12v vs 18v drill

12v vs 18v Drill – Which One is Best?

Every year, manufacturers are upgrading tools with the latest technology. They are introducing a new tool version with more run-time, power, and overall device longevity than the earlier version. Drill machines also undergo this upgrade.

A drilling machine should bring a small amount of precision and correction to the grooving work. In this article, I will share the difference between 12v and 18v that may be more suitable for the type of operation you wish to perform.

Let’s learn the key differences between the 12v vs. 18v drill from below.

12-volt Drill vs 18 volt – What are the Key Differences?

Before you decide which drill to buy. It is important to the differences between 12v Drill and 18v drill. Let’s have quick a look at their differences in the below chart:

Features 12v drill 18v drill
Power Less powerful than 18v drill More powerful than 12v drill
Weight Lightweight Bulkier than 12v drill
Size Small Large
Charge time Gets charged a lot quicker Being powerful, it takes time to get charged
Run time Doesn’t run as long as 18v drill Longer in a single charge
Price Inexpensive Expensive

12v Drill vs. 18v Drill – Details Comparison


Undoubtedly, a 12v drill is less powerful than an 18v drill. But the difference between 12v and 18v cordless drills is not about power only; you may not require all the torque. With a 12v drill in hand, a professional can do all the necessary works.

An 18v drill battery is suitable for those who need to perform heavy-duty tasks regularly and require plenty of power to accomplish a project. Otherwise, a 12v drill is powerful enough to handle many projects quite efficiently.


12v drill is lightweight compared to the 18v drill. When you need to work in a compact or tight space, a 12v drill will give you much advantage. Also, you can use it for an extended period without having any hand fatigue. This lightweight dill is ideal for home DIY uses.

You should buy a 12v drill if the 12v drills power level satisfies you.

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Buying a drill is similar to wasting money if you can’t carry it to your job site. A 12v drill is smaller and lightweight. As a result, you can carry it in your toolbox or backpack without any hassle. Moreover, you can operate a 12v drill using one hand only.

On the other hand, an 18v drill is bulky and larger, making it quite incompatible with carrying in a toolbox or backpack.

Charge Time

12v drill comes with a fast-charging feature. Although some model of 18v drill is available that also has less charge time. However, if you need to choose between a 12v cordless drill vs. 18v, you must pick a 12v drill in charge of time.

Run Time

Pick a drywall and screw box, then accomplish a similar project with a 12v drill and an 18v drill. You can effortlessly measure the difference between the run time.

While doing a similar task, the 18v drill will go much longer than the 12v drill. However, with a single charge, the 18v drill is much heavier than the 12v drill.


Since an 18v drill is powerful, heavier, and delivers long-lasting service at a single charge, there is no exception that an 18v drill is pricier than a 12v drill.

Difference Between 12v and 18v Cordless Drill – Which one is Better?

Undoubtedly, 12v drills can handle many different projects, but a 12v drill can’t go far beyond an 18v drill due to the power.

But a 12v drill can be useful in numerous projects.

When you are tacking a project where you will need to lean down or hold the drill over your head or crawling is required while drilling, pick a 12v drill. Due to their lightweight feature, you can work with 12v drills more conveniently than 18v drills.

Also, the 12v drill is suitable for small to medium tasks. Its small size ensures that you will not face any hassle transporting it from one place to another.

While, in terms of power, the 18v drill is a champion. Since it contains a powerful motor that creates more torque, and finally, more power is generated. 18v drills are designed to handle heavy-duty industrial tasks. Moreover, sometimes you may need to manage a project where you can’t take any rest; to handle this type of project, the 18v drill is the best because, at a single charge, you can work with it for a long time.

The truth is, both tools will give you many benefits. All you need to do is, pick the device that suits your requirement and cost.

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Additional Information/12v cordless drill vs 18v

All About 12v cordless drill vs 18v

Are 12-volt cordless drills any good?

Quality cordless drills are accessible to everyone because of the motor and battery technology. 12v cordless drill is inexpensive, can handle a wide range of projects, easy to handle in a tight area since they are lightweight.

As a result, the 12v drill is much popular among many professionals, beginners, and DIY enthusiasts.

Can you use an 18-volt battery 12v drill?

Using an 18v battery in a 12v drill is not possible. Similarly, using a 12v battery in an 18v drill is not possible. Even if you do so, the tool will not deliver an effective and efficient result. And the device will start losing its productivity.

So, it is advisable to use the recommended battery for a specific tool.

Do I need a 12 volt or 18-volt drill?

The answer to the question depends on your project requirement and estimated cost. Some projects require more power to accomplish, the 18-volt drill will be an ideal pick for those projects.

On the other hand, when working in a compact area, the tool needs to be lightweight. 12v drill is easy to handle and operate in a tight space because of its light feature.

Final Thought

Making a comparison between the 12v and 18v drills is easy, but making the decision is quite challenging. Hopefully, this guide will help you to overcome the challenge since we made a detailed comparison.

I believe you also have an opinion on the 12v vs. 18v drill. Our comment box is always open for you.