Little Known Ways to Air Ratchet Uses

air ratchet usesA pneumatic ratchet wrench otherwise known as an air ratchet wrench is a type of ratchet in which an air motor is attached to the socket drive. It carries a trigger used for putting it on. It is similar to a hand ratchet wrench in that both drives have the same square.

They both also have a switch used in operating it.  When you pull the trigger, the trigger activates the motor which in the process turns the socket drive. An air ratchet uses air while hand ratchets use human force also, an air ratchet is designed for more speed.

Air ratchet wrench can be used in smaller rooms unlike that of a hand ratchet which can’t fit into smaller rooms. It’s handy.

Uses For Air Ratchet Wrench

The uses for air ratchets actually vary. With the use of an air ratchet, a torque bolt can be tightened and loosened. Though an air impact ratchet can be used it easily over-torque bolts thereby causing damage and snapping off the bolt heads.  An air ratchet wrench can also be used in smaller rooms unlike that of an air impact ratchet.

How To Use An Air Ratchet

Having your air ratchet and knowing how to use it are two different things. Here are some tips on how to use your air ratchet properly.

Firstly, you use some air tool oil for lubrication of your tools ( it’s available at your local store close to you). To do this, you hold down the trigger of the air ratchet, while pouring out the oil you got into the hole at the bottom of the air ratchet wrench, that you push the trigger continuously for a period of time so as to make way for the oil to find its way into the tool. That’s how you lubricate your air ratchet wrench.

After lubricating your air ratchets wrench, the next step is to connect your air ratchet wrench into the air supply. You push the tube to the bottom of the air ratchet wrench and in some cases tighten a nut if the connector you are using is automatic. You might also need an adaptor too. But all this actually depends on the type of air compressor you’re attached to.

After doing all these, you turn on the air compressor, push the trigger, and the ratchet will start to spin.

How Does An Air Ratchet Work?

As said earlier, an air ratchet is similar to a hand ratchet wrench. The difference between both is that an air ratchet is compressed by air while a hand ratchet is compressed by human force. Both perform the same function. In an air ratchet, when you push the trigger, the air motor attached to the socket drive activates the ratchet.

The switch you find in a hand ratchet is also found in an air ratchet. This switch enables individual control and changes the socket’s rotation direction from clockwise to counterclockwise.

Is Air Ratchet Worth It?

The reason for using an air ratchet is mainly because it accommodates less space. An air ratchet is a handy tool unlike a hand ratchet and a power wrench. These two tools might be actually too big for a room therefore, an air ratchet is the solution for you. With an air ratchet, you have a great swing without inconveniences.

Another reason Is that to save more time, you loosen a nut from a long bolt.

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