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How To Choose The Right 1-Inch Impact Wrench?

Removing stubborn bolts or nuts and other maintenance jobs require high torque and precision. When you have the wrong tools in your hand, these jobs will seem insurmountable. But with the best 1-inch impact wrench, every fastening or loosening task will be a breeze.

1-inch pneumatic as well electric impact wrenches is categorized as heavy-duty tools. They create staggering impact force and whooping torque that assist you to finish the toughest fastening jobs with ease.

All manufacturers claim that they have the best in class 1-inch impact wrench, which might confuse you. This guide focuses on removing your confusion as we extensively researched and reviewed the best 1-inch drive impact wrench for you.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Quick Comparison of 5 Best 1-Inch Drive Impact Wrench

1-Inch Impact WrenchKey SpecificationsMore Info
Ingersoll Rand 285B-6 High Precision 1-Inch Pneumatic Impact Wrench
Ingersoll Rand 285B-6 1-Inch
Style: Pneumatic
Speed: 5250 RPM
Torque: 1475 ft.-lbs.
Weight:  27.9 lbs.
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Goplus ET1130s 1-Inch Heavy Duty Air Impact Wrench Gun Tool
Goplus ET1130s 1-Inch
Style: Pneumatic
Speed: 4200 RPM
Torque: 1900 ft.-lbs.
Weight:  40.9 lbs.
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Makita TW1000 1-Inch Impact Wrench with Friction Ring Anvil
Makita TW1000 1-Inch
Style: Electric
Speed: 1400 RPM
Torque: 738 ft.-lbs.
Weight:  18.5 lbs.
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Ingersoll Rand 2850MAX-6 1” Impact Wrench
Ingersoll Rand 2850MAX-6
Style: Pneumatic
Speed: 5500 RPM
Torque: 2100 ft.-lbs.
Weight:  21.6 lbs.
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AIRCAT 1” X 8” Super Duty Extended Impact Wrench (1994)
AIRCAT 1994 1" Super Duty
Style: Pneumatic
Speed: 4500 RPM
Torque: 2300 ft.-lbs.
Weight:  35 lbs.
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How much torque does a 1-inch air impact have?

The impact wrench size is determined by the size of your fasteners. Typically, a standard fastener is between 1/2″ to 1″ in diameter, with the smaller ones being referred to as “impact” wrenches. The wrenches that are 1-inch have a maximum torque of 3000 ft-lbs. They are very strong and will easily remove nuts that are larger than 1 inch.

Top-Rated Five 1-Inch Impact Wrench Reviews

We evaluated a wide range of products to make this review section. These power tools provide the necessary power so that you can accomplish a job with minimal time, labor and effort.

1Ingersoll Rand 285B-6 High Precision 1-Inch Pneumatic Impact Wrench

Ingersoll Rand 285B-6 High Precision 1-Inch Pneumatic Impact Wrench

  • Torque: 1475 ft.-lbs.
  • Speed: 5,250 RPM
  • Weight: 27.9 lbs.

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Highlight Features

  • Enhanced grip design reduces operator hand fatigue
  • Low profile throttle design increases operator comfort
  • Made of durable material
  • The lube-free design eliminates oil contamination in the workplace
  • Suitable for professional use
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Affordable price tag.

The Ingersoll Rand 285B-6 1 Pneumatic Impact Wrench is designed to deliver professional-grade performance. It creates 1475 ft./lbs. of torque to handle wide applications of industrial and automotive tasks with the right efficiency and performance.

It consists of 2-handles, making it suitable for the tasks of pinpoint precision. The anvil size is 6”, allowing you to tackle hard-to-reach areas quite conveniently. At the same time, it helps to maintain a strong connection to the socket. Moreover, you can achieve excellent maneuverability and control due to its swift-back handle.

Additionally, accomplishing difficult underbody work will never be an issue when you have this impact wrench in your hand because additional leverage is confirmed with the top-mounted dead handle. This tool is a combo of low BPM and high inertia, permitting you to achieve the required power to complete a job.

2Goplus ET1130s 1-Inch Heavy-Duty Air Impact Wrench Gun Tool

Goplus ET1130s 1-Inch Heavy Duty Air Impact Wrench Gun Tool

  • Torque: 1900 ft.-lbs.
  • Speed: 4,200 RPM
  • Weight: 40.9 lbs.

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Highlight Features

  • Premium quality material constructed
  • Specially treated for making it rust-proof
  • Best for commercial and domestic use
  • Easy operating process
  • Long service life span

High-strength aluminum alloy is used to manufacture the Goplus Heavy-duty 1” Air Impact Wrench, making it durable and rust-resistant. At the same time, it is strong enough to withstand high torque and heavy use. It is a valuable tool for every automotive workshop.

