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10-Inch Tabletop Drill Press Reviews and Buying Guides

A variety of drill presses are available. It can be challenging to make a decision with different manufacturers. As we have you covered, worry not. We scoured the net and analyzed different products to come up with the best 10-inch drill press.

A 10″ table-top drill press will help you to complete the projects that you’ve always wanted to accomplish. If you’re in the market for a high-quality, durable drill press that is easy to operate and maintain, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, I’ll show you six 10-inch table-top drill press reviews for the tabletop models. We have included a Buyer’s Guide. The drill press has tips and tricks to use to the maximum. We cover frequently asked questions and answers on this power tool to make it the ultimate resource for choosing the best drill press.

Quick Comparison of Top 6 Best 10″ Bench Model Drill Press

ProductKey SpecificationsMore Info
BILT HARD 12-Speed 10-Inch Benchtop Drilling Machine​
BILT HARD 10-Inch Drill Press
Motor Power: 3/5 HP
Max. Speed: 2900 RPM
Drill Chuck: 5/8 Inch
Weight: 44.9 lbs.
Input Power: Corded Electric
Skill 3320-01 Drill Press​
Skill 3320-01 Drill Press
Motor Power: 3.2 AMp
Max. Speed: 3050 RPM
Drill Chuck: 1/2 Inch
Weight: 50.8 lbs.
Input Power: Corded Electric
WEN 4210 Drill Press​
WEN 4210 Drill Press
Motor Power: 3.2 Amp
Max. Speed: 3100 RPM
Drill Chuck: 1/2 Inch
Weight: 31 lbs.
Input Power: Corded Electric
Genesis GDP1005A Drill Press​
Genesis GDP1005A Drill Press
Motor Power: - HP
Max. Speed: 3070 RPM
Drill Chuck: 5/8 Inch
Weight: 52 lbs.
Input Power: Corded Electric
Ryobi DP103L Drill Press​
Ryobi DP103L Drill Press
Motor Power: - HP
Max. Speed: 2800 RPM
Drill Chuck: 1/2 Inch
Weight: 23 lbs.
Input Power: Corded Electric
WEN 4210T Drill Press​
WEN 4210T Drill Press
Motor Power: 3/4 HP
Max. Speed: 3100 RPM
Drill Chuck: 1/2 Inch
Weight: 51 lbs.
Input Power: Corded Electric

Meaning the Drill Press Size, and How to Measure It?

A drill press is a powerful tool that is used to smoothen edges and drill or enlarge holes. You may be wondering, can’t a regular handheld drill do the same? It can, but unlike a standard drill, a drill press is more stable, accurate, and gives precise holes.

What is drill press swing?

A drill press swing is the movement of a drill press arm from the center of the table to one side or the other, either forwards or backward. Drill presses usually have a motor that makes the arms move, which is called the “drill press arm”. The drill press swing occurs when the drill press arm is moved out of the way of the workpiece and then returns back to the center.

The drill press size is measured with the term “swing” which describes the maximum width of the workpiece where the drill can be centered. Depending on the drill press style an average swing range is from 8-inch to 20-inch. It is the twice distance from the center of the spindle to the closest edge. So a 10-inch drill press would be able to drill in the center (5-inch) of 10-inch material.

What is Drill Press Swing and Drill Press Quill

Top-rated six 10-Inch Bench Drill Press Reviews

Here’s a little sneak peek over the top choice of 2021 and most probably coming years as well – the six benchtop drill presses of 10-inch swing! Should groove as just suitable for your mechanical and woodworking workspace.

So, to find out which are the best, keep reading and we’ll help you to make the best buying decision:

1WEN 4210T 10 Inch Bench Top Drill Press with Laser

WEN 4210T 10 Inch Bench Top Drill Press with Laser

  • Motor: 2/3 HP
  • Speed: 3100 RPM
  • Drill Chuck: 1/2-inch

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Highlight Features

  • Digital readout for speed.
  • Gives value for money
  • Comes with laser precision
  • Sturdy design
  • Depth adjustment gauge
  • Five-Variable speed operation
  • Cast iron base.

WEN 4210T 10-inch tabletop 5-speed drill press is an updated version of the 4210 we reviewed above. 4210T is powered by a 3.2 Amps motor. Combined with the ½ inch keyed chuck, this unit is powerful enough to drill through wood and most metals, but the workpieces have to be thin.

It features a 10 inches swing. The spindle travel is 2 ½ inches with a depth stop for accuracy in repeated drilling. Like the other WEN drill presses we have reviewed above, the 4210T table tilts to the right and right by 45 degrees. This makes the work easier and facilitates beveled drilling.

