23-Gauge Pin Nail Gun for Carpentry

best cordless 23 gauge pin nailerNail guns are a basic power tool and are widely used in the carpentry industry. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are available in different varieties. Apart from the basic kind, you will find 9 other types of the said power tool. That is the reason you can be assured of finding the ideal tool for the project at hand.

The 23-gauge cordless pin nailer may not be the most versatile one but many woodworkers find it handy. It is suitable for fastening all kinds of molding and trimming without damaging the wood.

In this guideline, we reviewed the 5 best cordless 23-gauge pin nailers, which are exceptional in their characteristics. Also, a comprehensive buying guide, FAQ section, and other necessary information are shared for your convenience.

Take a closer look at the write-up and get the best-suited 23-gauge pin nail gun for your woodworking project.

Quick Comparison of 5 Best 23-Gauge Cordless Pin Nailer

23-Gauge Pin NailerKey SpecificationsPrice
Makita XTP02Z 18V LXT Pin Nailer
Makita XTP02Z 18V LXT Pin Nailer
Power Type: Battery
Voltage: 18V
Capacity: 120 nails
Weight:  4.49 lbs.
Dimensions: 3.4x11.42x9.21 in.
Metabo HPT 18V Cordless Pin Nailer
Metabo HPT 18V Pin Nailer
Power Type: Battery
Voltage: 18V
Capacity: 120 nails
Weight:  4.4 lbs.
Dimensions: 9x3.4x8.6 in.
Makita TP03Z 12V Max CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Pin Nailer
Makita TP03Z 12V Pin Nailer
Power Type: Battery
Voltage: 12V
Capacity: 120 nails
Weight:  4.4 lbs.
Dimensions: 3.4x11.8x9.5 in.
Metabo HPT Cordless Pin Nailer Kit
Metabo HPT Cordless Pin Nailer Kit
Power Type: Battery
Voltage: 18V
Capacity: 120 nails
Weight:  4.4 lbs.
Dimensions: 9x3.4x8.6 in.
New Ryobi One+ P318 18v Volt Air Strike Cordless Pin Nailer
New Ryobi One+ P318 Pin Nailer
Power Type: Battery
Voltage: 18V
Capacity: 120 nails
Weight:  1.52 lbs.
Dimensions: 9x3.4x8.6 in.

5 Best Cordless 23-Gauge Pin Nailer Reviews

Here’s a little sneak peek over the top choice of 2021 and most probably coming years as well – the five best 23 gauge pin nailers! Should groove as just suitable for your mechanical workspace, be it an open-air or, tight space.

So, to find out which are the best, keep reading and we’ll help you to make the best buying decision:

1Makita XTP02Z 18V 23-Gauge Compact Cordless Pin Nailer

Makita XTP02Z 18V 23-Gauge Compact Cordless Pin Nailer

Highlight Features

  • Patented LED light for illuminating the working area.
  • 3-stage LED gauge indicates battery charge level.
  • 120-nails of maximum magazine capacity.
  • Much versatile and capable of driving 6 different nail sizes.
  • The rubberized grip enhances comfortability when working for long hours.
  • Compact design with a comfortable grip.
  • Ergonomic design with soft grip.

Are you facing problems in installing decorative trims, baseboards, casings, or moldings? The Makita XTP02Z Cordless 23-gauge Pin Nail gun is a hose-free solution to these problems. It is powerful and compact, which lets you accomplish any nailing project conveniently. You can drive 6 different sized nails from 5/8” – 1-3/8″, making it a versatile 23-gauge cordless pin nailer.

With 120 pins magazine capacity, you don’t need to load the nail frequently. Moreover, it is equipped with an 8V LXT 5.0Ah battery that lets you drive a maximum of 5,300 pins in a single charge. Besides, the 3-stage LED gauge notifies about the battery level. Moreover, the accuracy and precision are confirmed because of the contact trigger. The nailer also contains a safety trigger lock button that prevents the nailer from firing when not in use.