You will surely be satisfied with the functionality of this 1-inch drive pneumatic impact wrench. The generated maximum air pressure and torque are 175 PSI and 1900 ft.-lbs. respectively. Also, you can adjust the speed within 3 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds according to your applications.

The impact wrench is exceptionally designed to give you comfort and fatigue-free operation time. It is easy to operate with an auxiliary handle. Upon buying the impact wrench, it comes in a blow-molded case that allows you to organize and transport the tool with ease.

3Makita TW1000 1-Inch Impact Wrench with Friction Ring Anvil

Makita TW1000 1-Inch Impact Wrench with Friction Ring Anvil

  • Torque: 738 ft.-lbs.
  • Speed: 1,400 RPM
  • Weight: 18.5 lbs.

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Highlight Features

  • It generates a powerful 738 ft.-lbs.
  • Robust gear housing protects the internal gears
  • Ball bearings ensure product longevity
  • One-hand operation with rocker type switch
  • Rubberized grip for user’s comfort

The Makita TW100 1-inch Impact Wrench w/Friction Ring Anvil is one of the powerful impact wrenches in the market. It is a lightweight tool and weighs only 8.6kg; you will not feel fatigued or strain in your hand while operating it.

This tool creates 1,500 impacts/minute, which is quite powerful in its class. Don’t assume that due to its powerful impacts, it generates vibration and gives you discomfort. The truth is, it uses upgraded technology to reduce vibration so that you can work comfortably. Its maximum torque capacity is 1200 ft.-lbs. making it suitable for heavy-duty projects.

It consists of a side handle that rotates 360° to ensure customer convenience. In addition, the grip is ergonomically designed and rubberized for the operator’s comfort. Overall, it has proven to be durable and works when you need it to.

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4Ingersoll Rand 2850MAX-6 1” Impact Wrench

Ingersoll Rand 2850MAX-6 1” Impact Wrench

  • Torque: 2100 ft.-lbs.
  • Speed: 5,500 RPM
  • Weight: 21.6 lbs.

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Highlight Features

  • Efficient in generating 2100 ft.-lbs. of torque
  • Lightweight than other impact wrenches
  • Ensures fatigue-free operating time
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Durable housing makes it a damage-proof tool

The Ingersoll Rand 2850MAX-6 1” Impact Wrench can handle heavy-duty projects efficiently as the generated torque is 2100 ft.-lbs. You will also love to know that it offers reverse torque output up to 2100 ft.-lbs. In fact, you will rarely find an impact wrench with this much torque output.

A worth-mentioning feature of this tool is that it is 25% less weight than the industry leaders impact wrenches. For this, working for long hours with this tool is so simple. More importantly, while working efficiently, it reduces fatigue in the user’s hands and arms.

Another great thing is, the housing is chemical-resistant and impact-proof. As a result, if the tool accidentally falls, no damage will happen. This is a durable tool that resists repeated drops. Every component of this tool is rigorously tested to confirm long-lasting performance.

5AIRCAT 1” X 8” Super Duty Extended Impact Wrench (1994)

AIRCAT 1” X 8” Super Duty Extended Impact Wrench (1994)

  • Torque: 2300 ft.-lbs.
  • Speed: 4,500 RPM
  • Weight: 35 lbs.

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Highlight Features

  • Entirely crafted with state-of-the-art technology
  • Heavy torque outcome
  • Outstanding precision and control
  • Exceptional “D” handle grip design
  • Stress-free air impact design

The AIRCAT 1” X 8” Super Duty Extended Impact Wrench (1994) comes with a pinless low-maintenance hammer design that provides ultimate reliability and adds hitting power. Its maximum torque is 2300 ft.-lbs. and loosening torque is 2500 ft.-lbs.

It features an extra-long reinforced extended anvil for access in good deep wheels. Also, the enlarged D-handle grip design allows its user to control the wrench smoothly and efficiently. Also, the wrench consists of easy access combined forward/reverse power management switch for your convenience.

Plus, the hammer case can be repositioned so the side handle can be mounted on either side of the tool. This 1” impact wrench is designed for professionals. So, this tool will deliver consistent, efficient performance regardless of the application type.

What to Consider When Buying the Best 1-inch Impact Wrench – Buying Guide

As many options are available in the market, buying the best 1-inch air impact wrench is troublesome work. Many hours of research lead us to come up with a few considerations which play a vital role in buying the best one.


1″ air impact wrenches are available in 2 types: air-powered and electrical. Both types come with benefits and drawbacks; let’s look at the 2 types separately.