The table, column, and base of this unit are made of metal. Besides, the spindle handle is covered with plastic for a comfortable grip. It also comes with a precision laser for more accurate drilling. The work light improves visibility in the work area.

The unit has 5-speed settings between 600 and 3,100 RPMs. If you are looking to purchase the best bench drill press for metal that doesn’t break the bank, we recommend that you consider WEN 4210T.

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2BILT HARD 12-Speed 10-Inch Benchtop Model Drill Press

BILT HARD 12-Speed 10-Inch Benchtop Model Drill Press

  • Motor: 3/5 HP
  • Speed: 2900 RPM
  • Drill Chuck: 5/8-Inch

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Highlight Features

  • Designed with twelve-speed settings
  • Solid construction
  • Table tilts at 45 degrees in both directions
  • Quite affordable
  • Has locking depth stops.

Our second 10-inch benchtop model drill press is this affordable yet quality unit by BIL HARD. It comes with 12-variable speed settings varying between 300 RPM and 2,900 RPM. This range makes it ideal for metal, wood, plastics, and other materials at the job and garage. However, at 300 RPM, it is also useful for soft metallic materials.

It comes with a 3/5-HP motor and 10 inches swing size. Its worktable tilts 45 degrees to the right and left. This facilitates beveled drilling. You can lock the settings for consistency in the repetitive drilling of similar holes.

This small benchtop drill press comes with a 3/5 inch chuck size. Although this is not the best chuck size in this review, it is impressive for this unit’s price. BILT HARD 10-Inch Drill Press comes in a compact size, which comes in handy in small workshops.

The vital components of the BILT HARD 10-Inch Drill Press are made of thick cast iron. This sturdy build, ideal price point, and stylish look of this unit make it one of the best 10″ benchtop drill presses for metal and woodworking.

3SKIL 3320-01 10-Inch 5-Speed Benchtop Drill Press

SKIL 3320-01 10-Inch 5-Speed Benchtop Drill Press

  • Motor: 1/3 HP
  • Speed: 3050 RPM
  • Drill Chuck: 1/2-Inch

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Highlight Features:

  • Comes with a laser guide
  • Easy to assemble
  • Design with a safety key
  • It has an adjustable depth stop
  • The laser beam system requires batteries
  • The table tilts at 45 degrees in both left and right directions.

Skil’s 3320-01 drill press has a 10 inches swing. It comes with 5-speed settings that range between 570 RPM and 3,050 RPM. This is ideal for drilling through all types of wood, plastics, ceramic, and a variety of metals.

It comes equipped with a 2 3/8 inches’ spindle travel and a half-inch keyed chuck. This facilitates precise, repetitive drilling. Besides, it has a laser guide for accuracy in drilling. Its keyed chuck is ½ inch.

Skil’s 3320-01 table tilts 45 degrees to the right and left. Its motor capacity is 1/3 HP. This capacity makes it more ideal for woodworking and not dense drilling metals. It is equipped with a safety key. This key allows you to limit the number of people who can turn on the machine. Further, it has a bump-off switch for enhanced safety.

If you are shopping for a quality, safe 10-inch swing bench drill press for DIY or professional use, we highly recommend Skil’s 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch drill press.

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4WEN 4210 10-Inch Benchtop Drill Press with Laser

WEN 4210 10-Inch Benchtop Drill Press with Laser

  • Motor: 3.2 Amp
  • Speed: 3100 RPM
  • Drill Chuck: 1/2-Inch

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Highlight Features

  • Depth adjustment gauge.
  • It has a laser guide.
  • Comes with a worktable light.
  • User-friendly
  • Not ideal for dense metals such as steel.
  • Table tilts at 45 degrees in both left & right.

This WEN 4210 Drill Press is a more powerful drill than the 4208 model we have reviewed above. It has a 3.2 Amp motor. Its 5-speed wide RPM range settings are between 600 – 3,100 RPM. The lower limit of 600 RPM allows you to drill better into soft metals.

This benchtop drill press has a 10-inch swing. This means that it can drill the center of a 20-inch diameter circle. WEN 4210 comes with a ½ inch chuck. It is equipped with a laser that illuminates the drill area. The laser facilitates fast, precise drilling.

Further, it features metallic construction in vital parts. This enhances stability and durability. The spindle handles are covered with rubber to enhance comfort.

WEN 4210 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press comes in a large table that accommodates the average size of materials in commercial workshops. The worktable tilts up to 45 degrees on either side for angled holes drilling. Also, it has a depth adjustment gauge. This facilitates accuracy in repetitive drilling. Besides, it comes with LED light to enhance visibility in dimly lit workshops.

