreover, these wheels will allow you to move the unit on any type of floor.

You may need to use a cleaning solution based on the floor type that you are scrubbing because the scrubber will not be able to clean large stains always without taking aid from any cleaning solution. Overall, purchasing the Gloss Boss Scrubber B200752 will save both valuable time and money in the long run.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • It allows ten cleaning path
  • Comfortable handle


  • Noisy

5BISSELL 2039A Spinwave Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner

BISSELL 2039A Spinwave Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner

  • Type: SpinWave
  • Color: Green
  • Weight: 9.5 lbs.

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Highlight Features:

  • SpinWave design fits for powerful cleaning
  • Powerful mop, spinning mop pads
  • Comes with two 8 oz. multi-surface formulas
  • Hard floor mop and mop pads included

“Love at first sight” – this saying is impressively perfect for the BISSELL Floor Scrubber 2039A Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner. The cleaner comes with a great design that works following counter-rotation technology. It is a mini industrial floor scrubber that is powered by electricity.

The working procedure of this scrubber is exceptional. Its robust spin pads work together and spin opposite to each other while cleaning. This way, it becomes unnecessary to move the mop in all different directions to remove tenacious stains. It has a spray trigger on the handle that allows you to control the cleaning solution’s usage.

While cleaning a floor or surface, sometimes we may need to move any furniture or answer a call. During this type of situation, if you place the mop upright, it will stop working. This way, it is saving power to use the mop for an extended period when required. Interestingly, this powerful mop does not create much sound and provides peace of mind.

The mop pads available with the unit are reusable and washable after every cleaning. Smooth swivel steering is another feature of the item that will assist you in pushing the mop with little effort during a cleaning session. As a result, you will always experience a relaxed cleaning session around furniture and different corners.


  • An ideal option for light to heavy-duty cleaning.
  • It creates less sound.
  • It Confirms safe clean.


  • Not suitable for deep grout.

6Bissell 1785A Crosswave All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell 1785A Crosswave All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

  • Type: CrossWave
  • Color: Green
  • Weight: 11 lbs.

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Highlight Features:

  • Dual tank design for separate clean and dirty water
  • CrossWave for vacuum dry and wet cleaning
  • Comes 3000 RPM dual-action brush roll

The BISSELL CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner is a combination of superior technology and longevity. It consists of many buzzing features and functions that make it one of the best floor cleaning machines for tile and grout in the market. The fact is, it is a combination of a vacuum cleaner and washing along with other features to ensure break-free performance for its user.

It is an all-in-one scrubbing system that means a single pass over the floor delivers a variety of types of cleaning. If you are getting inconsistent cleaning performance from your current vacuum cleaner, this BISSELL CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner will be a safe choice. The item will take a quick start by merely providing a gentle touch to its turn-on button. After the cleaning process, you will have a sealed, hard floor.

Many of us want to avoid mixing cleaning solutions and dirty water in a floor cleaner. Keeping this point in mind, the item comes with a dual-tank system. However, it is equipped with an innovative tank design that will allow you to make a solution of clean water and cleanser item following the right ratio.

Another innovative feature of the item is an easy-clean storage tray. With the help of this feature, you can effortlessly organize the cleaner after every cleaning session. To sum up, it is one of the versatile tile floor cleaner machines in its range.


  • Dual-tank system for keeping clean and dirty water separately.
  • Removable brush window and brush roll for easy cleaning.
  • Compatible in cleaning multiple surfaces.


  • It leaves thin water streaks.

7Gladwell Cordless Electric Mop

Gladwell Cordless Electric Mop

  • Type: Electric Spin
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 11 lbs.

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Highlight Features:

  • Lightweight slim cordless design fits for an easy mop.
  • Multi-functional electric mop.

Are you looking for an all-rounder floor cleaner? Your search will come to an end with the Gladwell Cordless Electric Mop because it has many functions and settings to fulfill your every requirement. It will serve you with its mopping, cleaning, waxing, and quick spraying feature to save energy and time.