Air Powered

Generally, air-powered 1″ impact wrenches are heavier. They run by taking the assistance of an air compressor that is attached to them. Also, they create a lot of noise when operating. But air-powered impact wrenches generate more power than their counterparts: electrical ones.

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Usually, electrical 1″ impact wrenches are easily portable due to their lightweight nature. As stated earlier, they generate less power compared to air-powered ones. They don’t create much noise and are suitable for light-duty tasks.

IPM Rating

The word “IPM” refers to Impacts Per Minute. So, what does IPM mean? The number of total hits by the hammer on the outer shaft per minute is known as IPM.

It means the tightening speed of a tool kit is determined by Impacts Per Minute. This is a must-have feature that you should look for when buying the best 1-inch impact wrench.

RPM Rating

RPM is another factor that you mustn’t compromise when buying an impact wrench. The word RPM is the short form of Rotation Per Minute that lets you determine the speed when the output shaft spins without load.

You will know the speed of pulling off a nut or installing a bolt through the RPM rating. The higher the RPM rate, the quicker you can finish the job.

Torque Generation and Impact Force

The prime responsibility of impact wrenches is to install or uninstall sockets, bolts, or nuts. They do this by generating the required amount of torque. Dislodging a lug nut will never become an easy task until the impact force defeats the friction and inertia.

In order to make sure that your selected 1-inch hydraulic impact wrench is worth the price, make sure that it has a robust torque generating mechanism. At the same time, it must create maximum torque.

Generally, 1-inch impact wrenches are well-known for creating high power, and they are the best option for heavy-duty jobs.

Construction and Durability

Undoubtedly, repairing work requires precision. In the repairing workshops, repairing tools have to undergo stress as they constantly face heavy pressure. As a result, they can break or get damaged if not constructed with durable materials. To avoid this type of breakage issue, a 1-inch drive air impact wrench gun must feature rugged and robust build quality.

Most 1-inch air impact wrenches are housed with aluminum alloy, giving them durable construction. The best tone should be the perfect combination of power and sturdiness. Simultaneously, it has to be lightweight as well as easy to use.

Comfortable Grip

Since a 1” impact wrench is a handheld tool, fatigue and strain may build up in the arms and shoulders when using this device for a long time. Thus, the efficiency of the task may be reduced. At the same time, the maintenance worker may make mistakes in his job.

That is why manufacturers noted this point and ergonomically designed the grip of the tool. The manufacturer designed the grip in such a way so that the handle offers comfort even when the tool is used for long hours.

Some 1-inch impact wrench handles are well-cushioned or well-padded to give comfort to the user. With these tools, the users can work for long hours without fatigue or strain in hand.


Will a 1/4 inch impact driver remove lug nuts?

An impact driver of ¼-inch is suitable for assembling or disassembling smaller lug nuts. However, a smaller impact driver has sufficient power to remove lug nuts from cars.

Is it worth getting an impact wrench?

Yes, an impact wrench is worth the price. This tool is designed to assist users in installing or uninstalling rusted nuts, bolts, or screws with ease.

What impact wrench has the most torque?

Torque is the force required to rotate an object. Hence, it’s measured in pounds (lb) and is usually given in foot-pounds (ft-lbs). The most powerful impact wrench is the AirCAT 1993-VXL. It can deliver 2,100 ft-lbs of torque. This is the most powerful impact wrench on the market today.

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How much torque does an impact wrench need to remove lug nuts?

An impact wrench needs about 500 to 1000 ft-lbs of torque to remove lug nuts. You can get a torque wrench for measuring your own torque to ensure that you’re getting the correct amount of torque.

Do I need to have a special license to use an impact wrench?

No, you do not need a special license to use an impact wrench.

How do I know which size wrench to buy?

The size of the wrench you need depends on the size of the bolt. There are different types of bolts and you can choose the one that fits the type of job you are doing.

How do I know if I have the right size wrench for the job?

You will need to check the size of the nut and bolt that you are working on.

What are some other things I should know about using an impact wrench?

An impact wrench is very powerful, so be careful when you use it. Make sure that you are not going to hurt yourself or anyone else by using an impact wrench.

Final Words

Power tools are engineered to make user’s life easier. They are an extra hand of a mechanic. From job shops to maintenance workshops, the best 1-inch impact wrench offers several benefits. They are inexpensive. Also, they save valuable time, money, and effort. Overall, they are responsible for making the user’s life easier by providing the required torque to remove or install nuts, screws, bolts, etc.

However, whatever tool you choose, it is significantly vital to look at the features carefully. You mustn’t compromise on the product quality.