Gunsmithing Borescope

Ever wondered how to look deep into your rifle’s barrel while cleaning and maintaining? Without the best borescope for gunsmithing, it would not be easy to accomplish rifle cleaning tasks borescope for gunsmithing

Moreover, examining the interior of a used rifle is necessary before buying it, and you can easily do it using a rifle borescope.

For this, every firearm owner should keep a gun borescope in their toolkit. This helpful tool will allow you to take a deep look into a firearm to find damage, rust, defects, etc.

Let’s review the top-rated rifle borescopes of the market, which are worth your money and time.

Quick Comparison of 5 Best Borescope for Rifle Barrels

borescopeKey SpecificationsMore Info
Teslong Rifle Borescope
Teslong Rifle Borescope
Probe: 45-inch
Mirror: 3 nos.
Compatible Arms: Handgun, Rifle
Weight: 0.16 kg
PriceDetail review
Teslong Rigid Rifle Borescope- Gun Barrel Bore Scope Gun Cleaning
Teslong Rigid Rifle Borescope
Probe: 26-inch
Mirror: 3 nos.
Compatible Arms: Rifle
Weight: 0.16 kg
PriceDetail review
DEPSTECH Rifle Borescope, Digital Gun Barrel Borescope
DEPSTECH Rifle Borescope
Probe: 28-inch
Mirror: Side-view
Compatible Arms: Rifle
Weight: 8.64 oz.
PriceDetail review
Pistol Borescope for iPhone, fit for 0.2inch Caliber and Larger
Pistol Borescope for iPhone
Probe: 10-inch
Mirror: 3 nos.
Compatible Arms: Pistol
Weight: 11.99 oz.
PriceDetail review
Rigid Rifle Borescope for iPhone, Videoscope Inspection Camera with WiFi Box
Rigid Rifle Borescope
Probe: 26-inch
Mirror: 3 nos.
Compatible Arms: Rifle
Weight: 1.83 lbs.
PriceDetail review

What is a Rifle Borescope?

When you decide to buy a new or used rifle, it would be best to keep a borescope in your hand. It is because this tool allows you to look into the bore of the rifle. You must examine the rifle interior, especially if you fire it frequently.

A rifle barrel’s interior is known as “bore.” The accuracy, lifespan, and overall performance of a weapon dramatically rely on the barrel’s condition. However, you can’t learn about a barrel’s condition with naked eyes.

At this point, a borescope comes in handy. This helpful tool is equipped with an essentially small camera attached to a wire, and the wire can be fed into the rifle’s barrel. The camera transmits the image to the control module, allowing you to learn about any damage, defects, rust, etc., in the barrel.

In fact, inspecting a rifle’s integrity becomes convenient when you use a rifle borescope.

You will love to know that this tool is beneficial for multiple purposes, such as examining the insides of vents or crevices inside walls.

Top 5 Borescope for Gunsmithing Reviews

Here we offer you the most detailed reviews of the best 5 rifle borescopes so that you can make the final decision with the help of these insightful pieces of advice.

1Teslong Rifle Borescope

Teslong Rifle Borescope

  • Size: 45-inch
  • Compatible Arms: Handgun, Rifle
  • Weight: 0.16 kg

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Highlight Features:

  • Flexible probe which will not damage your barrel
  • Provides brighter view with 6 adjustable LED lights
  • Removable mirror for back/side angle
  • It works with most monitors/screens
  • Impressive quality and compact design.

The reliable performance is significantly essential because, depending on its shared image, you will decide on buying a firearm. A borescope’s poor performance will lead you to an inferior rifle. Undoubtedly, the Teslong Rifle Borescope will never break your trust, as it is designed to provide a clear image of a rifle barrel.

You will be able to inspect rifle barrels inside thoroughly. The inspection session will be much enjoyable as this tool is compatible with Android devices and Windows PC. As a result, cleaning or diagnosing your weapon will never be a difficult task.

This tool has a 0.2” probe, enabling you to look into a small rifle barrel for spots, dirt, rust, stains, or other defects related to the chamber. Additionally, adjustable 6 LED lights help you to look into the confined space or dampest area conveniently.

Also, it features an adjustable and removable 90° side view mirror, allowing you to check the barrel’s wall. Moreover, 3 mirrors are available with the device in case you lose or break one. Besides, it consists of a 45” long borescope, enabling you to examine long rifles without trouble.

