Combination Belt and Disc Sander

A combination belt disc sander or strip sander is a disc sander combo and a belt sander. This tool includes a sanding disc and a sanding belt, and several factors and features, making it an essential tool of a woodworking shop.Best Combination Belt Disc Sander

These stationery tools are ideal for smoothing rough surfaces of metal and wood efficiently and quickly. Moreover, they are effective in removing excess material from various surfaces. To save valuable time, money, and effort the best combination belt disc sander does all this stuff in metalworking and woodworking shops.

A variety of belt disc sanders are available out there. To help you find the best-suited product, we compiled a list of 6 belt disc sanders after extensive research. Also, our informative buying guide and FAQ section will let you get a long-lasting and premium-quality disc sander for a wallet-friendly price.

Quick Comparison of Top 6 Belt and Disc Sander Combo

ProductKey SpecificationsMore Info
Top 6 Best Combination Belt Disc Sander [Top of 21st Century] 1
WEN 6502T 4.3-Amp Sander
Belt Size: 4 x 36 in.
Disc Size: 6 in.
Motor Power: 1/2 HP
Weight: 39 lbs.
Dimension: 22x11x12.5 in.
Top 6 Best Combination Belt Disc Sander [Top of 21st Century] 2
JET J-41002 Sander
Belt Size: 2 x 42 in.
Disc Size: 8 in.
Motor Power: 3/4 HP
Weight: 60 lbs.
Dimension: 23.1x16.7x16 in.
Top 6 Best Combination Belt Disc Sander [Top of 21st Century] 3
WEN 6515T Belt/Disk Sander
Belt Size: 1 x 30 in.
Disc Size: 5 in.
Motor Power: 1/2 HP
Weight: 16 lbs.
Dimension: 11.5x11.5x15.5 in.
Top 6 Best Combination Belt Disc Sander [Top of 21st Century] 4
Rockwell Belt/Disc Combo
Belt Size: 4 x 36 in.
Disc Size: 6 in.
Motor Power: 1/2 HP
Weight: 41 lbs.
Dimension: 13x11x22 in.
Top 6 Best Combination Belt Disc Sander [Top of 21st Century] 5
RIKON Power Tools
Belt Size: 1 x 30 in.
Disc Size: 5 in.
Motor Power: 1/3 HP
Weight: 18 lbs.
Dimension: 15x12.63x14.63 in.
Top 6 Best Combination Belt Disc Sander [Top of 21st Century] 6
POWERTEC Belt/Disc Sander
Belt Size: 4 x 36 in.
Disc Size: 6 in.
Motor Power: 1/2 HP
Weight: 39.2 lbs.
Dimension: 22x11x13 in.

Combination Belt/Disc Sander Reviews

We shared all the detailed information about the enlisted tools in the review section. Every sander in this article is equipped with a stable base, enough power, and RPM.

Here’s a little sneak peek over the top choice of 2021 and most probably coming years as well – the five best combination belt and disc sander for the money!

1WEN 6502T Bench Belt and Disc Sander with Cast Iron Base

WEN 6502T Bench Belt and Disc Sander with Cast Iron Base

  • Belt Size: 4 x 36 inch
  • Disc Size: 6-inch
  • Motor: 1/2 HP

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Highlight Features:

  • A durable cast iron base allows the tool to stay in its place steadily.
  • Handling heavy-duty tasks become easier with its built-in 4.3-Amp powerful motor.
  • Adjust the belt either in horizontal or vertical position according to your need.
  • A patented 2.5″ dust collection port helps to keep the workstation clean.

The WEN 6502T is the most reliable belt disc sander combo that comes with a 4” X 36” belt and 6-inch disc, allowing you to work efficiently when a heavy load is provided. Also, its 1/2-horsepower electric motor makes it eligible for heavy-duty tasks.

Its sturdy cast iron base prevents the toll from walking or wobbling when sanding. Moreover, it is effortless to use. Similarly, you will never face a problem in changing the 4” X 36” belt. Sandpaper grits can easily be changed with its tension release lever.

More importantly, the belt can be tilted between 0° – 45° as per your project requirement. Overall, it is a decent quality belt disc sander that comes with an affordable price range.

2JET J-41002 Combination Bench Belt and Disc Sander

JET J-41002 Combination Bench Belt and Disc Sander

  • Belt Size: 2 x 42 inch
  • Disc Size: 8-inch
  • Motor: 3/4 HP

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Highlight Features:

  • The dust chute and dust deflector come with an adjustability feature.
  • Rubberized feet and sturdy heavy-duty base.
  • The belt is so abrasive to removes excess materials efficiently.
  • A powerful and versatile machine can be used as a jigsaw and chopping saw.
  • 2 x 42-inch abrasive belt.
  • 1900 FPM belt speed.

The manufacturer JET store is well-known for manufacturing premium-quality products, and this benchtop JET J-41002 abrasive belt and disc combination sander is also no exception. It is designed to deliver superior finish when grinding, finishing, or sanding odd-shaped materials.