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5Genesis GDP1005A 10-Inch Bench Drill Press 5-Speed, Integrated LED Work Light

Genesis GDP1005A 10-Inch Bench Drill Press 5-Speed, Integrated LED Work Light

  • Motor: 4.1 Amp
  • Speed: 3070 RPM
  • Drill Chuck: 5/8-Inch

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Highlight Features:

  • Table tilts 0-45° in both left & right directions.
  • Reliable drill operation
  • Comes with powerful LED lights
  • Solid construction
  • Relatively easy to assemble.

If you need a highly efficient drill press, this model is your ultimate consideration. Genesis GDP1005A uses a 4.1 Amp motor that saves energy with quiet operation. It is equipped with five variable speeds ranging between 620 – 3,070 RPM. The easy-to-reach head makes it speed-changing easy.

Genesis GDP1005A is equipped with powerful LED lights. This comes in handy when working in dark conditions. The swing is 10 inches, while the chuck is 5/8 inches.

GDP1005A comes with an easy-to-work large table that tilts 45 degrees on either side and rotates 360 degrees. This flexibility makes beveled drilling possible and easy. We highly recommend this 10-inch tabletop drill press if you have a limited workspace.

5Ryobi DP103L 10 in. Drill Press Green

Ryobi DP103L 10 in. Drill Press Green

  • Motor: 3.0 Amp
  • Speed: 2800 RPM
  • Drill Chuck: 1/2-Inch

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Highlight Features:

  • Quite versatile drill
  • It comes with a work light
  • It has a storage compartment for the keyed chuck
  • Right unit for woodworking
  • Mainly made of plastic parts.
  • Long-lasting heavy-duty induction motor.

This 10-inch benchtop drill press has an integrated work light. This feature improves lighting in your workspace. It has a ½ inch keyed chuck. Further, it features convenient small storage for the keyed chuck. Thus, you don’t waste time looking for the key.

Ryobi DP103L features a laser alignment system. This helps you see exactly where the drill will go. Thus, it facilitates accuracy in drilling. This unit is compatible with various mortising attachments. The attachments don’t necessarily have to be made by this manufacturer. Thus, this tool is quite versatile.

It is equipped with 5-speed variations ranging from 570 to 2,800 RPM. The cast iron table minimizes vibration for more precise drilling. It also 45-degrees table tilt and rotates 360 degrees. Besides, it has a depth stop to facilitate accuracy in repeated drilling tasks. A ¼ HP induction motor powers Ryobi DP103L.

Buying Guide

Things to consider before buying recommend 10-inch Swing Benchtop Drill Presses:

Our review has narrowed down for you the top six 10-inch benchtop drill presses that will do the job just right. Further, we are covering the key features you need to look for in a drill press. By putting the below features into consideration, you will effectively choose the most suitable drill press for your needs.

Motor Power

The power output of the motor you choose affects the size of holes and the density of materials you drill into with the unit. Denser materials such as steel require more power output compared to less thick materials. Motor power is denoted in HP or Amp.

Unless you are frequently drilling into thick metals, a motor between ½ HP and 1 HP output is sufficient. Bear in mind that the higher the power output, the more expensive the unit. Ensure that your workshop’s power settings and those of your preferred model align. This ensures that the drill press doesn’t result in short circuits.


As we have seen in the review, different drill press models come with different speed settings. The more extensive the speed range, the more versatile the unit. However, a more comprehensive range comes at a cost.

Thick metals require lower speed settings, while less dense ones such as wood require higher speed settings. All the units we have reviewed have a decent range of speed settings. This allows you to handle a wider variety of tasks.

We recommend that you avoid units with single-speed settings. Further, ensure that the drill press has an easy-to-adjust control dial.

Spindle Travel

It is also known as quill travel or stroke length. Spindle travel refers to the size of the up and down movement of the chuck with a drilling bit. The more the distance, the more the drill press can drill into thicker materials. It also directly affects the length of bits you can use with the unit.

Measure in inches, models such as WEN 4210T offer an impressive spindle length of 2 ½ inches.

Chuck Size

Chuck refers to the opening where the larger drill bit is put. Thus, the chuck size determines the size of drilling bits you can use. Chucks are either keyed or keyless. As the name suggests, keyed models require a key for you to change the bit. On the other hand, you can unfasten the chuck with your hands to change the bit when using a keyless drill press.

Chucks are available in either 1/4”, 3/8”, ½”, or 5/8” sizes.