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2Teslong Rigid Rifle Borescope- Gun Barrel Bore Scope Gun Cleaning

Teslong Rigid Rifle Borescope- Gun Barrel Bore Scope Gun Cleaning

  • Size: 26-inch
  • Compatible Arms: Rifle
  • Weight: 0.16 kg

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Highlight Features:

  • 6 LED lights with auto-brightness adjustment feature
  • 2500mAh capacity battery and 4 hours working time
  • 4.5” HD screen provides a perfect view
  • 0.2” diameter fit .20 LR and larger
  • Built-in 32GB SD memory card

The TESLONG Rigid Rifle Borescope is manufactured to give the shooter a chance to inspect the rifle barrel without hassle. It features a 4.5” 1080 HD screen, viewing the live image of the barrel directly on display, more convenient to use. Also, you can record or save images or videos to the incorporated 32GB micro SD memory card.

Wondering how to use this device? Well, it is effortless to use. Grab the 0.2” diameter cable that allows you to get convenient entry into rifle barrels of 0.20 caliber. Taking assistance from this gadget, you can examine throat erosion, tool spots, barrel cleanliness, fouling, and chamber damage. Moreover, the tube has a scale that helps you to identify your spot comfortably.

Another noticeable feature of this device is the 6 Led lights. No matter how much darkest area you want to inspect, the adjustable LED lights offer a bright view of the darkest compact areas. The incredibly bright lights illuminate every area of your rifle barrel.

It is an upgraded device from its previous version. This model has solved all of the problems with the user interface by having buttons and a screen to operate the unit. In addition, the price for this borescope is very fair; you must decide to give it a try.

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3DEPSTECH Rifle Borescope, Digital Gun Barrel Borescope

DEPSTECH Rifle Borescope, Digital Gun Barrel Borescope

  • Size: 28-inch
  • Compatible Arms: Handgun, Rifle
  • Weight: 8.64 oz.

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Highlight Features:

  • High-quality Teflon-coated wire core
  • Equipped with a close focusing lens
  • Anti-slip side mirror
  • You can use it as an industrial endoscope
  • Compatible with smartphones and PC

The DEPSTECH Rifle Borescope comes with an exclusive camera that features an upgraded view sensor Bluart Tech 2.0, capturing the best image for you in a dark and bright environment. Every minor copper streak, carbon bumps, throat cracks mill mark, etc. will be visible in the included monitor. All your firearms will be cleaned when you use this device to inspect the rifle barrel interior.

It includes only 0.2” diameter cable fit rifle barrels with as small as 0.2” caliber and all larger calibers in the market. The device has a resolution of 720p, which is sufficient enough for checking barrels. More importantly, it pairs with smartphones to show you any defects.

The gadget is compactly designed and lightweight so that you can carry it to a gun store to check the rifle in the field. It comes in a nice carrying case for easy transportation. Besides, adjustable LED lighting allows for minimizing glare and reflections.

This borescope has a side mirror that allows for detailed views and up-close of the barrel interiors. Software is easy to install and connect to the borescope. Provided locating ring keeps the scope view centered and steady. Overall, it is very convenient and fast to use, practical and cost-effective.

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4Pistol Borescope for iPhone, fit for 0.2inch Caliber and Larger

Pistol Borescope for iPhone, fit for 0.2inch Caliber and Larger

  • Size: 10-inch
  • Compatible Arms: Pistol
  • Weight: 11.99 oz.

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Highlight Features:

  • Equipped with WiFi adapter, works with iPhone and iPad devices
  • Auto adjustable brightness level
  • 3 mirrors to prevent breakage or breakage
  • Close focusing camera
  • Excellent length for pistol barrel inspection.

Teslong provides several premium quality borescopes for gunsmithing, and this gadget is also no exception. This badass is built to make your rifle barrel inspection tasks super-easy and successful. It will let you view your barrel’s inner side on a PC or smartphone. The device is so versatile that you can see various sinner spaces of your rifle.

If you are looking for an efficient and straightforward borescope, this would be your best option. This is a short 10” borescope, making it suitable for pistol barrel inspection. Moreover, the cable is so exceptional and flexible that no damage will happen to the barrel.

Plus, this device will give a clear view of compact and confined space as it has 6 auto adjustable LED ring lights. In regards to this feature, it has several features which will surely meet all your requirements. Achieving easy entry in barrels as small as 0.20 caliber will not be an issue due to its 0.2” diameter cable.

Another satisfying feature is that; it is so simple to use. Moreover, professionals are satisfied with its efficient, reliable, and accurate performance. It never gives a miss under any circumstances. Furthermore, it is versatile, and you can use it for a wide range of home maintenance needs.

5Rigid Rifle Borescope for iPhone, Videoscope Inspection Camera with WiFi Box

Rigid Rifle Borescope for iPhone, Videoscope Inspection Camera with WiFi Box

  • Size: 26-inch
  • Compatible Arms: Rifle
  • Weight: 1.83 lbs.