Compared to a traditional mop, this electric mop works efficiently to remove the floor’s toughest stain. The base is 3-inch in size, and because of its ultra-thin construction, it is easy to use. Also, you can store the unit even in a compact space easily. Moreover, with its ergonomic handle, you will get painless access to every corner of your home.

The mop is battery-powered, so you won’t keep yourself chained to the wall. Cleaning will be convenient whenever and wherever, as per your requirement. The battery gets charged fully within 2 hours. With a fully charged Gladwell Cordless Electric Mop, you will be able to clean your whole house smoothly. The handle is extendable and rotates 180°. As a result, knocking and scrubbing at the hardest corner is not an issue for the item.

Additionally, it comes with a LED light on its head. That is illuminating dark when you are cleaning in a low light condition. Moreover, using its push button, the mop sprays the right amount of solution at the right place.


  • Fast charging system.
  • Efficient cleaning rate with the help of dual-spin motors.


  • Few customer complaints regarding its inconsistent performance.

8Vmai Cordless Electric Spin Mop

Vmai Cordless Electric Spin Mop

  • Type: Electric Spin
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 9.6 lbs.

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Highlight Features:

  • The dual-motor cordless design fits for powerful scrubbing.
  • One 250 RPM speed to eliminate dust and dirt.
  • Comes with detachable battery packs.
  • Soft-touch microfiber pads with reusable scrubby included

You are looking for a mop that comes with several features as well is affordable in price? Look no further and purchase the Vmai Cordless Electric Spin Mop. It is eligible to clean all types of stains from different kinds of floors. It is designed in such a way so that you can get the highest comfortability.

Cordless item means you have the freedom to use an item at any place and anytime as per your need. You can use this cordless item to clean the corners of your house with ease. Due to its lightweight 6.9 lbs feature, operating the unit requires less effort. Motor-driven design enables you to control the group using one hand.

Its dual-spin motor works with 250 RPM to eliminate dust and dirt from your floor. You can conveniently find stains and spots under home appliances with the help of its LED light. Besides, the package includes four different types of microfiber cleaning pads. Also, on-demand spray will help you dish out the exact amount of solution onto the cleaning surface.

You can quickly detach the battery and put it to charge anywhere. With a full charge, you can operate the unit for more than 35 minutes without taking any break. To get many years of service, all you need to do is simply replace the battery. The sound level is only 60 dB and nearly noise-free. Besides, the water tank capacity is 10.2 oz.


  • Cordless, electric, and dual-spin motor cleaning mop.
  • Step on to start the feature.
  • Stick-on mopping pad.


  • Less battery lifespan.

9LIGHT ‘N’ EASY 7688ANW Multi-Functional steam MOP

LIGHT 'N' EASY 7688ANW Multi-Functional steam MOP

  • Type: Steam mop
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 6.3 lbs.

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Highlight Features:

  • Design with touch sensor fits to activate steaming.
  • Variable three separate steam intensity settings for your needs.
  • Comes with interchangeable battery packs

The best steam mop for hardwood floors is available with five different functions: steam mop for hardwood floors, carpet/counter/glass cleaner, and garment steamer. With the correct settings, the item will deliver you a crystal-clear-looking tile floor, bath flooring, and many more.

Indeed, it is not just for the floor. Use it as a steam cleaner that is ideal for deep cleaning of upholstery, kitchen, and bathroom. You can operate it following three steam intensity levels: high, medium, and low. It means the steam setting level is offering you to control the item more precisely as per your need. When the mop stays in an upright position, it stops working. Simply tilt the handle to start the cleaning process with the item.

Additionally, following different interchangeable attachments, you can easily use it as a handheld steamer. It is well-designed with a touch sensor. Once you place your fingers over the touch sensor, the steaming process will get activated.

The cleaning pads of the LIGHT ‘N’ Easy Multipurpose Steam Mop is machine washable. You will also receive a few attachments with the item: mop pads made of microfiber, cleaning brushes, jet nozzle (1 pcs), and bonnet pad. Also, it is backed with a 1-year warranty.


