air compressor pressure switch adjustment

Air Compressor Pressure Switch Adjustment

Because of the air compressor pressure switch, an air compressor gets switched on and off automatically. By adjusting the cut-in and cut-out pressure, a pressure switch allows the air compressor to do so.

This is a guideline for air compressor pressure switch adjustment, and undoubtedly, it is the easiest way. However, before going to the main discussion, you need to know what cut in and cut out pressure is.

The cut-in pressure allows a compressor to start running, and the cut-out pressure is set to turn off the compressor.

These two pressures have a measurable difference, which is known as the pressure band. Adjusting an air compressor pressure switch means adjusting these two pressures.

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Air Compressor Pressure Switch Adjustment Method

While making pressure switch adjustments on the air compressor, you will find two types of screw arrangements. One screw works for a fixed range; working on the adjustable range is the responsibility of other screws. You can call this difference the pressure band, as I stated earlier.

Let me explain the steps of the air compressor pressure switch adjustment method.

Step 01: Firstly, you will have to disconnect the compressor from all sorts of power sources. Then, remove the cover of the pressure switch.

Step 02: At this step, the cut-in pressure needs to adjust. The compressor has a cut-in screw located the nearest to the motor. Accordingly, adjust the cut-in pressure.

Step 03: This step is to adjust the cut-out pressure (only for adjustable limit screw configuration) as you need.

Step 04: Remember, clockwise rotating of the screw will allow you to increase the pressure level at the time of adjusting the both cut in and cut out pressure. And anti-clockwise rotation will let you decrease the pressure level.

Step 05: Now, attach the power source option with the air compressor. By opening the drain valve, drain out all the air available into the tank. Next, turn the air compressor on, check if it is running in the cut-in pressure, and stop in the cut-out pressure or not.

Step 06: If the air compressor runs following the right process, you have made the air compressor pressure switch adjustment successfully.

But while running, if the air compressor follows the wrong process, again, you will have to adjust the cut in and cut out pressure switch. And another thing you will have to ensure is that no air is available in the tank before turning it out.

Air Compressor Pressure Switch Diagram

air compressor pressure switch diagram
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How do you adjust a compressor pressure switch?

It is clockwise turning of the cut in the screw to get the highest pressure and anti-clockwise turning of cut out pressure for the lowest pressure and then open the drain valve and wait until the pressure reaches low so that the compressor can start running. Close the drain valve and wait for the compressor to stop.

How do you adjust cut in and cut out pressure?

Turn the cut-in screw clockwise for adjusting the cut-in pressure. Turn the cut-out screw anti-clockwise for adjusting the cut-out pressure. Remember, for every complete cycle of the screw, the pressure will increase by 2-1/2 PSI.

How do I increase the pressure on my air compressor?

To increase the pressure of your air compressor, rotate the lower limiting adjustment screw located next to the upper limiting adjustment screw.

How does the pressure switch on an air compressor work?

To monitor the air pressure, the air compressor pressure switch is equipped with an airline. Whenever pressurized air moves to and fro the air compressor air tank, some designated elements react to the pressure. The diaphragm will return to its standard shape when the air pressure in your air compressor tank drops considerably.

Final Words

The adjustment process of the air compressor pressure switch is easy. And the best thing is, that adjusting the pressure is unnecessary unless it is unavoidable. Until the default switch shows any problem, adjusting the switch will do much more harm than good.

But, if you are required to replace the switch, then adjusting the pressure is mandatory. At this point, you have to know how to adjust the switch to maintain the air compressor’s original pressure level. If you set your air compressor to the wrong pressure level, the compressor will get damaged soon. Keep in mind; that the right air pressure can save your pneumatic tools from getting ruined.

It is advisable to keep the pressure band much higher (more than 20 PSI) to avoid the quick start and stop of the air compressor.