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PEX pipes have been used for decades by plumbers to join water pipes. In fact, most plumbing supply stores sell kits, which allow you to connect two pipes together easily.

It’s no surprise that using PEX piping is the most popular method for connecting water heaters to hot water supply lines. There are several reasons why PEX piping is used so often, including its versatility, ease of installation, and overall durability.

Bending a PEX pipe with just a pair of pliers isn’t that difficult to do. But for a pipe to last a long time, you need to do things right. That’s why I have an in-depth guide to bending PEX pipes on my site.

How to bend PEX 90 degrees?

It is important to bend the PEX pipe correctly when you are connecting joints in the walls and ceilings. To connect the joints, you need to use an L-shaped elbow fitting. This is because it can accommodate 90-degree bends. If you want to bend pipes at a 90-degree angle, you can use one of two types of fittings: elbow fittings or tees. The elbows are stronger than the tees, and you can use them when you want to bend the pipes at a 90-degree angle.


Can you bend PEX 90 degrees?

No, PEX 90 degrees cannot be bent. It needs to use additional fittings to bend 90 degrees.

What’s the biggest misconception about bending a PEX pipe?

People think that it’s easy to bend a PEX pipe. It takes a lot of practice.

Is bending a PEX pipe dangerous?

No, it’s not dangerous, but it’s not easy. You have to be careful when you’re bending a PEX pipe.

How long does it take to learn how to bend a PEX pipe?

It depends on how long you’ve been practicing. If you’re just starting, it could take months.

Can I bend a PEX pipe without a partner?

Yes, you can. Just have someone be your coach.