  • Sturdy and lightweight.
  • Long power length: 20ft.
  • Fast heat up within 30 seconds.


  • Slow cool off feature.

10Haffyce Electric Spin Scrubber

Haffyce Electric Spin Scrubber

  • Type: Electric Spin
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 3.84 lbs.

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Highlight Features:

  • The lightweight, cordless design delivers optimal performance.
  • Variable 0-300 RPM speed to clean tile floors and grout.
  • Comes with rechargeable 3.65-volt battery packs.
  • An extension is and an adapter included.

With four individual cleaning brush heads, the Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber promises to serve you for many years. Within an hour, you will be able to clean your bathtub, kitchen floor, and tile grout. It has hard bristles ideal for cleaning and scrubbing tiles and various surfaces – mainly to remove these dirty bits in the corner of your bathroom.

The simple design makes the item easy to use. Due to the cordless and lightweight 3.69 lbs feature, it becomes portable. Even if you have to trek up to the top three flights from the dirty bathroom located in the basement to the guest room upstairs, you can carry the unit without any hassle. If you need to disassemble the handle, no worries, simply press the designated button, dismantle it and enjoy cleaning.

You Do not need to bend while cleaning underneath the furniture or hardly reach areas due to its long 21-inch handle. While cleaning, it is advisable to pick the right brush attachment that can help you get rid of all dirtiness with a single swipe.

Moreover, it is sturdy enough and works with 300 RPM. All in all, it is much efficient that you will never get tired while cleaning your whole house. No other floor scrubber can beat the performance of this item, undoubtedly. With all the excellent features, it is one of the best hard floor scrubbers.


  • Sturdy and lightweight.
  • Portable cordless design
  • 360 degree high rotate speed


  • Slow cool off feature.

A Vital Buying Guide for a Floor Scrubber Worth of Money

Pre-essentials While Picking the Best Floor Scrubber

From the top 10 enlisted items reviewed above, I believe you have found the best product that meets your requirements. However, if you are confused and pick the best product, below are a few tips to assist you through the selection process.

Spinning Speed

The high spinning speed is one of the foremost characteristics of a premium quality floor scrubber.

The prime responsibility of a floor scrubber is to ensure efficient cleaning. A floor scrubber with high spinning speed will ensure you will get reliable and efficient service.

300-600 RPM is the standard range of spinning speed. Floor scrubbers within this range will allow you to clean nearly any type of floor. So, it will be wise to choose a floor scrubber that comes within this range of spinning speed.

Besides, check whether the floor scrubber operates quietly or not. A noisy floor scrubber will disturb you while cleaning a floor. On the other hand, a quiet floor scrubber will offer you peace of mind.


Floor scrubbers are available with both corded and cordless options. Since corded floor scrubbers run with an electric power source, you Do not need to think about running time. Only you need to ensure you have the right power source system installed in your home.

While picking a cordless floor scrubber, you have to be careful enough to learn about its runtime. Be noted; you will receive long runtime service from a perfect cordless floor scrubber. The cordless floor scrubber machine is designed to ensure a minimum of 50 minutes runtime with a full charge.


It would be best if you pick a paint scrubber available with rotating heads. This type of floor scrubber will allow you to clean your floor quickly and painlessly.

Besides, make sure you have chosen a product that has a long extendable handle. This way, you Do not need to bend while cleaning corners and underneath furniture. Finally, you will not suffer from back pain.

Ease of Use

Let me ask you a question, why do you need to purchase a floor scrubber?

I am pretty sure; your answer will be “for comfortable floor cleaning purposes.”

However, the floor cleaner machine comes with all innovative features such as a wide cleaning path, LED light, washable pads, dual tank system, detachable battery, fast sprayer option, versatility, and many more.

The purpose of all these features is to make your cleaning process comfortable.

You may not find all features together in a single floor scrubber, but a combination of 2/3 features, as mentioned above, is enough to make your cleaning task convenient.