Working with it for a long time is incredibly effortless. The handle is ergonomically designed, and the rubberized grip ensures comfortability. More importantly, you will not experience any trouble while working in a confined area using it because of the narrow nose design, which confirms easy nailing access. Additionally, the tool is protected from damage due to the rubber bumpers.

2Metabo HPT 18V 23-Gauge Cordless Pin Nailer NP18DSALQ4

Metabo HPT 18V 23-Gauge Cordless Pin Nailer NP18DSALQ4

  • Capacity: 120 nails
  • Voltage: 18V
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs.

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Highlight Features

  • Accepts 5 different nail sizes without creating problems
  • Offers a clean finish because it features a no-mar tip
  • Handy high-luminance LED light for convenient working under low light
  • Built to provide many years of service
  • The nail gun delivers a professional-grade result.

You bargain for a high-grade pin nailer ends here. The Metabo HPT 18V Cordless Pin Nailer NP18DSALQ4 comes at an affordable price. It is full of great features to give you a professional-grade result. This is a demanding pin nail gun for those who need to handle multiple nailing tasks regularly. It accepts 5/8”, 3/4”, 1-in, 1-3/16”, and 1-3/8” of nails without trouble.

Many woodworkers are unhappy with the performance of their 23-gauge cordless pin nailer because the finish is not clean as per their expectations. This nailer features a no-mar tip that eliminates marring and ensures a clean finish. More importantly, it is promised to deliver high-end results all the time with the help of its tool-less depth adjustment. Also, nailing into the grooves of any trim is easier because of the slim nose design.

Although it is loaded with different features, it is easy to use. In addition, its compact design allows you to handle any fastening project efficiently regardless of the area. Furthermore, it has a built-in 3.0Ah powerful battery which assists you to drive up to 3,000 pins without compromising the accuracy and precision. Additionally, handling a fastening project under a low-light area will not be an issue since it consists of High-luminescence LED light.

3Makita TP032 Max CXT 23-Gauge Cordless Pin Nailer

Makita TP032 Max CXT 23-Gauge Cordless Pin Nailer

  • Capacity: 120 nails
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs.

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Highlight Features

  • Cordless design that eliminates the use of air hose and compressor
  • 12V Max CXT Li-Ion battery is over-load, over-heat and over-discharge protected
  • Comes with a contact trigger for value-added precision and accuracy
  • Compact and powerful that accepts 6 different nail lengths
  • Allows you to accomplish a wide range of trim and finish projects with decent performance.

The Makita TP032 Cordless Pin Nailer is a compact and lightweight pin nailer that offers a hose-free solution to your trim and finishes projects. It is engineered with a 12V CXT 2.0 Ah Lithium-Ion battery. Its highest magazine capacity is 120 pins and drives 6 different lengths of 23-gauge nails. After installing the battery, it delivers improved control and precision. Also, a rubberized grip reduces fatigue in the hand and arm on longer tasks.

This nail gun is a package of excellent features to give you the utmost performance at any given task. The built-in LED light offers additional light in the workplace. You can install the reversible tool hook as you see fit. Additionally, you will get 2 no-mar tips, safety glasses, a hex wrench, and a belt hook upon buying the 23-gauge cordless pin nailer. It is ergonomically designed and has a narrow nose so don’t face any trouble operating it in a tight space.

In order to protect the tool from heavy impact or damage, it comes with rubber bumpers. Similar to all other standard pin nailers, it also features a tool-free depth adjustment. In this model, the refined firing mechanism is refined to reduce recoil. As a result, pressurizing becomes entirely unnecessary when driving nails. In addition, driving blank is prevented due to its anti-dry fire mechanism. Simultaneously, the potential damage to the surface gets reduced.

4Metabo HPT Cordless Pin Nailer Kit NP18DSAL 23-Gauge

Metabo HPT Cordless Pin Nailer Kit NP18DSAL 23-Gauge

  • Capacity: 120 nails
  • Voltage: 18V
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs.