It features steel construction, a cast iron tilting table, and a sturdy heavy-duty base, confirming the tool’s longevity. At 45°, both right and left angles, you can turn and lock the belt using its deluxe miter gauge. The rubberized feet ensure wobble-free working when operating the tool.

This jet belt sander and disc sander is very well-made and fits the need for this type of sanding. Its deluxe miter gauge can be angled from 0 to 45 degrees both left and right for precise angle sanding. It will surely save time and money.

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3WEN 6515T Bench Belt and Disk Sander Combo

WEN 6515T Bench Belt and Disk Sander Combo

  • Belt Size: 1 x 30 inch
  • Disc Size: 5-inch
  • Motor: 1/2 HP

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Highlight Features:

  • The patented miter gauge confirms precise sanding on the 5” disc
  • It has a mounting hole to stop wobbling during operating the tool
  • 2 independent dust ports for optimum vacuuming efficiency
  • Lightweight and effortless to transport.
  • 3,160 FPM belt speed.

Sanding those hard-to-reach areas of a wood piece and other materials will never be a problem with the WEN 6515T Two-in-one sanding machine. Its 1” X 30” belt sander and 5-inch sanding disc make the sanding, deburring, and smoothing tasks much easier.

Since it is equipped with a 2.3-Amp motor, the maximum speed of the belt sander is 3160 FPM, and the disc sander rotates up to 3450 RPM. Additionally, a solid beveling work table comes with discs and belts to provide a reliable source for your workpiece.

The compact design and 16 lbs. allows you to transport it to your workplace quite conveniently. It is promised to deliver efficient outcomes with other worth-mentioning features like miter gauge, bevel lock knob, etc.

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4Rockwell Benchtop Belt & Disc Combo Sander

Rockwell Benchtop Belt & Disc Combo Sander

  • Belt Size: 4 x 36 inch
  • Disc Size: 6-inch
  • Motor: 1/2 HP

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Highlight Features:

  • 4.3-Amp induction motor for seamless performance
  • Easy to use, which makes it a beginner-friendly belt disc sander
  • The belt changing process is easy with the adjustable belt tensioning mechanism
  • This machine is so quiet and smooth.

The Rockwell 1/2-horsepower motor Belt/Disc Combo Sander is available with a 4” X 36” belt sander and a 6” disc sander. The tilting range is 0° – 90° and 0° – 45°, for the belt sander and the cast-aluminum disc table accordingly. It is very solid, sturdy, and handy.

It is also equipped with an adjustable belt tensioning mechanism, making for quick and easy belt changes. Sanding in the woodworking project will become a lot easier with this belt/disc combo sander.

This is durably constructed so that you can get the efficient and expected result in every project. It’s quiet, reasonably powerful, and paper changes aren’t too complicated.

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5RIKON Power Tools 50-151 Belt and Disk Sander Combo, Blue

RIKON Power Tools 50-151 Belt and Disk Sander Combo, Blue

  • Belt Size: 1 x 30 inch
  • Disc Size: 5-inch
  • Motor: 1/3 HP

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Highlight Features:

  • It is crafted with a powerful motor
  • Adjustable belt sander for accomplishing a wide range of tasks
  • 2” wide dust port for easy cleaning
  • A safety switch that ensures security when operating the tool

The RIKON Power Tools 50-151 Belt Disc Sander offers decent performance, crafted with 1/3HP and 120V motor. You can handle any sort of contouring, sanding, sharpening, and smoothing projects without much of a hassle with such power.

Its tiltable table can be adjusted anywhere within 0° – 45° angles. A tracking knob is also available to lock the belt in your required position. In terms of the belt, the ABS carbon wheel confirms superior performance all the time.

You will always get precise angles on your workpiece due to its built-in miter gauge. One of the exceptional features of this belt disc sander is the safety switch that guarantees security during operating the tool.

6POWERTEC BD4600 Belt Disc Sander For Woodworking

POWERTEC BD4600 Belt Disc Sander For Woodworking

  • Belt Size: 4 x 36 inch
  • Disc Size: 6-inch
  • Motor: 1/2 HP

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Highlight Features:

  • Reliable, long-lasting performance with a 4.3-Amp motor
  • Quiet performance, allowing to concentrate on the sanding project.
  • Table adjusting knob for your convenience
  • Smooth and quick release belt changing process.

The POWERTECH BD4600 combination belt/disc sander is ideal for professionals and beginners. It is easy to use and well-built for providing many years of service. The belt changing process is also comfortable. It contains all the necessary features such as 0° – 90° adjustable belt platform, 6” sanding disc, powerful 4.3-Amp induction motor, etc.

You can adjust the sanding table within 0° – 45° angles according to your project needs. Moreover, to ensure improved precision, it consists of a miter gauge. The cast iron base gives it a rugged and robust look. Besides, it is easy to set up.

Many customers appreciate and praise its performance. It doesn’t create much sound when working. As a result, you can concentrate on the task without disturbance. Besides, it includes one 2-1/4” dust port, which ensures an effective and tidy dust collection.