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Highlight Features:

  • Versatile and flexible cable
  • Compatible with a wide range of applications
  • So simple using procedure
  • Provides good views of compact and dark areas
  • It can be used for multiple projects.

Do you hunt frequently, and thus your gun requires regular maintenance? The Teslong Rigid Rifle Borescope is built to ease gun maintenance sessions. This borescope is much more efficient in detecting stain build-up, rust, oxidation, tool marks, or other damages with its short focal length camera.

While other borescopes are incompatible with iPad and iPhone, this borescope is not. Many professional hunters appreciated the wide compatibility feature. You can see the rifle barrel’s super clear image in your iPhone, iPad, other smartphones, Windows PC and laptop, Chromebook, MacBook, etc. All you need to do is, while using your smartphone, simply use the included pluggable wireless WiFi adapter.

It features a 26” rod that gives better handling. Besides, the device is the patented scale on the tube that assists you to locate the sweet spot without hassle. All its features ensure ease of firearm cleaning, maintenance, and inspection process.

Versatility is another remarkable feature of this powerful gadget. With its flexible probe, you can use it for multiple home renovation projects like kitchen pipes checking or more. It comes in a nice sturdy case with foam padding. So whenever you need to carry it in your workplace, the carrying case allows you to do so conveniently.

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Buying Guide – How do I Choose the Best Borescope for Gunsmithing

A rifle borescope is more than a screen and a camera. Here we shared a few factors which will help you buy the best rifle borescope.


First, you need to know how flexible your selected borescope is. Some borescopes come with rigid cameras and probes, which means you will be unable to move the cable in a compact space.

As you will need to move the cable back and forth through the rifle barrel, it has to be flexible enough. Generally, rigid borescopes are inexpensive. For this, it is recommended not to buy a cheap borescope.

However, with a flexible borescope, you can move the camera up or down and left or right, wherever you want.

The best thing about flexible borescopes is, they are multi-purpose. For this, you can use them for different home improvement projects, such as checking the inside of your kitchen sink pipes.

Video Projection & Borescope Types

Can you clean your rifle barrel’s internal area if you don’t see a clear view of it? Undoubtedly, it is not possible.

Although every borescope comes with a camera attached to the probe’s end, they don’t offer a camera interface feature.

Some models come with small screens or monitors attached to the probe itself, while others are available with WiFi connectivity.

Small screen or monitor attached borescopes price depends on the quality of the screen and size. Remember, inexpensive borescopes will not give you a clear image. Investing in a cheap model will be a waste of valuable time, effort, and money.

Using WiFi connectivity featured borescope, you can connect your smartphone or PC wirelessly to the borescope. Then you can see the inside of the rifle barrel on your smartphone screen or PC monitor. Generally, to work with these borescope types, you need to download a proprietary app for your convenience.

You will also find a few models with cables that need to be plugged into a computer screen or other monitor type to get the view. In terms of design, they are hardwired, and for this, they deliver pretty stable video projection. However, the disadvantage of this type is, managing a separate monitor or device can be challenging. But, nowadays, it wouldn’t be a problem to arrange one separate monitor or screen.

Cable Length

Rifle borescopes come with different cable lengths.

You should avoid buying a borescope with long wires. This is because a considerable length of the wire will always remain unused once you start moving the cable in the rifle barrel. So, no point in keeping the wire unused.

However, it would be best if you consider the length of your firearm barrel before buying.


Is a borescope necessary?

You can use a borescope for the below purposes:

  • Inspecting used and new firearms before buying
  • Checking wear and tear of the bore
  • It helps identify fouling in the barrel
  • Examining defects in the barrel

Generally, traditional and flexible borescopes are necessary for firearm cleaning and maintenance.

Who makes the best borescope?

Several manufacturers are producing decent-quality borescopes nowadays. Teslong, Depstech, Skybasic, Lyman are some of the well-known manufactures of the best borescope for gunsmithing.

How much does a borescope cost?

Rifle borescopes are not expensive items. A good quality borescope will cost you $30 – $200. More importantly, you can buy it at this price range from a top-rated manufacturer. Overall, a rifle borescope is worth the price.

Final Words

The truth is, visiting your gunsmith for maintenance purposes every now and then is unnecessary if you can do it on your own using the best borescope for gunsmithing. It means a rifle borescope helps save valuable money and time.

Hopefully, this guide will assist you in making the ultimate decision. We recommend you to read our reviews carefully. Also, it is significantly essential to know your intentions while making the buying decision. You can choose any product from our review section. All reviewed products will fulfill your requirement for sure with their great performance.