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Highlight Features

  • It is ideal for overhead and extended use applications
  • Lightweight for balance, maneuverability, and minimal user fatigue
  • The work surface is protected because it contains a detachable no-mar nose cap
  • Ergonomically formed soft grip handle provides comfort
  • Compatible with all Hitachi 18V Lithium-Ion slide-type batteries.

The Metabo HPT 23-Gauge Cordless Pin Nailer Kit NP18DSAL is great for different DIY and light projects. A Compact 3.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery powers this device which is 3/4″ shorter and .6 lbs lighter compared to a typical 3.0Ah battery which confirms portability. Moreover, being a cordless model, using a compressor and air hose is entirely unnecessary, thus it saves time when setting it up, and during applications.

Its nose design is slim and lets its user nail into any trim’s grooves. Moreover, downtime is reduced, and maintaining the tool is easy with tooled jam release feature. This way, any given task can be accomplished within the timeline. You will also love to know that the tool shuts off automatically when it remains inactive for 30 minutes.

Furthermore, it features dry-fire lockout that assures nail placement and prevents damage to the work surface. Another great feature of this pin nail gun is that it helps to reduce unexpected downtime with its indicator light option of low battery. Thus, a user learns about the tool’s battery status quite comfortably.

5New Ryobi One+ P318 AirStrike Cordless Pin Nailer, 23-Gauge

New Ryobi One+ P318 AirStrike Cordless Pin Nailer, 23-Gauge

  • Capacity: 120 nails
  • Voltage: 18V
  • Weight: 1.52 lbs.

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Highlight Features

  • Tool life is extended with the dry-fire lockout feature
  • Delivers no tool marks on the workpiece because of the 2 non-marring pads
  • Optimal vision due to the built-in LED light
  • GripZone overmold confirms additional comfort
  • Double-action trigger mechanism for successive driving.

Although the manufacturer New Ryobi is not a renowned name in the cordless industry, this New Ryobi P318 Cordless Pin Nailer has every required feature necessary to make your trimming and finishing tasks comfortable. It is a must-have tool if you need more delicate results. It is straightforward to use. Also, this tool fits in hand perfectly for your convenience.

The size and weight of pin nailers matter most because of their handheld characteristics. If your selected tool is heavy and tricky to grip, be sure you will be unable to finish a trimming or nailing project inefficiently. The good news is that this nail gun is free from these problems and comes with only 5.0lbs. when the battery is installed. As a result, when handling a larger and longer project, it offers fatigue-free performance.

The 23-gauge cordless pin nailer will never get activated when there are no nails in the magazine due to the dry fire lockout feature. This mechanism performs as a block in the tool. In addition, it is crafted with a non-marring edge that helps you keep the nails at a constant distance from the material edge. With 3,500 nails/charge, each of the nails gets driven into the workpiece without any trouble. More importantly, it offers efficient and delicate results all the time.

What Features Play a Crucial Role When Buying the Best Cordless 23-Gauge Pin Nailer?

As you already know that using the best 23-gauge pin nailer cordless, you can complete general DIY tasks. Also, a few models are good enough for multiple construction works. However, based on a few factors, you need to choose the best-suited pin nailer.

Here are some of the factors that play a vital role in your decision-making process:

Magazine Capacity

The magazine capacity can be a huge factor when it comes to deciding which nailer to go with.

Professionals handle a variety of nailing tasks. For this reason, they need a heavy-duty tool that can deliver at least 1,000 pin nails/per day. This type of large magazine will help to save a significant amount of time.

On the other hand, DIY enthusiasts or avid crafts personnel who manufacture frames for pictures, birdhouses, or jewelry boxes, will likely require a few pins at a time. At this point, high magazine capacity might not be needed.

Size and Weight

The size and weight directly impact the work that you will do using a 23-gauge pin nailer.

Generally, a pin nailer’s weight depends on the material used for manufacture, and the weight range is 2 – 5lbs. Although the difference in the weight is not huge, it is crucial when you need to work for several hours with the tool. In fact, 2 or 3lbs. difference means a lot at this point.