Table Size

The stability and comfort in your work area significantly affect the results. The best 10″ bench drill press should have a large enough table to accommodate your workpieces. The items stay steady, allowing you to focus on the drilling jobs. It should also be strong enough to remain stable when the drill press is in use.

The larger the drill press tables, the better the unit. However, keep in mind the available size of the workspace in your workshop.


The weight of the drill press you choose will determine the stability and portability of the unit. The more massive the drill, the more stable it is. Therefore, it is less likely to vibrate. A unit that vibrates a lot affects the precision of your task.

For a portable unit, choose a benchtop drill press; they are often lighter than the floor model. WEN 4208 is your best choice to look for a compact, lightweight drill press for the money.

Corded Vs. Cordless

Corded drill presses are more massive because they require batteries. Since they use electricity, they are always ready to use it. However, the cord length might be limiting.

On the other hand, cordless units are battery-powered. Thus, they are heavier, but you might not finish your tasks if the battery runs out. On the brighter side, they are more flexible as you don’t need a power outlet.

Depth Stop

This feature enables you to drill exact depths for repetitive drilling. It is not available in all drill presses. However, it is a useful addition as it gives consistency and accuracy when you are drilling through many holes requiring the exact depth.


Some features are not standard in all drill presses, but they can improve the final results’ quality. They include work table lights, laser guide, tool tray, clamps, vice, T-track, sanding drums, mortising attachments, jaws, cutting fluid and applicator, and a V-block.


Here, we summarize the most popular question related to the drill press and share the corresponding answers.

I. What is a drill press?

A drill press is a power tool primarily used for drilling holes. It is also used for sanding, polishing, countersinking, boring, or enlarging holes. It is often preferred over a handheld drill because of better accuracy, precision, and energy saving.

II. Which is the best drill press for a 10-inch swing?

All the drill presses we have reviewed offer excellent performance when compared to their price. If we are to only choose one, it has to be WEN 4210T. The table of the unit is removable. Further, it features a sturdy construction and is powerful enough to drill through all types of wood and various metals.

III. Are WEN drill presses any good?

WEN is one of the most popular brands in the power tools industry. They have a variety of drill presses for both DIYers and professionals. With three of their models featuring in this best bench drill press reviews, WEN drill presses are, without a doubt, good. Further, these drill presses range in affordable prices to meet every person’s budget.

IV. What are some of the common add-ons for drill presses?

Some items may be added to drill presses to enhance the performance and effectiveness of the tool. The most popular ones include tool trays, clamps, vice, T-track, sanding drums, mortising attachments, jaws, and a V-block.

Tips for Achieving the Most With a Drill Press

Now that we know what to look for and the safety measures to observe, next we cover helpful tips to ensure that you get the most out of this powerful tool. With these tips, you will utilize this device to its full potential. Thus, you get the value for the money.

Use Quality Compatible Drill Bits

A variety of drill bits come in different designs. This gives different results depending on the material the bit is used on. For instance, twist drill bits are rounded at the end. While the design provides excellent results in metals, they skate around when used in wood, giving less impressive results.

Brad-point drill bits have outer spurs and a center point. The spurs facilitate a clean at the hole entrance. The center point allows you to drill at the exact point. This unique design makes brad point drill bits great for drilling clean holes through softwood and hardwood.

Match the Machine Speed with the Drill Bit

When drilling metal, use slower speeds. Pour a few drops of cutting oil on the metal surface before drilling. This prevents the burning of the drilling bit, which sometimes occurs when drilling into metal. For wood, use faster speeds and more significant bits.

Use a Backer Board for Base Support

When drilling, the workpiece may have breakout fibers at the bottom. This is caused by the drill’s pressure towards the exit part of the hole. Use a backer board to support the base of the hole you are drilling.

Finally, always wear protective gear such as gloves and goggles. Avoid changing drilling bits when the unit is powered on. Further, always adhere to the manufacturer’s safety instructions.

Final Words

As with all other equipment, you need to think of the future when buying a drill press. Just because you are shopping for the best 10-inch bench drill press doesn’t mean that you will need to make another purchase soon.

Our review covers the top 6 drill presses that are durable, long-lasting, and quality 10-inch swings. If safety is your key priority, then we recommend Skil 3320-01. It comes with a safety key to limit the people who can switch on the unit, especially kids. It also has a bump-off switch to protect the user.

Overall, WEN4210T has the best balance between cost, quality, and performance. This WEN update of the 4210 model is robust, durable, and versatile. It gives excellent results on a wide range of materials.

When shopping, pay attention to the unit motor power, drilling capacity, spindle travel, chuck size, speed settings, and table size. You will not make a poor decision by choosing a unit from this best bench drill press review.