Buying Guide – How to Buy the Best Combination Belt Disc Sander

After reading this article, you must have understood a few basic things about the belt disc sander. Since we shared detailed information with the key features, you can figure out the difference between multiple models quite comfortably.

Therefore, we shared an in-depth buying guide for the belt disc sander in this section.

Power Type

Woodworkers use belt disc sander nowadays instead of sanding paper because of the power in the first case.

The thumb rule is; your projects will finish faster when you have a powerful belt disc sander in your hand. Now, if you are wondering, how to determine the power of a sander? At this point, you have to consider the horsepower of a belt disc sander.

It would be best to buy a belt disc sander that consists of a 1/3HP motor. Don’t go less than this power since accomplishing a sanding project efficiently will be tricky if you do so.


Before making a purchase decision, consider the durability and build quality of the tool. Since you will likely work with the tool too often, it has to be durable and reliable enough to give you long-lasting service.

Moreover, you invest valuable time, effort, and money in this tool; expecting long-term service is logical.

So, buy a belt disc sander that has a robust and rugged construction.

Belt & Disc Size
S SATC Belt Sander 20PCS 3x18 Sanding Belt Sanding Belts Belt Sander Paper
The size of the belt and disc sander is a significantly crucial factor because the versatility of the project depends a lot on it.

A larger disc size will allow you to sand large objects comfortably. Disc size of a belt disc sander varies from model to model. For DIY projects, 4” – 6” is good enough, while for industrial projects, you will need to buy at least 12” of disc size belt disc sander.

Similar to disc size, belt size also differs from version to version. Belt size measurement is given as 30” X 2” or 42” X 4”. A larger belt size is better for ease of use, and you can tackle various sanding or finishing projects.


Adjustability is another vital factor that also needs to be kept in mind, along with the belt and disc size. Buy a belt disc sander that will allow you to tilt the belt in both horizontal and vertical positions. With these models, you can conveniently smooth out your workpiece following different angles.

Also, many models are available with adjustable worktables. You can use the sander more efficiently due to this feature. Additionally, a built-in miter gauge in the work table will ensure the precision of the sanding project.

So, it is recommended to buy a combination belt disc sander with a load of adjustability features.

Dust Collector

Dust BagThe good news is that most combination belt disc sanders have patented 1 or 2 dust collector ports, while a few models don’t possess this feature. But it is a significantly essential factor because sanding creates a huge amount of flying dust.

Your workflow might get interrupted due to the dust created from the sanded material. More importantly, after finishing the sanding project, cleaning the workstation will become troublesome. The dust collection port comes into play at this point. It collects all the flying dust and keeps your surroundings neat and clean.

What is a Combination Belt Disc Sander Used for?

  • Belt disc sanders are efficient enough in smoothing rough cuts of thick and thin materials. These tools are compatible with bigger workpieces when some modifications are done.
  • The main reason for using a belt disc sander instead of sandpaper is to speed things up. From small materials to larger materials, these tools save time by accomplishing any given sanding project efficiently.
  • Versatility is another crucial benefit of belt disc sanders. You can use it for finishing a variety of projects like shaping, deburring, sanding, smoothing, etc. Due to this benefit, it is a desirable tool for a woodworker.

What Do I Need to Follow When Operating the Best Combination Belt Disc Sander?

  • Clean the clogs of the sanding disc before smoothing a soft material. This way, the lifespan of the sanding disc will be retained.
  • Don’t forget to utilize the dust port of your sander. This is the best way to keep your workstation clean.

Although in given circumstances, a belt disc sander performs similar to a grinder, the fact is, belt disc sanders are not a grinder. If you need to handle numerous grinding projects, invest in an angle grinder or bench grinder.


What is the best sander for knife making?

The WEN 6502T Disc Sander with Cast Iron Base is the belt sander for knife making. It performs intricate part sanding, dry sharpening. This is one of the fastest sanders in the market, with a 4.3Amp powerful motor for heavy-duty tasks.

What are the different types of belt sander?

5 common types of belt sanders are:

  1. Hand-powered belt sanders
  2. Tube belt sanders
  3. Belt file sanders
  4. Floor sanders
  5. Stationery sanding belt grinders

Are ceramic sanding belts better?

Yes, ceramic sanding belts are better than silicon carbide or aluminum oxide sanding belts. Ceramic sanding belts are long-lasting, removes material faster. These belts will be a better choice if you need to grit more than 120.

Final Words

Whether you need to finish a DIY project or professional woodworking tasks, sanding is a significantly essential process required for many applications. After reading the whole article, we believe that you find the best combination belt disc grinder for your next project.

Even if you are a novice, the above discussion will hopefully help you find the best-suited belt disc sander. The best and efficient outcome is confirmed with the best tool. So, never invest in a cheap quality belt disc sander. Always remember to put on safety gear when working with a power tool.

Before ending, we wish you good luck!