The bulkier nailers are made of denser materials like steel. At the same time, steel-made tools are durable. Several manufacturers are now using aluminum to balance weight and durability.

Simultaneously, the pinner size is also significant. A compact designed pinner will assist you in working in a tight space quite conveniently. Moreover, these are great for molding or detailing tasks.

On the other side, larger nailers are suitable for projects such as flooring.


Whether you handle projects using a 23-gauge pin nailer every day or once a year, safety features must not be overlooked.

You will find 2 safety precautions in the 23-gauge pin nailer: contact safety and trigger safety.

In trigger safety, you will need to press the button twice to shoot the pins. This safety feature is beneficial when you frequently move with the nailer.

Contact safety is a somewhat more controlled safety feature because the nose of the pinner needs to be in contact with the material to shoot. This safety feature will not allow the pinner to shoot pins if it is not contacted with any materials.

A 23-gauge pin nailer with a safety feature is always useful, especially when you have kids in your home.

Pin Lengths

The working procedure of every pin nailer is the same. First, they drive headless and thin metal fasteners into the wood.

Pins come in different lengths, and it is mandatory to choose the pin lengths according to your project requirement. It would be best to choose a cordless 23-gauge pin nailer compatible with numerous pin lengths. As a result, handling a wide range of projects will be more convenient.

Price vs. Quality

The price range of cordless pin nailer 23 gauge is huge. Although we reviewed all the great options, it would always be best to buy the best-suited pin nailer.

If the device needs to be operated regularly according to the project requirement, buy a high-end model. While, if you handle trimming, molding, or finishing projects too often, buying a wallet-friendly device will be good enough.

What are the Advantages of the Cordless 23-gauge Pin Nailer?

A cordless pin nailer offers several benefits.

  • Due to the nail’s size, they can easily disappear into the wood, and thus you will be able to create a beautifully crafted and professionally made piece. This way, you can avoid working with other nailers, which leave marks on the piece’s surface.
  • 23-gauge pin nails improve the performance of glues. When the adhesive dries out, nailers ensure the required holding power.
  • A headless pin nailer is an ideal solution if you need to hold 2 wood pieces together temporarily. Nailers will not leave any mark or spot after you remove them carefully and correctly. You will rarely find the holes, and hiding them is also easy.

How to Use the Cordless 23 Gauge Pin Nailer Safely?

Find the below points to ensure safe working with a 23 ga pin nailer.

  • Avoid pulling the trigger when the nailer is pointed at someone.
  • Wearing safety gear like hand gloves, and goggles are a must.
  • Don’t try to clear the jam when the pin nailer is turned on.
  • Always enable the safety features before turning the nailer on.
  • Read the instruction manual intently before using it.

Additional Information/FAQs

What do you use a 23-gauge pin nailer for?

A 23-gauge cordless pin nailer is used for complex and intricate woodworking projects such as pre-finished trims, delicate moldings, tiny furniture trim, etc. They don’t leave marks or spots, and the holes can easily be covered using putty.

Are cordless nailers worth it?

Although cordless nailers holding power is less, they are ideal for delicate furniture trim, thin veneers, and many more. Also, when you don’t want a visible hole from a nail head, it offers the best solution.

Should I buy a brad nailer or a finish nailer?

A brad nailer and a finish nailer are distinctive in their characteristics and suitable for different purposes.

Buy a pin nailer if your project requirement is detailed decorations, high precision, and trims. On the other hand, a brad nailer will be your best friend for handling crown molding, standard trim work, baseboard, etc.

Summing Up

While all pin nailers look pretty similar, many choices are available, and picking the best one will be challenging. Hopefully, after reading this guideline, you narrowed down your personal decisions.

The best cordless 23-gauge pin nailer offers the best result with its efficient performance.

Taking safety precautions is a must when dealing with the best budget 23-gauge pin nail gun. The pins can puncture your body parts if you don’t follow the discussed safety tips. Also, proper maintenance like periodic oiling is crucial to get efficient and smooth performance from the pin nail gun.

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