All the factors discussed in the section are vital that you must not compromise while picking the best item. Do not spend your time choosing a poor-quality product. Be sure an inferior quality product will deliver poor performance. Also, they will cost you more in the long run.

Floor Scrubber Maintenance Guide

Since you are spending valuable time and $ to purchase a floor scrubber, you must take proper care of it. Also, a floor scrubber is taking responsibility as well as ensuring a neat and clean floor, so Do not you think it requires correct maintenance?

Find the below maintenance guide of a floor scrubber.

Before and After Each Use Keep in Mind Some Safety Prerequisites

Before Every Use

1. Check Battery Status

Before you start a floor cleaning session, your floor scrubber battery status should be 100%. This way, you can start operating the machine at its maximum efficiency level.

If the battery is not charged fully, give it a full charge.

2. Check the Floor Cleaner Cleaning Pad

You will not get a shiny and clean floor if your floor cleaner has a damaged pad. But you can avoid this kind of issue if you check the cleaning pad before you get into work. If they are not in working condition, Do not hesitate to replace them.

Floor scrubbers come with additional pads, and you can easily attach them to your floor scrubber. Also, make sure you are using the right pad when working on different surfaces.

3. Fulfill the Solution Tank

It is significantly essential to fill the solution tank with freshwater. Make sure every time you are doing this whenever you are doing floor cleaning.

After Every Use

1. Cleaning the Tanks

Now you need to make both tanks empty and clean since one tank is filled with dirt you have just scrubbed off. Drain the solution from another tank if there is any residue left.

Turn off the device before you start cleaning or rinsing.

2. Detach the Brush and Give a Well-rinse

Look at the condition of your floor scrubbers pad. Remove the pad or brush from the machine and provide a well-rinse. If it comes with a machine-washable feature, Do not forget to wash it.

3. Clean the Floor Scrubber

Take a warm and clean cloth, clean the floor scrubber thoroughly. Confirm, you are doing this task correctly. This way, the floor scrubber will start working quickly during the next session without making any trouble.

4. Recharge the Battery

Do not forget to recharge the scrubber battery after every use. Thus, your scrubber will be ready for the next cleaning session.

Be remindful; if you do not follow the maintenance tips mentioned above, your scrubber lifespan will reduce. To get a prolonged service, you have no other choice except to take care of the unit.



What does a Floor Scrubber Do?

A standard floor scrubber consists of a scrubbing brush or pad; one tank holds water with a cleanser; another tank holds dirty water.

Firstly, water with a cleaning solution gets transferred through scrubbers brushes. This way, when the brush is spinning, the water and cleanser get distributed evenly on the floor. A squeegee attachment helps the vacuum system suck water and move it to another tank where dirty water gets reserved.

How Many Times Do I Need to Replace the Cleaning Pads?

The first and foremost rule of getting an excellent cleaning session from your floor scrubber is to keep the cleaning pads clean and upgraded. If you use a damaged cleaning pad, there is no doubt your floor scrubber will not perform efficiently, and your floor will remain dirty always, even after cleaning.

Now, replacing the cleaning pad depends on the cleaning pad construction and model of the floor scrubber. Also, the number of cleaning sessions plays a vital role. It is advisable to check the cleaning pads every time before you use the floor scrubber. This way, you will understand when you need to replace floor scrubber pads or brushes.

Final Verdict

Picking the best floor scrubbers requires well-research and time. Determine where you will use your selected floor scrubber as well as the type of floor you are cleaning with. Answers to these questions will assist you in picking the most suitable floor scrubber.

If you are searching for a robust, durable, and influential floor scrubber, purchase BOSS Cleaning Equipment B200752 Scrubber. It works with 470 RPM, and its comfortable grip makes the item easy to use on any surface.

Besides, if you are tight on budget and looking for an affordably priced floor scrubber, the Vmai Cordless Electric Spin Mop will be a safe choice. It performs consistently well on different types of floors with its four separate spinning heads.

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